Sunday, 16 September 2012

Meet the Greens....

 I was wandering past the kitchenware store the other morning
and these babies were in the window
there was a whole display of them
and there were heaps of others
a few of which were a touch challenging
 for me to remember for future reference
without having my brain start to bleed
it was 8am after all
I was barely coherent let alone capable of whipping out my sketchbook
but on the way out I stopped for another good look
on a slope ...with full grocery trolley... 
quite a feat because if I had of let go
I would have taken out about twenty very elderly people like skittles
it was rather odd actually as they had arrived en masse
a blue rinse gang with souped up walkers
all hanging at the mall.... go figure

It was so worth a possible incident with a runaway trolley
because if I hadn't stopped for a closer look
I wouldn't have seen they have names
oh yes people some bright bugger has decided to name them
and they are a family of gadgets... the Green family
which I thought meant I was going to be treated to some awesome puns
but either they are being purposefully obtuse, or I am a bit slow
because I don't get some of the the names

On the left let me introduce Cheese Grater Gaby Green
no clue if you have to change her name if you use carrots on her
though Zelda Zucchini grater has quite the ring to it don't you think..
and then we have Potato Masher Marshall Green
not looking like any potato masher I have ever seen
I might be tempted to go and buy this one just to see how it works
to me it looks like it might flap some potatoes to death but that is about it

We then have Pizza Cutter Pepper Green
again not sure what relevance Pepper has
because we call peppers capsicums in Australia
and I don't usually put pepper pepper on pizza
very confusing
the next one is a cracker though
Mayor Corey Green... yes they went with Corey for an apple corer
finally a bit of nice obvious pun humour
though not sure why he is wearing what looked like a zorro mask
or why he is a mayor????
This final one is Citrus Reamer Joyce Green
which looks like a mighty fine gadget
though I do think that my Gran would be offended
that they named a reaming device after her
then again maybe she wouldn't have, she did have drill sergeant tendencies
and you don't see the name Joyce very often do you
so while the gadget didn't have a necklace
I added it as a tribute to Joycey  baby
who never went out without her beads on
and would have always looked put together even if it was to ream things....

Happy Sunday Sketches to all ...xx

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Unknown said...

I blogged hopped over here from my blog!!! tee heee my debit hop!!! Anyway on to your post. You got me giggling, especially in reference to Joyce-baby!!! Thanks for the giggle. xx

Rita said...

OMG! Those are hysterical! Not sure I'd want one in my own kitchen as they are on the creepy side, but they are sure a hoot.

Unknown said...

Really fun!

Neesie said...

I have to admit...and this in no way reflects on your art work Trace... they kinda freak me out a little too.
I love kitchen gadgets and can't resist wandering around a kitchen store...possibly more than a shoe shop! (Gasp!)
I know I'm weird but I don't think I'd be rushing to the counter to buy these babies :$
As to the naming...boy someone was having a day of it the day they were given that assignment! ;D

Jez said...

Great sketches, but I wouldn't want these characters lined up on my kitchen shelf passing comments about my cooking skills. And how have I managed to get through to old age without ever having cause to grate a zucchini, or find out what a reamer would do if I had one.
Fun post.

Unknown said...

Really cool kitchen gadgets, and they even have their own names. Great :) Lovely sketches.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Sinderella's Studio said...

yep, giggling again! I think pizza cutter pepper green is for pepperoni that we put on our pizzas in the states. love the joycey baby stuff! my mother in law was exactly the same, sweet.
cheers, dana

Tracy said...

Oh my...... I agree with Dana. It could be short for pepperoni then again, there is probably an Aussie term for pepperoni so I'm really left clueless as to the pepper name. The potato smasher is a curious specimen. Do you use the head to smash potatoes? That could be handy tool to let out angry feelings... Very well illustrated!

Colleayn said...


bellefrogworks said...

As always - love your sketches and your post - My husband (king of tools of all kind) bought a potato masher like that when I wasn't around. Well - I was suspicious of the shape and as it turns out with good reason. I didn't like using it and now have the regular kind with the little squares on the bottom. Some things just shouldn't be tinkered with!

