Sunday, 25 November 2012

Milk Wars ...

I am curious if I am the only one who has ongoing milk wars
with their nearest and dearest
I am not talking about wars in the sense that they are making milk grenades
or that they are spitting in each other's
or heaven forbid drinking from the carton, which should be a jail-able offence in my book
though Sinus sticks his finger in ours occasionally
which is equally disgusting... but he is an equal opportunity finger in drink type person
so not so relevant to milk wars discussion

Maybe milk wars isn't an accurate descriptor
maybe milk conundrum works better
because the thing is that no matter what size milk I buy
both husband and daughter immediately need the converse amount
so I buy 2 litres
and it is cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner
and smoothies for snacks
but if I buy the three litre one in the hope of not having to go to the grocery store
for the 5 millionth time this week
then it is black tea , a mere splash in their coffee
and the mention of anything milky has them gagging and turning up their noses

Personally I prefer to have as little milk as possible
black tea is the order of the day
they invented chocolate made with milk so calcium could be palatable
and I believe in supporting the fine folks who create vitamin and Calcium pills
so they don't feel neglected
but my beloveds don't have that excuse
they are just a pain in the proverbial when it comes to their consumption
I am kind of considering getting the 1 litre
or even better yet dropping down to a 600ml one just to see what that would do
maybe it is time I take the battle to them 

No matter what the outcome is I have learned one important thing
and that is that milk containers are surprisingly tricky to draw
took a couple of goes to get there puppies drawn
but in the end perseverance paid off 
so I am thinking that maybe the same approach is needed as our war progresses...xx

The last few posts have been ...


Anonymous said...

great job on the milk jugs, I take milk in my tea, and sugar!!(just in case I ever come to visit) lol,

sharon said...

Once again a great post, love the milk containers, I think that you have them licked, but I suspect you never lick the milk war. All I can suggest is 'courage'.

Giggles said...

This is a conundrum for sure!!I buy the largest one and it goes over the week! I used to drink it three times a day, but haven't for several years now! I still love milk though...but not with cream in percent is the route we go. Great illustrations!! So well done...I think it would be so cool to see every ones jugs all over the Milk jugs that is!!!

Hugs Giggles

Michellem said...

We drink a lot of milk in these parts - I usually buy two gallons at a time each week. Cereal/milk and milk for my lattes and just some general milk drinking. . . LOVE your cartons!

Anonymous said...

Well, you did a great job drawing the milk containers. Very nice dimension and detail. Your Milk wars story is pretty funny, and no, I don't think I've ever been such a situation. ;)

Jez said...

Great milk carton illustrations. Don't drink milk these days, but your post reminded me of the days when I was a very young teenager and used to milk the cows on the farm next door - by hand. The most peaceful occupation in the world.

Unknown said...

Love the paintings. Ahh the milk war. I don't drink the stuff, it's yucky. Totally sympathies with you. I have no answer only to say that now I live in France, fresh milk is hard to come by. It's carton stuff, full fat, no fat or semi fat, it lasts for ages and Mr Hollywood adds chocolate to it for his breakfast. He is a steady consumer. One bowl a day. My kids have gone so no probs. So, there, without knowing it, I've solved your problem. Get rid of Sinus and Phantom. Milk war resloved. :D

Nigel said...

Easy solution (especially as you don't use it) don't buy any!
Let them buy their own milk, then they can worry about how much they need :)
Another non-milk drinker here too.

HollyM said...

Funny how that goes with the milk or any food item really. I happen to love milk but my husband and I drink rice milk and almond milk.
I can see how the jug would be tricky with its rounded edges. It looks perfect.

carol l mckenna said...

Fun post ~ Great sketch as always ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Unknown said...

We never have enough milk around I always buy 2 gallons every time Happy SS!

Christine said...

Those milk containers have beautiful curves. We drink a lot of milk in our house!

Unknown said...

