Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Needing a White Knight ....

I am needing a bit of a white knight today
not an actual White Knight
like on a horse and all that
though that would certainly brighten the day and make the neighbours talk
but one of these gorgeous chewy yummy bars of deliciousness
and I am totally justified in eating one of these
as it is one of those crazy epic, have to get five squillion things done
all in the next five minutes sort of day
mainly because I have procrastinated like mad
and now they are all upon me
but it is part of my charm right ???

So not only have I run around all morning like a hairy goat
cooking and baking for Sinus's birthday dinner
which we are having a day early because of speech night commitments
I have been wrapping gifts and all that as well
so the only real painting I have done 
is this quick sketch of the empty packet from the chocolate bar

I did start laying in some background on my big canvas
but didn't really make much progress
and while it was drying I went shopping and bought some lovely things to inspire me
and yes I was supposed to be out shopping for Sinus
but he always says if I am happy then he's happy
so any present bought for me, is a present for him isn't it....

anyway, now I can't wait to get painting them
and while I was at Susan's buying inspiring lovelies
I also picked up a few treats for Phantom and I to share
to celebrate the end of exam week
poor Phantom can only scrape the middle bits out because of the pastry
but we all know the middle bits are the best part anyway

They look delicious don't they
almost good enough to draw
hope one of two last long enough for me to get a sketch down
though not holding out for that...

off to finish some treats for the birthday boy
and try to hunt down the bloody cleaning fairies who haven't turned up 
and I will get to AEDM visits soon I promise...xx

The last two posts have been a bit less all over the place... sort of ...


Fallingladies said...

I do hope you get to sketch some of those ympummy treats... I have no idea why that word typed as it did but it works better than actually typing yummy i think! oh, and i never said congrats about the PPF feature!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of White Knight. I must live under a rock, or on a different continent (grin).

K J D said...

No White Knights here either!

Great sketch though to let us know what we are missing!

Sounds like you have been really busy.... not something I had really associated with running around like a hairy goat - but I will from now for sure!!!

Loving your big canvas so far...

and YES those cakes look scrumptious, ALMOST to good to eat.....

Happy early birthday to Sinus hope the dinner is great!!!!


Sue J said...

I think we must use the same agency for the cleaning fairies.
I'm sure you'll all have a wonderful birthday 'do'.

Serena Lewis said...

I used to LOVE White Knights in my teens...now, I'd be too afraid it might break a tooth or take some fillings with it. lol Great sketch! Those treats look delicious!!

Happy Birthday to Sinus!!! :)

Terrie said...

Hmmmm - if you're happy, he's happy - you've got a great guy there! There's a lot of wiggle room in that statement :) I'm sure a good chocolate bar is good the world over, so maybe I'll have a Snickers here just to keep you company.
Hope you all enjoy the birthday dinner and treats - looks like there's going to be lots to enjoy! :)

Anne Manda said...

Lovely sketch, the turquoise is so delicious... as are your treats, I'm impressed, really - I want those!

Anonymous said...

oooh we don't have white knights here. I'm guessing it has white chocolate? Sounds like you are a busy bee over there. A busy bee enjoying lots of treats.

Judy Hartman said...

I've never had a White Knight, but it sounds delish! I'm becoming addicted to your blog, your painting and your chatter about your busy life!
Enjoy your celebration!

Sandra Busby said...

Am on that very same boat - having a squillion things to do by yesterday! Gaaagh! It's that time of year - peace, goodwill, stress, anxiousness, tearing hair out....
Love the sketch. It's what I should also be doing :0)

janice smith said...

I am completely in love with your blog. Even your quick sketches are gorgeous and your narrative is sooo entertaining!

Tammy Vitale said...

How do you keep up with yourself? I get tired just reading about your day! And hungry. This post definitely makes me hungry!

Dion Dior said...

I LOVE White Knights. I haven't had one in years. Great post, and delicious too. Hugs all around, have some chaampas for me. Hugs xx

Colleayn said...

I have never heard of a White Knight. The wrapper makes it look good. I'm still waiting for a cleaning fairy or leprechaun myself.

Giggles said...

When you find those cleaning fairies can you mail them my way!! I could use a spiffing up!!

Great post dear friend, yummy looking tarts!

Hugs Giggles