Jo Murray said...

You are a hoot Tracey. Love those gadgets, but your drawings make them almost human.

Fallingladies said...

Time flies, i have no idea how i missed so many of your posts lately....ilove them all, the juicy fruit is gorgeous for gum wrappers, and i actually love gum wrappers, i still make gum chains and all... As is the new tea even on the yellow page, perfect violet color!

Molly said...

Okay, those things are bad enough in a store window... I can't imagine actually letting them touch food. There's something rather perverse about them! What a strange collection! And your sketches seem to perfectly capture the freakishness of them! :-)

Cynthia Patterson said...

LOL....that is just way toooo cute.....what an imagination.... :0)


sharon said...

I would have loved to have seen your expression when you spotted them. They are so sinister looking especially the potato smasher, there is no way I would have them in my kitchen, imagine what they would do your food!

Christine said...

cute gadgets!

Deanna said...

Oh I so enjoyed meeting the Green'. You are a stitch.

carol l mckenna said...

What a delightful family ~ great creations! Fun! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Unknown said...

oh how super sweet!!! I love kitchen gadgets and you have my dear created some amazing illos!!! well done!!!!

SandeeNC said...

I thought they were altered art, but these are suppose to working kitchen appliances?...oh to be me, and to be so confused! lol awesome! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Sandra Busby said...

Only you could give kitchen gadgets an actual personality! What quirky little sketches, lol! :0)

Zue said...

These are wonderful Your cheese grater lady looks like a bride in her wedding dress. Just great fun!!!

Unknown said...

these sketches are so cute! Your post is so funny and I like what you said about your Granny Joyce. my brother would love these, he has the funniest kitchen gadgets! He has salt and pepper shakers that hug and his sink scrubber is some crazy character. The best is his knife block.

Morph Waffle said...

Wonderful sketches of the Green family! I'm glad you decided to stop! so fun, I want to bring a couple of them home for myself!

Nigel said...

Ok, these are weird, even for your blog :p

The black one looks like it should be part of the Addams family!

Kristin said...

But they look so good on your blog! I have a question - did they stay behind glass or did they come home with you? If you did that all from memory . . . either way, I think you're brilliant! xoxo

Rita said...

Hi Tracy, these are fabulous! Have you heard of the One Lovely Blog Award? It's an award passed between bloggers and I received it the other day. It was a nice little pick me up, and now I've given it to you. :)

Tammie Lee said...

so fun
and cute
and fun again

Nora MacPhail said...

They are all so adorable. Good eye to spot these cuties and capture them!

Joni Nickrent said...

LOL...LOVE IT! What a fun and colorfully creative post! :)

Introverted Art said...

so adorable!!!

manomij said...

Well remembered I would have just shown you one of those babies. Since losing some brain cells through middle age I am now using a camera to support my brain a little.
I still love your humour hon and must come round to your blog a bit more, that my brain will remember....just in case I made a picture of it :)

Terrie said...

These are some seriously funky utensils - too bad they didn't take a little more time with the names; it's a missed opportunity...somebody needed to have a couple more beers and do some serious brainstorming. Or, hire you - quirky brain and all that. :)

Great sketches, as usual, with a nice humorous touch. Spring showing up yet? (weather, not utensil)

Terrie said...

These are some seriously funky utensils - too bad they didn't take a little more time with the names; it's a missed opportunity...somebody needed to have a couple more beers and do some serious brainstorming. Or, hire you - quirky brain and all that. :)

Great sketches, as usual, with a nice humorous touch. Spring showing up yet? (weather, not utensil)

Unknown said...

I'm finally getting caught back up on the old blog rounds, and as always, I knew yours would be hilarious! I love the utensil family and their assorted (tho senseless) names. SO funny! Thanks as always for the smile!

Unknown said...

yey! such a fun blog! love all of the juicy, colorful illustrations!

Alexandra MacVean said...

hahaha I love you and your humour. Terribly fun. :) Sorry for the late response. LOVE these.