Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Botanical Memories....

The holidays have finally taken their toll
and as you read this I am quite possibly hiding in the walk in robe
rocking and not too gently banging my head against the wall
or I may be stretched out on the bed in a chocolate induced haze
there is also a distinct possibility that I may have retreated to the mall
three days ago and haven't been heard from since
most likey though is that I have been buried under an avalanche of washing
and decided it was a nice comfy place to have a lie down
of course I may have simply gone mad
but I can guarantee you that a scheduled post was necessary
really really necessary

Jenn over at the Artist's Playroom
chose Botanicals as this weeks topic
and I happily went back to my files to pick one or two to show you
I figured many of you are new to my blog
and won't have seen the botanical art I used to do
so thought this was a perfect opportunity to revisit it
of course I had forgotten how many I had done
and couldn't choose one or two
holidays and decision making just don't mix for me
so I just PicMonkeyed a whole lot of them
scarily though 
this isn't all of them
and figured you can skim to your hearts content

It was kind of fun to pull them out of the draw and look at some of them
and some are framed around the studio and house
while others are all happily living with new families
and I love that so many people have bought prints and cards I have made from many of them
all had a huge amount of time and effort invested in them
and it is nice to think that people have are enjoying them

some were from when I started out and was doing a class
and others are from when I decided the classes were completely sucking my will to live
and promptly forgot about trying to be too traditional and just had fun
I am more attracted to everyday flowers and fruit and veg
rather than the exotics so often favoured by botanical artists
and in the end doing these just takes way toooooo long
I don't think I would ever be described as patient 
and trying to find the time and mental space for such concentrated work
in this mad house
is well.... mad 
so in the interests of sanity 
and not stabbing the family in their eyes with pencils because they keep interrupting me
every ten minutes
I will be quite content to just look back on my botanicals
and not to start painting them again ... xx

My last two posts before I completely lost my mind were...


Bev said...

These are lovely Tracey , we do go through phases dont we , i love where u are now, your work is looser and freer, is that a word lol but we have to follow our muse so we can grow , thanks for sharing these its nice to see what u used to do lol
oh and what magik weather we are having south of the border ...
hugz bev

Linda Richardson said...

Hi Tracey - love your botanical drawings! But I am soooo with you on the time thing. Really I asked myself - why , when we can take a photo? I share your holiday mode angst - It's not that bad, but there just aren't enough hours in the day!! :-) If you happen across to see my woeful lime tree for Jenn's challenge I hope you laugh with me - that's what you get when trying to be creative in a rush!

Valerie-Jael said...

They are beautiful! Valerie

Jez said...

These are absolutely beautiful. But having said that, I do love your looser style - the botanicals are perfect but so many people do that style. Your looser style IS Tracey, so individual and effective.

Gwen said...

I love the idea of a chocolate induced haze...beautiful blooms:)

Unknown said...

Beautiful to look back. Hope you find yourself soon. It's horrible when your lost and you don't remember where you left yourself. :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE all your work- the day to day illustrations plus the botanicals, from the super serious and especially, the seriously FUN! And when you add all these beauties to your amazing sense of humor, well, you just make my day!
P.S. I'm SO very glad I'm not the only one who can't work amidst familial interupus maximus ;)

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Oh dear not the blog post I want to read mid assignment for the SBA Botanical Artists Diploma Course ... it is difficult, time consuming work indeed ... but it's also time away from all the chaos of life ...

Vicki Lee Johnston said...

Oh and forgot to say .. your artworks are lovely - both the botanicals and your looser style - I rarely comment but enjoy reading your blog posts.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Wonderful paintings, so glad you posted these as I am 'fairly' new to your blog and didn't realise you did this style of painting. They are all so good. Hope you haven't melted into a crazed stupor at the bottom of your stairs (if you have stairs that is!).

Serena Lewis said...

Beautiful botanicals, Trace!! x

Sandra Busby said...

Wow! they are beautiful! I had no idea you used to paint flowers. They are amazing! A completely different style to what you do now. I love both - for completely different reasons :0)

Kim Rempel said...

Absolutely lovely but I'm still knooked-out by the tea collage you've used at the top of your page. SO great!!

Colleayn said...

These are beautiful! I love the colors, artwork, etc. I'm glad you haven't lost all your marbles over the holiday. Art has a way of helping people through all sorts of things. Have a great day!

bellefrogworks said...

Your botanicals are beautiful - but I can see how much time they would take. Fun should be a key word - unless you have an art related job and then your own "stuff" should be fun for you to do.

K J D said...

Your botanical drawings are brilliant and so skilful but there is something so fun about your stuff now that I just LOVE .... a chocolate induced haze sounds rather pleasant!!!!


Jennifer McLean said...

I do love your botanicals but I can see why they're in your past. Your newer work is just more "you". They are beautiful though.
Much love,

Molly said...

i've always loved your flowers. you use such lovely colors and make them come so alive, i convince myself i can smell their freshness. thanks for bringing them back!

Introverted Art said...

your botanicals are amazing...

sharon said...

Wow these are amazing, but as the others say what you are doing now have more soul they are Tracey. You most probably needed to go through that phase to get where you are now, so it is good to look back. Hope you find yourself soon, although a chocolate haze sounds a nice place to be!

