Thursday, 29 November 2012

Smelling Artichokes ...

I have a bit of an artichoke thing happening at the moment
they are a great shape and colour though
I not a huge fan of eating them in any form
and on the subject of eating them
I do question just how hungry or mad someone was to eat one for the first time
they don't exactly shout to be eaten do they
I suspect it was done as a dare
this thought aside
what they don't give me in eating pleasure
is more than made up for with drawing pleasure
and the inspiration came from some new artichoke soap I bought
Who knew there was artichoke soap???
and it smells amazing
so amazing that I made a trip to the grocery store to stick my nose in the real thing
now I may have looked slightly mad smelling the artichokes
then smelling my arm
then back to the artichokes
but I was very curious to see if they smelt like the soap
and I had reason to think they might
because I also bought lettuce soap
I mean how could I not buy lettuce soap... how gloriously mad is that
anyway the lettuce soap smells like lettuce
so I figured the artichoke would be the same

but despite making a complete fool of myself in the produce section
I failed to get the fragrance of the soap or anything close in fact
but after sticking my nose in them I figured it would be rude not to buy them
so home they came and were plonked in a vase to keep them fresh
I duly made both Sinus and Phantom smell both arm and veg
but they couldn't smell the similarity either
so the soap, while lovely, was declared guilty of false advertising
and therefore the gorgeous packaging was not worthy of being painted
and the real deal has been my subject instead

On the drawing front they didn't let me down
and I had a great time painting them up
so much so I did two different small paintings of them
and they will be painted again I am sure
I can see a whole vegetable thing ahead of me
after this and the spagaragus of the other week
both were great fun to paint

but that will have to wait for another day
because despite your sympathy and wishes for my eye to heal quickly
which were greatly appreciated by the way
my eye still looking alarmingly like someone stuck a blue iris on Rudolph's nose
so short spurts of work are the order of the day I think

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Rita said...

I often wonder how people discovered what was edible and what was not...artichokes certainly look strange and can hurt you but...YUM. I love them! You did them justice. Here's more healing hope for your eye...

Dion Dior said...

I am one of those mad people who LOVE them...but keep that to yourself! However, in this case I love your paintings of them more. Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

I have often thought the very same thing about a number of foods.I have never eaten one, nor have i eaten thistles which are in the same family.I would have to be very very hungry!Your artichoke art is beautiful, I hope your eye heals quickly, that must be uncomfortable. Oh I lied, I have had them on pizza and in a dip one time, they really didn't have much flavor to me,

Katie R. said...

I love artichokes. Maybe the scent comes from the heart but you'd have to cut it open to find out. By the way I got the print yesterday. I love it. Thank you so much.

Jennifer McLean said...

lettuce soap??!? For serious? That's kinda cool. I've never had fresh artichokes but I'll admit I love artichoke heart salad and other savory dishes. But then I went nearly 21 years with nary a veg on my plate. I'm making up for it now, LOVING all things veg.

In any case, I'm sure you smell marvelous, I'm betting Sinus is enjoying all the different flavors. ;o)

Much love to the family and of course YOU.

Unknown said...

I love your post and comments on all things artichoke! Your artichoke art is gorgeous! I love the greens.
I have eaten artichoke and it's quite an ordeal in my opinion! Similar to lobster. It's a heck of a lot of work for such small returns.My Italian in-laws are ga-ga over it but I' m not a fan. The way they make you've gotta chew and suck on the leaves, just a mess... I DO like artichoke hearts that come in a jar though. Call me lazy.

Rachél - Creativity Tribe said...

Smelling the artichoke! That is hilarious! I was rushing thru the post waiting to find out if they matched. Big chuckle! Great ART-ichoke by the way!

Linda Richardson said...

having never seen an artichoke I am now entirely curious to ask my local fruit guy... Not sure what he'll think of me wanting to sniff it though!

Serena Lewis said...

I've never tried fresh artichoke but I do love the pickled artichoke hearts. Great sketch! I can't believe you can get artichoke and lettuce soaps! Too funny about you smelling the artichoke in store. lol

I'm now going to read back over the posts I missed so I can find out what happened to your eye...xo

Karen said...

Lovely, lovely drawings... they are certainly the most interesting vegetable!

Sandra Busby said...

Hmm... Now why would anyone want to walk around smelling of a lettuce?? I'm baffled! And I have tasted Artichokes and find then a bit, well, slimey? And I don't like the smell of them cooked either - so it's a good thing that the soap doesn't smell like the real thing in my book! At least you got the inspiration from it for your painting! Now that's just perfect - and it doesn't smell :0)

HollyM said...

Well, I like artichoke dip and artichokes on pizza but they come from the can. Lazy me, I've never had the urge to try a real one. We artists are funny! I would be doing the same thing, that is testing the smells, except I don't have smell.

Zue said...

I have never eaten an artichoke, but I have heard they are delicious. Love the idea of the soaps, especially the lettuce unusual..don't you just love 'the unusual'?

Rita said...

I love the fact that because of false advertising the box was not worthy of drawing!! Awesome! Artist's protest!

I have never eaten one, either. Have heard they are slimy, so don't care to. But they make a beautiful subject--as did the asparagus. I could see a veggie sketching spree in your future. ;)

AM Zafaran said...

Lovely greenies...yes, waiting for your veggie paintings! would be interesting to see! Lovely, funny reading about the lettuce soap! Do you have basil soaps there? In India, we have a whole lot of soaps from turmeric, red sandal, basil etc.

Molly said...

hmm... i never looked at them from the sketching perspective before-- you are really good at seeing EVERYTHING as fair game!

we were out to dinner the other night and had a roasted artichoke as an appetizer and it was delicious! of course, i think it may have been more about the balsamic dipping sauce than the artichoke itself! :-)

VonnyK said...

Just think, if the soap had smelled of the real thing you would be covered in caterpillars and grubs trying to eat you when you went outside. So be thankful they are a bit wrong in the smell department. The paper is gorgeous though.
You can borrow my parrot if you want to wear an eye patch for a while. You may as well look the part of a pirate while your poor eye heals. Sorry couldn't resist, hope it heals quickly, naughty mozzie.
Love your painting of the artichoke, that's as close as I would come to eating one of those things.
Have a fun, one eyed day and rest it as much as possible.

Faye said...

amazing artichokes, Tracey. I always thought they were a delicacy because only a little bit of the leaf is scraped off with the teeth to eat. It's only the lemon butter that makes them good, I think. One could never get fat on artichokes without the butter.

Tammie Lee said...

you have me wondering as well about the first person to eat an artichoke or cactus. but i do love to eat them. sorry to hear about the false advertising... do you suppose it has artichoke juice, not scent in it ;-0

wonderful paintings ~

Colleayn said...

I love the artichoke paintings. It makes me wonder what corn and mushroom soap would be like.

aimee said...

what i wouldn't have given to watch you sticking your nose in the artichokes! love the drawings!

Giggles said...

I sure hope your eye is finally better!! Awesome drawing!
I just sent you an artichoke dip...
so yummy!

Hugs Giggles

Catharina Engberg said...

Got ya´ :)