Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tarts ...

Do you remember the other day I bought some little tarts for treats
for end of exams for Phantom and I ????
anyway, I thought they would be fun to draw
I have never really drawn pastry products before, and not sure I will be rushing back
as they are actually trickier than you would think
making it tougher was that in my haste to get those suckers down my gob
I took photos that all had the lemon meringue with coconut shavings at the front
which turns out to be quite a task to draw
I can state categorically that coconut shavings will never again be featured in my work
without copious amounts of tea and chocolate at the ready
it sort of looks a bit mike mushed up meringue maybe... but  hey you draw and learn

I am actually blaming Phantom for my lack of patience
in rendering these tasty morsels from Susan's Fine Food
because she hit me with the good old kid standby

Have I told you that I need to you make a card of Sheldon from Big Bang
wearing a 73 shirt to go with the present for our cultural magazine teacher????
NO??? really??? I meant to... I kind of need it in the morning

The magazine is called 73 named after some Sheldon Cooper quote
and she has loved being part of it
so of course I said I would do it
with grumbling and declarations that she owes me 
after all I am not  the kind of parent who does things out of the goodness of my heart
oh no this is going to cost her

especially as I don't really draw people... they aren't my thing
too many moving parts
can't get a likeness and more than anything else
they just aren't brightly coloured enough to hold my interest
if we all wake up tomorrow with multi coloured skin I am a chance
but otherwise, not my thing

But I got it done
and now she owes me
and I am going to collect when she least expects it, so it was worth the angst
and the three goes it took to get it as close as this

consequently my drawing nerves were still a little frayed
when I sat down to paint up the treats this morning
and about the only thing that got me through the coconut shreds
was knowing that when I finished I could eat the remaining tart
which I had hidden in the vegie crisper
under the spagaragus so it would be safe
and it was delicious which almost it made it all worth while

Happy half way mark to everyone at AEDM 
and thanks from Sinus Man for all his birthday wishes ...xx

Here is the post about his birthday ...


Dion Dior said...

Yum, yum, yum, xxx

Anonymous said...

thats a great hiding place!!!! Beautiful tarts and that's a great sketch of him!

Janice Kay Schaub said...

The tarts look yummy and its a great piece of work. Love it. Following you now

Anonymous said...

Wow! I see a face in your coconut shavings! Very cool :).
Stay inspired!

Jennifer McLean said...

holy cow!! Pass the tarts babe. those look so delicious. There's a baker in Victoria who does the BEST tarts in this known world. In fact, my plan until I found out about the gluten sensitivity was to plan to order like 1000 of them when I get married as the dessert! Those little morsels are amazing, tiny, filled with strawberry, lemon or chocolate mouse icing then the top dipped into white chocolate. Holy God, I could die now and be buried in tarts!!
(Now I have to try and get a painting or drawing done, your christmas package got mailed today, whew, a lot of wrapping!)

Sandi McLean said...

YUM! You should definitely revisit pastry!! Hugs,

Linda Richardson said...

oooh pastry... and here's me with only 'healthy' snacks left in the house, so I will def. have to pay this bakery a visit! :-)

janice smith said...

Well, it's the middle of the night here and now I'm craving tarts! Not good! Loved the paintings. I couldn't tell at all that the meringue and coconut gave you trouble.

J Bamman the southern sunshine girl said...

I see the face too in the coconut tart!

Anne Manda said...

Yummy looking tarts! Who wouldn't wanna draw Sheldon! :-D

Nigel said...


(Sorry, couldn't resist).

That's a good likeness of both man & cake. Isn't it great having something to hold over the kids; waiting the perfect moment for payback :D

Tracy said...

mmmmmmm.... that tart looks nummy! I think you did a marvelous job at both pastry and human! :)

Giggles said...

Awesome Sheldon, we are big bang theory freaks!! The kids put on their bazinga tee-shirts and watch marathons of it!! So fun!

Also love the tarts which seem to rank up there with your well done!! Love them!!Always a fun read and great eye candy!!

Hugs Giggles

*jean* said...

we love sheldon here always helps to have a little leverage with the teens, doesn't it? your tarts are very nice and i can understand why coconut shavings are out! what a lot of work they would be! happy day, tk!

Sandra Busby said...

I have never managed to draw food for that very reason - I am far too greedy and as soon as I see it, I want to devour it! I always wonder when I see sketches that other people have drawn of their plates of food in a restaurant - firstly, how long they must have been there and secondly, whether their food was stone cold once they had finished drawing it! Cake at home on the other hand gets around both problems, apart from not being able to wait! Love your painting! And totally admire your patience :0)

alarmcat said...

these look delicious!! your idea about hiding goodies in the veggie crisper. i'll have to remember that!

Dianne said...

well, for not liking to 'draw people' your sheldon turned out terrific! just found your blog recently and adore your work! have fun holding the 'pay back' card!

Michellem said...

I hid candy in the drawer with the towels/washclothes in the kitchen for years until one day when my husband made a big mess and looked for towels - now I've got a new hiding place.
Your tarts look delicious - I love coconut shavings!!

Molly said...

what a good mom you are!

and those tarts look even more delicious as you've rendered them!

Rita said...

Aha! I thought it was sheldon before I read it, so you did get a good likeness because I am not good at recognizing people--LOL! But then, I am a big, big Big Bang fan! ;)

The tarts looks scrumptious!! You made a difficult subject look easy. :)

I'm waiting for us all to be rainbow colors. That sounds wonderful to me.

Carolyn Dube said...

What a stinker to wait until the night before to tell you about it- although it is pretty awesome that was a the gift and Sheldon is pretty awesome and you are super awesome for getting done in time!

Serena Lewis said...

WOW, Trace, those tart sketches are mouth-watering!!! Well done!! I don't really watch Big Bang but I have seen snippets of it and I think you got a good likeness too. And yes, Phantom should definitely owe you big-time after such short notice.

Have a great weekend! xo

Neesie said...

What a brilliant hiding one will ever go into the veggie crisper! You're a genius!
Plus then you get payback time are truly my hero ;D

You tarts look delish and mouth-watering...I haven't had my breakie yet and I'm just wondering if our dog walk this morning might inadvertently pass the bakers! Yum!

Enjoy your day. :D