Currie Silver said...

seems we all go through phases on our way to where we are and then, someday out past Now we will wonder just WHAT were we thinking NOW?!

thank you for always bringing laughter to my Life!!

*jean* said...

gorgeous work!! i took ONE botanical class and almost ripped all of my hair out....what a beautiful investment of your time though, these are all very stunning...xo

Cynthia Patterson said...

they are beautiful...thank you so much for pulling them out of your archives.....awesome!


WrightStuff said...

Oh but they are soooooo beautiful :)

I hope the madness passes (but leaves a good dash of creative eccentricity in its wake!)

Elissa said...

Absolutely beautiful botanical pictures.

So enjoyed reading your 'holiday' woes. I must say the chocolate induced haze actually sounds the more appealing of your choices, if you do have to resort to choosing that is!

TwinkleToes2day said...

I cheer up instantly I start reading your posts, they are so humorous - intended or not - and make me chuckle. Your botanicals are gorgeous and real and I'm sure I can smell strawberry ;)
I hope you can emerge from your current state of holiday induced craziness in plenty of time to enjoy the new term before the next holidays come around. I tried starting a petition to cancel them for you but I was laughed at - how cruel is that!

Darla said...

Sorry the holidays are steam rolling you but very happy it gave you a reason to go back through your botanicals and show us your great work.


Unknown said...

I so love your writing! Such a joy to visit here. :) Your flowers are beautiful! I hadn't seen them yet, so I'm really glad you shared them!

Unknown said...

I love your botanicals in "the old style" but I am also so impressed and inspired with your "new style" and how you have branched out technically and inspirationally. I love your fun and colorful portraits of the every day variety. Exotics are nice and fruits and flowers are nice - but (for example) I also love your electrified and energized marshmallow whip container - it's as if he is shivering with excitement that he was picked off the shelf to be The Very Special treat :)

I have been in bliss since my kids headed back to school last month - but there's a stretch of many long weekends coming up and then the big one at Christmas with 2 weeks off - it is nice to have a houseful but in limited amounts!

art by Catharina Engberg said...

I loved your story about this weekend
:D You are so funny!
It´s geat sometimes to have old paintings to show at these challenges. Why not. It´s an uppertunity for us bloging -newbees to see things from your older posts. Thank you! They are gorgeous! Take care!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Always a joy to read about your trials and tribulations and to see your beautiful at work! No more head banging, please!

Terrie said...

Stunning work - I'm a little late to the party, but what a party it is! As I caught up on reading your last few posts, I have to appreciate once again your unique view of your world - or maybe it's just your imaginative presentation of your world. Whatever it is, I love the smile you inevitably bring to us all. You're a treasure!

Giggles said...

Please don't go completely mad before your summer is over!! We want you back in fine form!! Miss you at ppf!! Hope you are finding snippets of joy and loads of laughter!!

I so get the constant interruptions!! I often awake early but don't call my daughter for hours so I can have the peace. She thinks I might be sleeping in so she doesn't call....My little passive aggressive way of taking the time for myself before the phone calls keep messing up my own plan for the day!!

Love your art as always!!

Hugs Giggles

aimee said...

that strawberry is so real it looks UNreal! glad you churned these all out before you realized what torture the class was putting you through, because they are awesome! though i must say -- i am very partial to the marshmallow creme jar in the post below :D

Alice said...

hahaha! jet-puffed - i love it!

your flowers are beautiful - i really enjoy looking at your art and trying to figure out what you used and how you did it - not that i could ever begin to touch your work - i just enjoy what you do! it speaks to my heart:)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Truly inspirational! This is an amazing display of all your wonderful botanical pieces. Blessings!

Neesie said...

Oh to have such wonderful artwork to just pull out when necessary're my hero ;D
You're right I've not seen some of these beautiful botanical pieces before...they're exquisite.

Now on the serious matters...I have my hubby off work for a six week holiday...chocolate haze, walk in robes, hiding in the laundry room all sound very's good to know someone out there understands...but I'm only three weeks in...I'm afraid where the next three weeks might lead?!?!! :$

Nigel said...

*Knocks on wardrobe door*

"I know you're pretending not to be in there, so I'm not talking to you. Just thought I'd just randomly mention out loud that I love the artwork."

"Oh, and if anybody needs some help to get rid of a body or two....."

Viola said...

WooooW! I am sooo impressed! you are the queen in botanical drawings, paintings! They are so very lovely that I nearly cannot believe what I see!! =)

Unknown said...

Your work is just amazing. I am in love with those agapanthas! Brilliant work!

Victoria said...

Hi Tracey..wowness..these are exquisite pieces..such wonderfully beautiful work!! Shine on!

Dion Dior said...

TFK...I LOVE your botanicals BEST of all. But your narrative is truly hilarious, uplifting and inspiring. You ROCK gal! xx

Rita said...

Once again your posts were never seen in my reader or were buried belatedly deep in its bowels. I would have been so upset had I missed out on these! They're beautiful!!! Can tell they would have taken a lot of time and patience. I know you have moved on, so I am extra glad you showed those of us who have never seen your botanical work the glory of a few of them. Wow!!! Exquisite!! :) :)