Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Welcome to Snotoberfest 2012...

Spring holidays were duly survived by all
and a big shout out and thanks to Nigel
who generously offered to help me stash the bodies if needed
which is what I love about the blogging community
they are really there for you when you need them!!!

So once the dust settled and the chaos abated to a manageable level
ie Sinus went back to work and I only had Jet Puff to deal with
you would think I would have had a bit of a chance to unwind
and lose the alarming tic I had developed
but rather than a few glorious chocolate and George Clooney filled days
Snotoberfest hit with a vengeance...

 you would think the dog sneezing constantly 
would have been a give away that it was going to start early this year
but somehow the grey matter didn't process that
I may have been distracted by trying to calculate how many dog sneezes 
on the carpet are acceptable
before you really should think about getting them shampooed
I decided 432 if you are wondering... and the carpet guys are booked for next week!
but in amongst all that calculating and stressing 
I failed to notice the dreaded change of season nightmare lurking

I was rudely reminded of this joyous season 
when Mushu the wonder dog woke me up by standing on my head and sneezing in my face
but in the best part of snotoberfest
I saw his sneeze and raised it with a three of my own snot filled wonders 
the bloody mutt had the cheek to look offended 
and I would have covered my mouth but he had my arms pinned under the covers
so tough luck mutt face
of course I am not alone in this wonderful Spring festival of grossness
Sinus isn't called Sinus for nothing
and Jett Puff isn't entirely immune either
so the house is a glorious symphony of sneezing and blowing noises
my days are now filled with boxes of tissues, a nose with aglorious rudolph type glow
and streaming eyes... I look a treat, but after the nightmare that was nasodren
I am sticking with the tissues and waiting patiently
for the change of season to settle

It seemed fitting that I should illustrate this wonderfullness
with my most treasured companion at the moment
I don't usually go in for this sort of florally box
or coloured tissues for that matter
but I am using copius amounts of them
and because my aim is lousy and I keep missing the bin 
 they have been forming quite the pile beside wherever I am working or sitting
and Mushu loves to bury himself in them
gross I know but seeing as this is a post about snot 
and if you are still reading then you are probably a hardy type 
so what's another gross overshare in a post full of them

Plus as an added bonus I figure the floor tissues are collecting his dog sneezes as well
which means they are pulling double duty
and I don't think that there is a snotty tissue monster coming to attack me
 like I did every time Mushu rolled over in the white piles
so coloured tissues are much better for my sanity

and I am now going to take the disgusting orb that is sitting on my shoulders
masquerading as my head and have a lie down
after I link this up with APR and the masquerading challenge
do you like how I snuck that in there Jenn....xx

The last two posts have been less disgusting I promise...


Roxanne said...

Having been there myself, I sympathize with you. Hang in there...this too will pass. PS: I love your sense of humor!

Terrie said...

Achoo! Geshundheit! :)

Feel better soon - and keep those darn germs on that side of the ocean, thank you very much!

Serena Lewis said...

OH, you poor thing!! I hope the snotfest doesn't last too much longer at your house. Great take on the APR challenge and fabulous sketch, as always.

Feel better soon ~ xo

Jennifer McLean said...

Good GIRL!! Getting that masquerade connection in!! I'm loving the tissue box art and I'm thinking that blue tissues make any leaky bodily fluid look classier.

As Terri said, feel better soon, my friend and thank you for NOT sneezing on the comment you left on APR. This household does NOT need new germs, we've got enough thank you very much, lol.

Hugs to you and sympathies for all the icky illness you're all going through. I wish I were there and I'd make you home made turkey noodle soup (I'm resplendant in 17 pounds of turkey along with 12 left over servings of gf stuffing, potatoes and mushy peas coming out my proverbial ears!!)

We had all the fixings ready for company but then mom was too sick so all got cancelled. Turkey enough for the RUssian army. ;o)
Much love,

Bev said...

omg im so glad im not there lol feel deeply for u though nothing worse than wet sneezes lol

no way i will find a painting of Jet Puff so bring back Phantom Steve hehe

hugz bev

Giggles said...

Poor you!! However if they are allergies I had them my whole life...it was horrid. Every summer was a nightmare....cupcake is the same. On my fortieth birthday I got my nose pierced and for the last 16 years haven`t had any trouble with pollen allergies. Until this year when my eyes were a tiny bit itchy...but no sneezing..and for years I had a permanent allergy salute goin on!! So outside of commemorating my 40th it has been a godsend...but if it`s a cold, well you can imagine the rest....it`s like a dancing Kleenex,it gets a little boogie in it!! lol

Hugs Giggles

Hwee said...

