Sunday, 14 October 2012

Do Chickens Have Tongues?????

I don't usually draw birds
but I did draw this kookaburra as it is my bloody alarm clock at the moment
which wouldn't be so bad if it did what it was supposed to
Indigenous Australians believe that a kookaburra visiting 
means that good fortune will follow close behind
now I'm not sure if this one is just defective
and its constant presence means good fortune doesn't have a chance to visit
or perhaps all that good stuff is just still tucked up in bed because it is 5 freakin am
and to add insult to injury you have to wake up to the slightly off putting feeling
of something laughing at you

This is no gentle Cinderella wakening where the sweet birds
lay out your clothes and do your hair
no I get the raucous laughter from beady eyed carnivorous one
which is totally doing my head in

The family issues with the feathered ones has also extended itself to the dog
and doing Mushu's head in is the reappearance of his nemesis bird
Spring has sprung and this one bird is back from his regular winter break
it sits on the edge of the pool and refuses to move so he can do his laps
it sits on the chair and watches him while he is trying to sleep in his bed
and every time the poor thing closes his eyes it squalks and wakes him up
and to add insult to injury it poos on him
I couldn't count the number of times he has come in crying covered in bird poo
just the sound of its squalk drives him into a mad barking frenzy 
and he spends half the day running around the yard and looking up in the sky
it is one evil nemesis
but it only arrives at change of season 
and like the hay fever that is with us all for a week or two
he will soon disappear again until next year
but until then the mutt is copping it

Just as nemesis bird disappears then magpie season will start 
and it will be Sinuse's turn to have bird issues
he will be constantly swooped and pecked
and walking the dog becomes life and death obstacle course
personally I would walk a different route until the season was done
but not my dear man and mutt
perhaps they enjoy the delicious danger this brings to their daily ambles

Of course dear Jet Puff / Phantom has no real bird issues
don't think any bird would be game to swoop, laugh at or poo on her
I am thinking they probably find her a touch odd
clearly evidenced by her question to me just the other night
as to how big do I think a chicken's tongue is????
Like I would know that answer, and how do you even think of a question like that
I didn't even know chicken's had tongues???
I haven't been game to ask her if she found out, and can't be bothered googling it
so I am in a horrible limbo of not knowing 
my life is really very odd at times
Happy Sunday Sketches...xx

P.S thanks so much for all the Birthday wishes over the last few days
you all made it a very special day especially Kristin
who is a punny punny girl and who wrote an eggcellent post to celebrate it...xx

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Introverted Art said...

Tracey, this little guy is amazing.

Unknown said...

oh wow Tracey!!!! this little alarm clock bird of yours is adorable and the name...woww...never ever heard of this species.....thank you for helping me learn something new each day!!!!

Jennifer McLean said...

first of all, yes, chickens do have tongues but when I google them I can't find anything on length, so you'll have to ask your resident genius.

Poor Mushu. YOU have a defective alarm clock that you cannot reset and even worse, your alarm clock poos on and antagonizes your dog!! I think you should unplug your alarm clock. ;o)

poor mushu and I'm guessing you need a good nap.
Much love,

Jennifer McLean said...

Oh, although your alarm clock is truly annoying, he sure is cute!! Great painting my friend.

Jez said...

Love the free squiggly lines that define the kookaburra-thingy. Australia sounds a pretty dangerous place. Are you harassed by kangaroos and wallabies?

WrightStuff said...

I saw a picture of a man holding a kookaburra the other day. Had no idea they were so big! (unless that one was a giant of course... or a very small man....)

Molly said...

He looks like he has an evil streak! The mushu/evil nemesis story sounds like something out of looney tunes! ;-)

Dion Dior said...

Oh Tracey....let me catch my breath! I would give anything, and I mean ANYTHING to hear that hilarious sound of avian laughter outside my window....but I feel your pain nonetheless. Hugs xx

K J D said...

I love how you have sketched him....

you will miss him when he has moved on!!!! Well, maybe not!!!


Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday. How lovely that the kookoo bird visits you every year...special. The length of chickens tongues has me wondering now..I know they don't have teeth and are the direct descendants of Tyrannosaurus Rex. When I go to feed the chickens next door, I will ask them how long their tongues are. Judging by the racket they make every day, very long, I would imagine... but then having said that, I live in France and chickens tongues is one thing they don't seem to eat here, so maybe not long at all....pondering xx

Anonymous said...

how I have missed your posts, I'm back for how long I'm not sure but you always make me smile!!!!

Sandra Busby said...

Well we don't have those birds over here - They are far too exotic! So I have never seen or heard one of those before. I love your drawing, because now at least I know what they look like!
We do have chickens in our garden though and I feel oddly compelled to go and see if they have tongues!!
Next door have a Cockerel. Now that's a different story! When that thing starts there is no stopping it and it is LOUD!! At 5am I lay awake willing the local fox to get an early breakfast! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Your talent knows no bounds - your bird is fabulous! I just want to go over there and rescue your poor dog - every week it seems he is being tormented by someone or something!! Poor wee fella but how funny that the bird stalks him like that - and pooing on him - that's hilarious (and also supposed to be good luck!)

stefanie stark said...

I love it so much how you always illustrate the daily adventures happening between your pool and your house. And there is always a new surprise :) the kookaburra looks in factimpishly and I see it in front of me how he stalks your poor doggy.

Terrie said...

Great drawing and oh so sad story. Poor mushu! Poor Tracey! I'm awake by 5am anyway, so it wouldn't wake me....send him my way! Thanks for the Monday smile.
BTW I tried a couple times over the weekend to email you and it was bounced back - I'll try again today and hope to have better luck.

Rita said...

Beautiful bird...even is he is annoying!

Terri Corona said...

Well, you sure managed to make the hellion look cute!

Rita said...

OMG! Poor Mushu! I may like birds, but 5am is too early to be laughed at and I would not appreciate being dive bombed or pooped upon. I have never had a bird poop on me--even though I have cleaned up a lot of bird poop in my day--but I have been chased away from nests by swallows and killdeer and bluejays. What a post! Birds are making your life hell! :(

Laura lok said...

going backwards on posts that isn't a crow its a kukabara coool bird.