Sunday, 30 September 2012

Jet Puff Phantizzle ...

My daughter Phantom has always been a bit of an odd eater
there was the only eat white things stage
followed by the won't eat anything white stage
the capsicums at every meal stage
the no meat stage
various ethnic stages
the infamous popcorn week
and the only eat one food at a time stage
actually still in that one... she can't have more than one food on her fork at any one time
which makes watching her eat things like stir fry more fun than you can imagine
if she has been particularly annoying I take great pleasure in a nice fine shred
lets see her separate those suckers
it always looks like her head is going to explode by the end of it... hilarious!

So after declaring this holiday was all about cooking and eating Lebanese food
we headed off to the deli to get supplies
now I know this is American but on seeing it Phantom declared it had to be tried
she even offered to pay for it
which is a small miracle as she was born with very long pockets and extremely short arms
so in honour of such a momentous occurrance it was duly put into the basket
I must say it is quite a puzzling substance
and why on earth does it need to be in a shatterproof jar
is there some danger factor here that we don't know about
maybe it randomly jumps of kitchen benches????

As it turned out it is the stuff of miracles
because not only did Phantom Short Arms pay for it
she also put two foods touching on her rice toast
not just touching, but actually weirdly melting into each other
and she ate it
chased it down with a bucket of the pine coconut drink
that has been her constant companion this holidays
but it was eaten
and she said she was considering changing her name from Phantom Steve
to Jet Puff Phantizzle
which appeals to me mightily
I can't wait to call Jet Puff to dinner
or better yet when we are out at the shops
Jet Puff where are you Jet Puff???

I myself didn't try the stuff
and although Sinus did threaten to put his finger in it 
which would have rendered it instantly inedible for Phantom
he has so far restrained him self
and he is off playing golf today so all is quiet on the home front
which is absolute bliss and I did enjoy painting it
a perfect Sunday Sketch subject
happy last week of school holidays all ... xx

This week my blog has been all about holiday antics...


SandeeNC said...

Jet Puff is much better I think than Phantom!! My niece went through several years of no food could touch the other on her plate, and we all took it upon ourselves to move her food around constantly just to irrate her, lol I mean, she was asking for it! hee hee But Sinus has to stop sticking his finger in foods, that would irrate me! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

bellefrogworks said...

When I was a teenager many hundreds of years ago (don't want to go back there either) fluffernutter sandwiches were the big thing. I've never had one or wanted to - #1 - my mom hated peanut butter so I first tasted it as an adult and #2 I don't like sweet food (sweet dessert is ok but not the main course) My husband, weirdo that he is, loved fluffernutter sandwiches and his waist line paid for it! That was my stream of consciousness memory triggered by your wonderful sketch of marshmallow creme (hate that they spell cream that way!!)

Jennifer McLean said...

OMG,OMG,OMG, STEP AWAY FROM THE JAR!! Run, RUN Tracey, save yourself!!! If you try it you'll never be the same again!!!!!

This stuff actually challenges chocolate and Arizona iced tea for the best stuff on earth prize. I'll be sending my favorite niece a special recipe that uses it to it's best advantage. Mom and I used to have several of these always in the pantry (always had to buy them in a minimum of pairs because they notoriously seem to walk away by themselves, who knows how).

Oh, and it's in a shatterproof jar because if you get this sh*t on anything but a spoon that's going directly into your mouth, it doesn't come off! What a train wreck (let alone a colossal tragedy) to drop one of these jars onto the floor and have it explode in a liquid lava of marshmallow mess. hehehe.

Going to read your email now!! Yay, my Tracey fix!!

Rita said...

I am not a marshmallow fan (don't even like them in hot chocolate) so I would definitely pass. Too sticky, sweet, and slimy for me. I think it's something people either love or hate. Hard to be neutral about such a substance--LOL!

I do think it's a wonderful rendition of the shatterproof jar, though. :)

Alicia C said...

what a fabulous story - I forget about gross stuff like this then I read about it and crave it hah!!!! "if she has been particularly annoying I take great pleasure in a nice fine shred
lets see her separate those suckers
it always looks like her head is going to explode by the end of it..." PRICELESS - you're prob the only person on earth who makes motherhood sound potentially interesting/entertaining to me LOL cheers!

Molly said...

Your post is very timely for me as nostalgia caused me to purchase this very stuff-- well, actually, I believe the version I bought is called marshmallow fluff-- just last week. I remembered loving fluffernutter sandwiches as a kid, but after trying one last week, they did not translate as well into adulthood. I will say that licking the gooey goodness off the spoon still has its appeal! :-)

And I'm quite liking the new nickname!

Valerie-Jael said...

Jet Puff is a great name, Sorten it to JP and it's really snappy. Enjoy your holdays! Valerie

Nigel said...

What a way to start a Sunday, with a grin :)

Never seen this stuff before, but we have some equally weird stuff on supermarket shelves.

Your post reminds me of the time DD2 decided she was going veggie. We gave her salad, and the rest of us lived on bacon butties, bacon & eggs, etc. She cracked after 3 days. Oh, the power of bacon aroma :D


ann @ studiohyde said...

I don't know how you remain so calm(ish)! Always love your drawings.

Carmen said...

By strange coincidence I just happened to notice a jar of white marshmallow stuff in our local Tesco this week - it was quite expensive so shan't be pointing it out to the kids ;)

My youngest wont allow other foods to touch either though not to the extreme of Phantom/Jet Puff. To her stir fry counts as one food. I did chuckle at your revenge tactics!

