Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Faltering ...

It is Day 27 of Art Every Day Month and I must admit I am sort of faltering a bit
not so much in artistic output
and faltering in the domestic sphere is a given so it isn't coming into play here
it is more likely due to this being the busiest time of the school year
we are finally and gloriously in the last week before the long Summer break starts
which means that this week is a mad rush 
doing all the things I should have done over the last six weeks

so I am cramming in things like visits to the uniform shop
for senior hat band and jersey
senior... how did that happen... bloody hell I can't be that old can I ?????

cleaning school hats before the nightmare mould season that is our summer
and from experience I have learned that this is one you cannot skip
if it isn't spotless before the start of the rainy season
 then it is like a freaky furry ferret on the hat stand come late January

washing and storing  the 5 squillion uniform bits and pieces
 which will still manage to magically get grubby and lost over the holidays

finding a place to store all the books and crap from the school locker
and we are talking a serious mound of stuff here

trying to cram in a few quick visits with some friends while we are still childless
and can chat in peace and not have to share our yummy treats with grubby hands

and last but not least considering doing some Christmas shopping for Phantom
though I am tempted to find a couple of lumps of coal and be done with it
she may whine that she has been good and doesn't deserve coal
but I am thinking there would be lots of naughty things I don't know about
so it would probably be justified...
Of course there is a excellent chance that most of it will go undone
and I will just retreat to the studio and drink tea from this favourite cup
and get busy on drawing and painting up the vase of artichokes I have on my desk
they are just crying out to be painted
and it isn't nice to ignore such lovely specimens...

so fingers crossed the painting goes quickly so I can sneak in a job or two
or not... xx

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Jennifer McLean said...

I can't WAIT to see the vase of artichokes, who knew you could HAVE a vase of artichokes??

That is one very pretty coveted mug, I must say. Good taste Trace. Mom begged this morning to put the tree up early, I concurred so I'm thinking we'll be twinkling by Wednesday!

Giggles said...

Well my dear you have outdone yourself this month...putting us all to creative shame!! Better get that hat cleaned wouldn't want it to grow legs and take over the house!!It's so weird to think you have a hot Christmas and summer holidays all at the same time. Must make for a really long years. Christmas breaks things up for us!! Enjoy any free moments you get!

Hugs Giggles

Unknown said...

All the best with that painting today! My fingers are crossed for you.xx

Rita said...

What a lovely tea cup! I hope you get all your various list of things done so you have time to play!! Phantom--coal? I don't think we can count what we don't know about--LOL! ;)

Linda Richardson said...

can't wait to see the vase of artichokes! NEver knew that about hats - but come to think of it - that could explain a few things! Lovely tea cup and I think we've all done remarkably well with rising to the occassion of AEDM! :-) xo L.

janice smith said...

I can see why it's your favorite cup...very lovely, indeed. The days before summer break are hectic here, too. I can't imagine having Christmas preparations on the brain at the same time! I would definitely retreat to my studio.

Dion Dior said...

LOVE this cup T...and the whirlwind of schools end was a joy of memories for me, thank you. As you plunge into the big wet, we plunge deeper into the big freeze. Send some of that summer sun this way please. xx

Tori B. said...

I love your cup. You must take time to relax and have a drink from it.

Unknown said...

I LOVE this painting- you always create such a sense of calm and peace with your tea paintings....and then I go on to read your words! TOO funny. I personally am convinced that we are nowhere near old enough to have young adult/children of this age. Somehow, they continue to age while we stay the same. That's theory and I'm stickin' to it! I also always love hearing about you going into summer while we march bravely on into winter- always gives me warming thoughts ;)
Relax- and go paint those chokes (you KNOW you want to ;))it'll all get done whether or not you stress about it!

Unknown said...

oh no wonder it is your favorite cup!!! it is beautiful!!! love your work Tracey!!!!

J Bamman the southern sunshine girl said...

Love that cup!

K J D said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the vase of artichokes... hope you enjoyed your tea and that you did manage some of your jobs... do the hat for sure!!!!


Unknown said...

Do you have coal where you live? In fact, do you need coal. You can't use it for Snowmen eyes...you don't get snow. You don't need it for the fire...you don't have cold weather. Looks like Phantom won't even get two bits of coal in her stocking either. You can always get her a pint of milk. :) oops, silly me, just realised you have coal for outdoor cooking. Something we don't get the chance do very often... :(

Zue said...

We don't associate mould with our summer but yesterday I had to through away the fish food pellets which had a lovely green coating on the top...powdery mildew:)

Nigel said...

What do you mean, faltering?!
You're not allowed to falter!
You haven't come all this way to give up now!
C'mon woman it's only another 3 days!
Dig in there! Draw! Paint!! be creative!!!
3 days! Come on, look there's the line, not far, keep going!


Bev said...

All i can say is since being a reader of your blog ive come to the conclusion that u are Wonder Woman and i totally admire you woman lol and cant wait to see the the vase of artichokes also...
hugz bev

Unknown said...

I love that cup and I like how you illustrated it with the words and outline. Lovely!!!

Serena Lewis said...

Love that cup!! OH yes, it's that time of year where we barely get time to come up for air. I have daily art commitments and also need to paint up Christmas ornaments for my two Granddaughters yet...YIKES! Time is running out fast....I hear ya, sistah! xo