Thursday, 13 September 2012

Liberating All Over The Place...

I took part in the Liberate your Art postcard swap this year
and it was awesome
like really awesome...
who knew it was such fun to get postcards from strangers
and to get emails from them when they get yours
I sent these two
partly because I had them already made up
but also because they are two of my favourite paintings

 I love my kitchenaide mixer in a slightly unhealthy fashion
and I also love my acrylic paints... not quite as freaky about them 
but I do love the painting
so I sent them off and was immediately struck almost dumb by a panic
that everyone who received them would think they were a bit rubbish
but I did the whole man up buttercup routine
and then starting getting a bit excited...

I started checking the facebook page as soon as the first mailing date came up
and spent the next few days deciding that I wanted every single postcard that went up
I started stalking the post man
even though there was no way they were going to make it 
all the way to Australia in a day or two
the poor postie was starting to think I had a bit of a crush 
or that I was a mad woman
and when the first one finally arrived I did feel a bit like planting one on him
and he may have picked up on that because
I have noticed that he now zooms past and avoids all eye contact
I received gorgeous inspiring cards from
Elise Ann Wormuth Photography

and got emails from people who received mine
which was equally fun
and in a fun bonus one of my blogging buddies 
Lisa at the Write Stuff got the kitchenaide one
which she already owns as a print
small world isn't it, and we organised another little side swap
so I sent her the paints and she sent me this gorgeous windswept number
and Terrie Purkey sent me a card
just because she is just that nice
so I have a heap of cards to add to the wall of wonder in my studio
and have found heaps of new and wonderful fellow artists
so huge thanks to Kat for organising it, 
and aside from the restraining order the postie is possibly still considering
 I loved every minute of it
I am already thinking about what cards I will send out next year!!!!

If you are interested in seeing more postcard love 
head over to the blog hop

 My next post for the When Artists Cook series also went up today 
if you want to pop over to Dion Dior and check it out
Blueberry Green Tea Cupcakes were made
and no one complained about them so I am taking that as high praise!!!

The Link is below with my links to my last few posts ...xx


Unknown said...

So fun!!! I'm posting mine tomorrow. Which will be today for you. Right??

Terrie said...

You got some beautiful 'liberated art' - this is my second year participating with Kat and I've received SUCH beautiful things both years. And it's another way to get some of your favorite art out into the world.

Jez said...

All beautiful cards, sounds such fun.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the one you did with the Golden paint tubes, and I'm really happy you received one of mine (since I love your style and enjoy visiting on PPF).

Sandra Busby said...

What a lovely idea! And maybe I will get involved next year! I would have been so thrilled to receive your lively postcards :0)
I imagine the receiver was snogging the face off her poor postman immediately upon its arrival!

JansArtyJunk said...

It's the first time I particpated liberating my art this year..So much fun!! You received some fabby cards...and your artwork is amazing Tracey..would of loved to have received one of yours!!! (maybe next year!! ;) ...I can imagine that posties all over the world have been stalked and jumped on because of this swap LOL!!
Jan x

WrightStuff said...

Well, it's an even smaller world because I got the same card from Elise - the roses!

My post for the blog hop has your painting subjects in a variety of roles from good guys to bad... It reads like something written by a someone on LSD... You have been warned!!

Janet K said...

I had such fun participating! IT was great to send out and receive the postcards. I love all your postcards just beautiful. The work at the top of your blog, the tea, just fantastic!!!

Unknown said...

I love your artwork!
And I, too, had a wonderful time with this postcard swap;
it was my first year.

Unknown said...

p.s. Love your blog header, too!

Sinderella's Studio said...

Tracey - wasn't this just incredible!!!!

Marji said...

You received some lovely cards! I'm sure the Postie will forgive and forget... Untill next year!

Anonymous said...

You received such amazing cards. It was my first time participartcipating this year. My postie was very lucky because I'm usually at work when he comes to drop the mail-goodies in my mail-box. And I always got so nervous when I saw people post their card in fb and still hadn't received any cards or not as many yet, since it takes a little longer for them to arrive in Germany as well.
I can't wait for next year's swap!


P.S. You are not alone on the kitchenaid-obsession btw. I've got one too, a blue one just like the one in your painting. I use whenever I can and whenever I probably shouldn't too ;P

pauline said...

So much fun... i so love your illustration style Tracey... Those postcards you got were great! I must join in on the fun someday. :-) ps: LOVE the juicy fruit! xox

RosA said...

That looked like so much fun! All gorgeous art! (And I would be thrilled to receive any of your beautiful work. Love the paint tubes!) I will look out for this next year.

Candace said...

Pleased to meet you; the swap was such fun. Your postcards are lovely...both given and received. See you next year, I hope.

Laura lok said...

Oh that one with the artist paints are so cool

Anonymous said...

I had been really hoping to receive one your gorgeous illustrations in the post but unfortunately it wasn't to be this year! I did get some lovely ones regardless and it was nice to get them from folk I didn't already know!

Elaine said...

Hi, just stopping by on the blog hop & wanted to say your art is really fantastic, I love the tea picture at the top of the page :)

Becs said...

Love your artwork, so beautiful. Love the cards you received too. Such a great swap. Happy weekend. :)

Cathy H. said...

I saw your paint postcard on FB and really love it! Love the mixer card also! This has been an amazing fun experience. I can't wait until next year!

Molly said...

i love the paintings you chose to send! then again, you're always able to turn things that would normally scare the bejesus out of me (i.e., anything in the kitchen!) into brilliant works of art! :-)

Neesie said...

It sounds like such fun...and what could be better than to receive beautiful art through the post instead of bills...which is my norm!
I'm trying to check out my postie to see if I want to get involved for next year but he whizzes past on his bike so quickly I can't tell if there's potential there ;D
I'd possibly kiss him and never let him go if he had one of your pieces of art in his bag for me :D
Hope you're enjoying your weekend xoxo

Lorinda.C.F said...

Ooh, you received some gorgeous cards Tracey!! All different than the ones I received. Sorry I wasn't lucky enough to get one of yours...fingers crossed for next year!! xx

The Mann Fam said...

So fun to see all the different pieces of art that everyone has received. The pieces you submitted are nice! I especially like the Kitchenaid.

Unknown said...

Love the cards you sent, they are both gorgeous and you received some gorgeous ones as well. It's been fun hasn't it.

Anonymous said...

I loved your post and I really love your art!