Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mozzies's Revenge ...

This is a completely blatant grab for sympathy
but I'm just not getting a suitable amount from my nearest and dearest
so the job falls to you lot
The thing is I think I got bitten on the eyeball by a mosquito
stop laughing
I am serious
I woke up the other night and felt something in my eye
eye started hurting, and I thought I must have an eyelash in there
and in my half awake state kind of poked myself in the eye
got out the eyelash, then realised the eyelash was kind of squishy
which was gross and puzzling in equal measure
all the while blinking like crazy to try to ease an eye which kind of felt on fire
got up had a look in the bathroom mirror and it looked fine
of course I looked at it without glasses on and I am blind as a brick
but as I said... half asleep
so reassured it was all looking okay I promptly went back to sleep

In the morning I woke to an eyeball on fire
and on putting on glasses 
I was greeted by one eye looking like it had been to the mother of all parties
this baby is freaky looking, and magnificently bloodshot
actually bloodshot doesn't quite describe it
 it is more a glowing pool of red
it is disgusting
though on the plus side I can't help but notice the bright red
really makes my normally hazel eye look quite blue
and I finally have something to match my studio shoes
I had it checked out this morning and it will heal in its own time
and it turns out that it was probably been the poke in the eye that caused the damage
the chemist thought it was hilarious that I thought a mosquito had flown in my eye
but I am sticking to my story
I think the mosquito is taking revenge for my taking out his family earlier in the year
it is a little known fact that mozzies are in fact the biggest grudge holders of the insect world
was just asking for trouble
but biting me on the eyeball is taking revenge a bit far I think 
So the only painting I have done due to my zombie eye
is this sketch of some tea cups in my little sketchbook
which I think turned out really well all things considered
and I am now off to take my poor Mozzie bitten eyeball for a rest 

Day 28 of Art Every Day Month is here... only a few to go ... xx

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bellefrogworks said...

Your sketches turned out very well and I hope your eye is better soon!

Anonymous said...

beautiful one eyed sketches, welcome to my world, haha, sorry couldn't resist but you did a great job, I also like the other paintings, love the action! I HATE those darn bugs, whoops almost said something else! We have mosquitoes here for far too many months and they have always been the bane of my existence, Sorry you are suffering, quick healing I wish for you, winter is our only reprieve, from them

RosA said...

Hi Tracey,
It's no laughing matter. The chemist had no right to laugh at your perfectly plausible explanation. At this time of year I'm inclined to sleep completely covered by the sheet for this very reason. Almost the first thing I do every morning, upon reaching the kitchen, is to open the back door and spray a massive dose of insect killer at the multitudes of mozzies that have gathered on the wire door! I shut the door and don't venture out until the spray smell has vanished! They are lying in wait for me. You have my sympathy.

my cup of tea said...

Sorry I know this is nothing to laugh at.......but I just can't help myself! You always tell a good story!
Hope you heal up quick!

SandeeNC said...

too....hard....oh...stomach hurts! lmao!!!!!!!!!!!! But I do hope it heals fast....still giggling....waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Unknown said...

Stop sleeping with your eyes open. I think your just whimping out of going shopping for Phantom's Christmas pressy. Coal, just won't cut it. :)

froebelsternchen said...

simply GORGEOUS!

J Bamman the southern sunshine girl said...

so funny I hate those bugs! They love to bite me and a swell up in bumps. Some people do not seem to be as allergic to them.
Hope your eye gets better soon.

Jez said...

Oooh, nasty! You have my sympathy.

Nigel said...

I'm not laughing, honest. Well, maybe a little bit, but it's the way you tell 'em :)

Love the drawings though, even with just one eye you're better than most of us :)

HollyM said...

Do you sleep with your eyes open, lol? I go nuts if I find one buzzing around the house. They drive you crazy if one gets in the bedroom. Pretty much have to get up and find it.
Luckily they're all frozen here now. Downside is I'm cold too!
Hope it helps quickly!

Sandra Busby said...

Gross!!! I once saw a documentary on the telly about the yuckiest medical things ever. This guy had a fly that flew in his eye. He fished it out and thought nothing of it - until a few days later when his eye was red and sore and his vision was going funny. He went to the doctors and they sent him off with some antibiotic eye-drops. But a few days later he was in such pain and could hardly see so he went back to the doctors who sent him to a specialist. It turned out that the fly had laid eggs in his eyeball and the grubs were burrowing through his eye!!! Yyyyyyuck!!!
Apparently a day or so later and he would've gone blind and probably lost his eye!
Anyway - if you can still draw such lovely things then clearly there are no baby mozzies in your own eyeball :0)

Zue said...