Sounds like hayfever... Poor things! I hope all of you feel better soon. Great take on the masquerade theme!

Sandra Busby said...

Hmm... Won't be popping over for a cuppa any time soon then! Gross!! I'm just glad it was a clean tissue that you chose to draw and share with us, lol!
Fingers crossed I have so far managed to avoid a cold this year - but maybe that's because we failed to get a change of season. It has just been wet all year round!
I'm off on holiday on the 21st to somewhere very hot. I better not get one then!!

stefanie stark said...

Oh Tracey, reading your posts is much, much better than any program on TV!!! With every Kleenex I will use now I will think of your snotoberfest!

Creatively yours Fi said...

I so needed a good laugh tonight! Tracy you are hilarious :-) Smotoberfest !!? Love it, I had a really bad winter myself with the tissues:( God bless you Tracy & all your sneezing companions!

Nigel said...

I'm afraid that I will have to withdraw my previous offer, until such time as you are able to guarantee that I will not be required to work in a biologically contaminated workspace.



Kim Collister Studio said...

Your post is a hoot! Who can't relate to Snotoberfest? Lovely post for the theme and great thinking outside the box (the tissue box that is)!! Blessings my friend, and
"Bless You" !

Vicki Holdwick said...

Achoo! While I wholeheartedly sympathize with your condition, I couldn't help but be entertained by your post, as usual,


Unknown said...

oh poor you Tracey!!!! but I do love your amazing sketches!!!! wishing you get better asap!!!

K J D said...

Oh dear... poor you

tis the season to be sneezy

great sketch!


Lorinda.C.F said...

Lameness! Hope you're all feeling better soon... And I hope that is a box of lotion kleenex. I don't know what they put on those things but they're miracle workers for keeping your nose from turning red and flakey. They are a must!!!

Linda Richardson said...

Hilarious as usual - I wish I had thought of that before wracking my brain trying to think of something to do for masquerade!

Neesie said...

Can I just say that it's not really recommended to read this snotoberfest post whilst trying to eat chilli prawns!!!
One because of the consistancy (say no more) and two when you snort them due to laughing whilst trying to swollow...the chilli stings like mad! :$

I was wondering all the way through how you were going to link to APR's masquerading challenge...clever girl...you're not just a pretty red nosed face then eh? ;D

Great work as always Trace!

I'm still trying to catch up visiting...hubby is off for ANOTHER 3 WEEKS!!!

Victoria said...

OH my..that is so cute your dog sneezed on you..(well maybe not fun for you LOL!) Wonderful art as always..gorgeous blue kleenex box!
Thanks for the smiles dear friend!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Aww, "Gesundheit" Tracey! Hope you feel less stuffed up soon :0)

VonnyK said...

I so know where you are coming from. I sneezed about twenty times in a row this morning. Spring is great but the sneezes ain't.
Great pictures, as always.

Unknown said...

Too, too funny! I was wondering if you'd go back to the Nasodren- I guess not! We're entering our own allergy season here, so I can totally commiserate!

Darla said...

Your stuffiness made for a great post but I'm sure you will be happy when it is over.

You even make a Kleenex box look interesting :-)


~*~Patty S said...

Deary me...do take care...clearly your art and great sense of humor can see you through anything :)


Elissa said...

That Kleenex tissue box doesn't deserve you! It had better be grateful for you making it look so beautifully appealing.

Hope the snotles have abated a little now :)

Rita said...

That's what I've been doing this whole last week and why I am behind reading and commenting. Well, that and the hiccupy reader has been acting up so that I don't get all my people's posts--grr! I hope you are all feeling better by now. I am on the mend, myself...she says as she tosses another tissue in the basket. ;)

PS I love floral boxes. LOL!

Currie Silver said...

you always make me laugh and then just sort of smile at your shenanigans.

you are NOT merely a talented artiste, you are a first-rate storyteller extraordinaire!!

Duaa said...

im sorry!nice way to express how you're feeling..haha love your fun sketches!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Love laughing at you...er...with you! So sorry you are suffering through what about half the people I know have. Mine was finally over a few weeks ago. Why is the "simple" cold so annoying? Get better soon, but please don't lose your sense of humor along with the tissues!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Bless your heart, Tracey. At least you were able to illustrate a cute "snotoberfest" still life. I hope your feeling better. I have bad seasonal allergies too, but somehow I've kept them under control lately. Blessings!

Anna said...

We are at the opposite. fall. Ragweed. Yuck! I hope yours settle in soon.

minnemie said...

OH dear:-( We're 6 months away from the same, and I dread it already. But at least I can laugh at yours, for you never cease to pull through with excellent humor:-)