Heather said...

I have never tried the Jet Puffed either....hmmm,
love the drawings - enjoy your holidays!

Anonymous said...

Your story is so funny - imagining your daughter picking one piece of food after another. Love all your food sketches.

Zue said...

Wow, I would love to try some...but I have never heard of it.
I shall keep looking...
a very funny posting:)

carlarey said...

Jet Puff is the bomb! Both the name and the food. Mix it with Nutella and you basically have edible crack.

Plus, the sight of it makes Captain Nutrition very nearly have a stroke, so that's a plus in my house.

Tammie Lee said...

so funny
love the long pockets and short arms combo

i believe i ate this stuff right out of the jar once or twice when i was a child....

K J D said...

Short arms - long pockets... I like that. I realise now that is what my daughter has!!!!

I've never seen anything this interesting/potentially dangerous in my supermarket!!!!

Great post and I almost forgot .... sketch!!!!


Unknown said...

I remember my mom making peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches as a kid they were the greatest treat ever.

Debbie said...

even though i live in the US, I've never tried this, but after seeing it on the peanut butter, I need to try it! Good sketch too!

Morph Waffle said...

Great drawing! That stuff is good! Great for baking too, I use it to make fudge!

Unknown said...

oh how super wonderful Tracey!!!!! this looks amazing as do all of your illustrations!!!!

carol l mckenna said...

Neat and fun illustrations in your veritable lovely style ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Alexandra MacVean said...

This totally rocks. As always, I really love your sketchy, loose style. However did you develop such a skill? :)


Nora MacPhail said...

Always a treat to see your many colourful inspirations.

Abby / Linda said...

Never been to your blog before, and although I enjoyed your Jet Puffs, I am enthralled with your tea banner! Love it!

Michellem said...

Great story!! My husband puts a glob of peanut butter on a plate and covers it with mini marshmallows - melts it in the microwave for a couple seconds and stirs. Calls it peanutbutter fudge -
It is in no way related to peanutbutter fudge but he is delusional!

Bev said...

HEHE been reading and laughing but havent commented but this totally got me in and worried , i tried pop tarts once dont think they went well here in OZ cause havent see them in a while , any way i burnt the bum out of my toaster and hated them , sugar city lol so dont think i will try this hehe watch out for the postie gurlfren...
hugz bev

Unknown said...

ahaha! Ue don't buy JetPuff but I have bought Fluff for my son... its basically the same thing. He LOVES it and asks for it from time to time. However the problem is that i like too so I try to keep it to a few times a year, that and the damn Nutella...
Great sketch and fun post:)

Serena Lewis said...

Okay, I've always loved toasted coconut marshmallows from way back but this kinda marshmallow in a jar just isn't for me. I like my marshmallows nice and firm, not gooey, runny, or warm. I always say NO to them in hot chocolate. I don't even like marshmallows when toasted over a camp-fire...way too gooey for me. However, I see quite a milestone has been reached by Phantom or is it Jet Puff?! LOL

Wonderful sketch! xo

stefanie stark said...

So coooool!!! Another adventurous experience! I would love so much to visit you and I would love as well to share and test all these crazy food with your daughter.( I still remember the green brocolli chips) :) It would be an unforgettable happening I guess.
The photo of this melting thing looks like a screenshot from a scary science fiction thriller although your lovely painting of the can looks so nice and innocent - I wonder about the smell ....

Giggles said...

I Only purchase Jet Puffs sister fluffy marshmallow!! For rice crispy squares and making smores over the camp fire...Phantoms new favorite sugar treat sits in our candy isles here in Canada!!

I love how you wrote this post, such an inspiration!! Great illustration too!!

Hugs Giggles

Hadiyah said...
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Sandra Busby said...

This stuff has also recently hit the UK shelves too. It's in a similar plastic jar and comes in either the pink or white variety. Over here it's called 'Marshmallow Fluff'.
Charlie once ate an entire jar of it in one sitting! I would have tried it - only I had seen a TV 'foodie' program the week before and I learned that the main ingredient of marshmallow was made by boiling pig skin for hours until the gooey sticky ingredient seeps out... YUUUUUUUK!! Maybe you better not tell 'Jet Puff Phantizzle' that one, lol! ;0)
Loving the quirky sketch!

Unknown said...

I always love, love, LOVE the fact that your painting sketches are like an illustration of your life- 20 years from now, Jet Puff will look at this painting with great fondness. As will you, I'm sure!
Miss you mah sista!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Have to say, that stuff scares the bejeezus out of me! "she was born with very long pockets and extremely short arms" might just one of my favourite quotes of yours yet!! Another highly amusing and beautifully illustrated post! xx

aimee said...

my kids love this mysterious goo!!!

pauline said...

omg, you are psychic Tracey!! I was JUST sitting here catching up on a few blogs thinking that i could SO go for a PB and FLUFF (aka Jet Puff!) sandwich right about now. Then i come here and see your wonderful drawing of that lovely unbreakable jar... ;-) Love the art and the story - as usual. Ta ta now - I must go make myself a sandwich. ;-) xox

Fallingladies said...

I can't remember if i have ever even had jet puff, of course when i see it on the shelves here it is a generic marshmallow fluff. I do use it to make the worlds best, never fail fudge, which i think the reipe for, is on the jar of the brand i buy. I love, as always, the creative ways you and your family torment each other!