These "milk wars" sound familiar. I have seen them pop up from time to time here. But now everyone is grown up and gone, so we have to amuse ourselves in different battles. Personally, I think the milk wars are better than anything else :)

Karen Isaacson said...

there is a direct relationship between the amount of time I spend in my studio and the amount of milk consumed in our house. the more I am absorbed in art, the less I cook actual meals, and the more cereal is eaten for dinner.

janice smith said...

Had to read this one aloud to the familiar in so many ways. (Except for the part about Sinus putting his finger in the milk. Why does he do that?)
As for milk jugs, anyone who can draw them as well as you do is my hero!

Victoria said...

Hello sweet friend..i think your milk containers are and beautiful! Fantastic work! I am allergic to i enjoyed my own twist to the title of your post ha ha! You are always so creative in words and art and your witty humour makes me smile!

Anne Manda said...

As HollyM said, that goes with all food, sometimes it is bread that is consumed in huge quantities and when I finally learn to buy enough of it, it's consumption ends totally as by magic... what is that about??? Cool jugs! ;)

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

Luckily, we drink so much milk that we almost always use it up before its use by date. But instead we have your problem with bananas. If I buy a bunch of them, then it never fails they'll be hating them that week and they all get brown and mushy. But if I buy three then it's smoothies and lunch and snacks and even mashed with peanut butter please buy more mom!!! Can't win for losing.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Awesome sketching, as always. :) And I LOVE your blog button/icon. How awesome is that?! Hugs

Linda Richardson said...

haha oh so true... and I can see by the comments its a universal food truth you have touched upon! xo L.

Bev said...

hehe great sketches u nailed the milk container lol u know i do this to myself if i by the 500ml sure enough i want smoothies or cereal everyday , buy the large and dont feel like smoothies or cereal and i too like my tea and coffee black and hot just like i like my men lol

hugz bev

Molly said...

We have the same issue in our house... I don't use milk at all and sometimes I wonder if they are pouring it out just to mess with me!

Anonymous said...

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Alicia C said...

You had me at milk wars lol.... this sounds to me like a classic marketing problem.... ad people go to school foryears to study the psychological interaction between consumers andrhe size/appearance of theirpackaging! Great containers btw probnot easy to draw as you said!

Sandra Busby said...

Well I most definitely agree that drinking milk from a carton should be an arrestable offense! as should finger dipping! In our house, it doesn't matter how much I but -there is never enough! Hmm... I've never attempted to draw a milk carton before - It does look tricky! But yours are just great! :0)

GalleryJuana said...

I seem to have a similar problem with forgetting to buy milk and realizing in the morning that there's no milk for coffee. Your drawings make milk cartons look attractive!

So cool that you have one of those iron tea pots that I spoke of in my post:)

Anonymous said...

another great illustration and another great story about life in your world! I drink rice milk which keeps for ages so I take it in lattes every day and cereal every so often. S still drinks baby cow juice so the only milk wars really in our house is me trying to encourage him to shift over to rice milk (but it doesn't make his tea the right colour so I think I'm fighting a losing battle!

Unknown said...

I'm always dashing off to the store to get more milk - we go through about 4 gallons a week - yikes! we should have a cow!

I would never think to attempt to draw one of those milk jugs .... but you have done an amazing job of it - so I will leave that job to you ;)

Rita said...

That's so funny that they seem to go in streaks wanting milk...the milk you drew so well. ;)

If you go with soy milk it has a longer expiration date. But I can't remember if anyone had a problem with soy in the family. Good luck! :) :)

Fallingladies said...

I have the same problem as ginger said... The bananas....

As for milk, when i drank it, now i don't, it used to be what kind to buy that we would war over; skim, 1 percent or 2 percent or whole!
You did a great job with the carton!

Serena Lewis said...

Great milk sketches!! I know what you much to buy can be a dilemma in itself. lol We don't use a lot of cow's milk as I've been trying to cut out the dairy. Aaron is pretty much the only one who has cow's milk now. Brad uses soy milk on his cereal. I drink my tea and coffee black. All is good ~ :)