You did really well and what a funny story. Not funny, I know, but as Nigel said it's the way you tell them.
Hope you recover soon. Perhaps you were tempted to poke the other one to have matching blue eyes.
Get better soonest!

*jean* said...

owie ow ow!! gaw, i HATE mosquitoes! hope your eyeball is better soon...ewwch...hurts just thinking about it...

Julie Jordan Scott said...

We don't have mosquitos here in Central California the way I did growing up in New Jersey so it was interesting having a mosquito discussion just yesterday with my eleven-year-old son who just so happens to be on the autism spectrum. I wish I could remember his exact explanation of why and how mosquitos bite, but it was fascinating - just like your art is today and always is!

I can't believe we only have two days left of art every day month!

Unknown said...

The sketches are great and the story is just too funny. But, sorry, when I woke up to -10 degrees centigrade with snow on the ground (since the first of October!!) it was hard to be sympathetic about the bugs. OK so your complaint got one right back from me - sorry! I hope you eye heals quickly.

Rita said...

OMG! That is horrible! Mosquitoes drive me nuts. I never feel guilty smacking them to death because they attack you first...aggressive little blood suckers! You have lots of sympathy from Fargo!!

Oh, and love your artwork--even if it caused a revenge attack. Teacups are awesome, too. I hope you eye is better soon so you can see to bomb and crush those mozzies! ;)

Netty said...

A fab and funny post Tracey, you are such a great writer. Loving your beautiful drawings, x

Unknown said...

I HATE, detest, despise mosquitoes!!! They adore, want desperately and love me....specifically from the knees down to the tops of my feet. Its a love/hate relationship to say the very lease. You have my FULL SUPPORT and SYMPATHY! Why do these things exist? What is their job within the ecosystem? ugh! that's all I have to say.
PS i love your cups:)

Molly said...

OUCH! plenty of sympathy from here. anything in the eyes is plenty ooggy. live, squishy bugs are horror film material! hope you feel better soon!

Patty-Living Deep Studio said...

I love to give sympathy, Tracy. Here goes: you poor, poor thing. You need to pamper yourself and not do too much and wow, how many of us have had to deal with a mosquito bite on our eyeball? Take it easy, rest, recuperate, and don't do anything too taxing. Sending you a big hug!

WrightStuff said...

I guess if the blood sucker had been called Damon you might have made an exception...


Bev said...

oh this is a horror story i hate Mozzies and they love me totally devoted to me and i always say my eyes are my most precious body part hence the horror story , so now i hoping the little buggers stay around my ankles where they seem to think they belong , hope your eye is better soon ...great cups by the way ...
hugz bev

Giggles said...

Oh my goodness!! I was thinking pink eye right away!!You are quite the one eyed sketcher if you ask eyed sketcher sounds like a new sneaker...If you ever decide to change your blog... One eyed sketcher could work! Of course you'd have to requisition the mozzies to feast on your eye daily to make it legit!!

Love those tea cups they seem to match up beautifully with your blog banner!! And that skeety is pretty darn cool too...despite the fact that we have a love hate relationship, they love me and I hate them!! Too bad you can't put Avons Skin so soft on your eyeball!! hmmmm what to do?.....yeah that's it....sleep with your eyes shut silly girl!!!lol

Hugs Giggles

Linda Richardson said...

oh my - what have I been missing - I go off shopping for a day and all sorts of dramas occur! Still catching up... your poor eye!!

Serena Lewis said...

OH NO...OUCH!!! Your poor eye! Great sketches as always tho. I hope I don't jinx myself saying this but, for the past few years, we've been very lucky with mozzies....don't seem to get them indoors at all. :)

Michellem said...

Seriously!! Your eyeball!! Who gets their eyeball bitten by a mosquito?! NO wonder you hate those bugs!! Poor thing!! (you, not the bug)

aimee said...

well done, you, poking yourself in the eye like that! I spilled boiling coffee on my leg this summer. it took months to heal and now the scar looks like a seahorse. nothing to match my studio, either!

as for the mosquito story, it's a good one and i'd stick to it too.

Karen Smithey said...

I totally believe you that it bit you in the eyeball! I don't like mosquitoes...

The only disturbing thing is that it then logically follows that you were sleeping WITH YOUR EYE OPEN. Hmmm...