Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Ear Flap ....

 You have to love a topic that gives you the excuse to flap your ears
and Aimee over at Artsyville gave me the excuse to have a good old snoop
when she set the topic Overheard for List It Tuesday

 I wish I had one of these spy bug gizmos that I saw online
because then I could have been bugging with bugs
and ovehearing from overhead
and all those other lame plays on words
but instead of going all high tech I had to go old school
so I got my sneak on, let my ears flap like mad and here is what I heard ...
I heard my daughter Jet Puff Phantom
 muttering about a pox on both their houses while making herself a cuppa
I was so not touching that one but I have been checking the house for pox ever since
just in case I was one of the "both"

On the subject of Phantom I also heard her and Mushu the wonder mutt
having the same conversation they have every day
she lies on her bed
he lies on her legs / book/ remote/ ipod
she tells him to move
he sort of growl/ talks
she tries to reason with him
he growl/talks some more, though at a higher pitch
this continues until she gets totally frustrated and rats him out to one of us
or he runs out of growlish words and gives up and moves
it would be hilarious if they didn't do it every single day... about three times a day

Phantom's revenge was overheard later
because the studio is next to the pool
and she was sweetly luring the bed hog dog nice and close
which was followed by a splash and a yelp
then hysterical laughter
now I would love to tell you he won't fall for that again
but sadly he fell for it at least two more times
and will continue to fall for it all summer
I also heard a lady in the grocery shop talking on her phone
about a rash her husband had in his nether regions
I kid you not... I steered well clear of the checkout line she went through

I heard my butt tell me it was going to get bigger if I ate more chocolate
I chose to ignore that one... I was just overhearing, not acting on anything after all

I kind of overheard someone say that it is possible to do some activity called housework
but as I was unfamiliar with that term and didn't have a dictionary handy
so I have no clue what it refers to and am going to ignore that one as well

and finally I overheard that I was having a give away 
and the 4 small originals in this photo are up for grabs
the details for entering are in this post if you are interested... xx

I also posted on Sunday and here is the link if you missed it...


Jennifer McLean said...

aaw, poor mushu the wondermutt. although, it sounds like he deserves every dirty trick jet puff/Psteve can come up with. Although, knowing her intellect, the wondermutt isn't much of a challenge! Hehhe.

Jez said...

Love your bug, and thanks for another post that started my day with a smile. I always enjoy snatches of conversation like this - don't blame you for steering clear of the rash lady.

Unknown said...

Your stories always make me laugh! I love your 'bug' and that you're not acting on your overheard conversation with your butt!! I've been ignoring mine for years now!

Anonymous said...

Aw Muchu! And wise move to remove yourself from the "rash" aisles. Hilarious!

K J D said...

I love your bug and enjoyed your post.... it's amazing what you get to overhear!!!!

Poor dog btw!!!!


Anonymous said...

I mean , of course, Mushu. : )

35jupe said...

I love your bug. (And those gorgeous pics!) And I adore the Shakespeare! A pox on both their houses! lol!

Susan said...

OH,I am laughing! I know exactly what "growl talk" is and I am a pretty good translator. And what is it with these people on their cell phones? Do they think we can't hear, arent interested...What???? Love the post and the bug!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your steampunk-ish fly on the wall, he is AWEsome! And as always, I love the stories you added in...Mushu v/s Jett Puff- too funny as well all the others. I'd totally ignore my butt gossip too!
Great post,

Anonymous said...

i am in awe of your art. love it!

nacherluver said...

What an enjoyable post! My first time here. I enjoyed your fun list and love your artwork. Wow!

Unknown said...

I am truly laughing out loud -- overheard your butt -- that's the best ever! And I love your spy bug gizmo. Thanks for making my morning!

stefanie stark said...

It seems almost incredible what's always going on in your brain ... and especially today what kind of dialogues you had to hear and had to deal with ... however I love your spy-bug-gizmos and your "cuppas".

aimee said...


storybeader said...

very funny! Yes, I overhear the doggies saying some unmentionable things in our house. Like the idea of the spy bug. Have to keep my eyes open for that! {:-Deb

Tara Holmes said...

Oh I love it! I think it's the worst to overhear cell phone convos in public places...heehee, but they sure make for great lists! Your daughter must be reading Romeo and Juliet?? The "pox on both your houses" is a line from the play...
Great list; thanks for sharing :)

SandeeNC said...

Love the "selective over hearing"...I evidently don't even try to overhear my butt talking...lol Poor, poor Mushu, so sweet and so trusting! I do feel sorry for him, bad Puff Phantom, BAD! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Anonymous said...

you always make my day, I can never understand people that talk so loud on cell hones in public, as if we wan to hear their business but in that case you know that woman is a good one to stay clear of!!!That painting looks like part bee to me, and its very very cool!!!!

Carolyn Dube said...

Hee Hee Hee you've had me laughing so hard I was sure I was going to - well- I won't say but every woman knows what was about to happen...

Terrie said...

I was totally at a loss this week. I didn't leave the house much and dan wasn't muttering to himself so didn't overhear a damn thing. And, I've ignored my butt so long it would have to scream to be overhead now! :) Thanks for making us all smile - once again!

*jean* said...

oh lord, you make me laugh...love your 'bug' and that kid & dog??? too funny

~*~Patty S said...

Wonderful wonder bug you created...nowadays with cell phones out in public places it is way too easy to hear too much!

Fun stories Tracey!

Rita said...

I had never heard of or seen a spy bug so I was quite confused by your beautiful drawing--LOL!
Ah, dogs. Their endless trust can be a detriment at times. ;)
Housework? Never heard of it.

Viola said...

Haha! yes right, it would be nice to have one like this bugging the bugs! =) and your drawing of mr ear flap, though it pretty much could be a miss, is just so lovely! =)

You're writing in a funny way and it makes me smile, even laugh - thanks to you! :))

Annie Pazoo said...

You've got me laughing today, Tracey. What a hoot!

Bev said...

Love the bug and poor Mushu , i love eavesdropping its such fun and wish i could do it more often , i want a bug lol

hugz bev

Fil said...

Great to start the day with a giggle - thank you:)

Giggles said...

My butt gave up talking years ago....actually that's a lie.... it just speaks a different language now...and loudly with sound affects!!! Go figure... instead of fat...It said flat.....you....lens....But my eyes are fine...hmmm.

Hugs Giggles

Anonymous said...

LOVE the things you overhear! Poor Mushu - in the dog house (or pool) again! I so want that painting of the pears!!

Michellem said...

If I overheard a lady talking about a rash I'd have sidled over and looked in her cart - I'm not proud of that fact but the truth is - I am pretty nosy!
Thanks for making me smile!!

Sandi McLean said...

Oh honestly, I am such a lousy follower, not even coming by every week! And why not when I absolutely fall over into fits of laughter and at the same time get to look at your lovely work? Do I want to be a crotchety, grumpy middle aged and getting older woman with no mirth! No! As always loved your post! Hugs,