Sunday, 9 September 2012

New Tea Sunday...

I am sharing a page from the dreaded Moleskin 
seriously can't get used to the yellow tinge to the paper
which messes with my sense of colour
but just can't bring myself to go with black and white
or black and yellowish in this case
because there is too much Spring in the air to not use colour
even these washed out lily livered shades

In honour of the changing season 
I am trying the new Twinings infusion, apple blueberry and rosehip
which I made up as both iced tea and normal this morning
and it is is the most stunning colour in my tea cup

which I meant to photograph because the insane pink
would brighten anyone's day
but found that I had scoffed the lot while I was drawing
and then I got distracted by the garden
then had a nap, it is Sunday after all
then watched some telly, did a bit more drawing
made a date cake, ate some maltesers
considered ironing,
choked for five minutes after almost swallowing a fly
iced the cake, considered ironing
choked again when I remembered I almost swallowed a fly
decided I was too traumatised from the fly incident to do anything else
even put on the kettle
so you are getting a photo with the iced tea
which gives you a bit of an idea of how pretty it is

I know the photo doesn't look that pink
but I really really want to go out in the garden 
and pick some salad veg for dinner tonight
so you will have to use your imaginations
happy Sunday everyone...xx

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Jez said...

Yes, I can see the tea might look better in a white porcelain cup! So relaxing to read your laid-back approach to life, and I reckon Twinings should give you commission for making their teas so desirable.

Art Matters said...

The tea sounds delicious!

Susan said...

The color of that tea is spectacular and I bet the taste of it is as well. I had a delicious hibiscus tea for a sore throat while in the UK. Can't get it here however.
I agree Twinings owes you a commission.

Anonymous said...

that is a lovely looking and sounding tea, the fly in the icing is a little disturbing, hope you have recovered from it, they do say we have all eaten our share of bugs though, unknowingly, beautiful work as well, i really love the shade of purpley blue,

Rita said...

I can't get eating a fly out of my head.

I am not much of a Moleskine fan and will never buy them again. Can't use fountain pens on the regular ones, never liked the manilla paper in the sketchbooks, and I guess I paint too wet for the buckly watercolor paper. I really wanted to love them...but I don't. I do, however, love your sketch. ;)

Christine said...

Your tea painting looks beautiful, thanks for showing us what it looks like all prepared! Yum.

Giggles said...

I think maybe Moleskin should be the first clue you might not like it!! How many moles does it take to make those things anyway?? And why can't they bleach their skins white?? All kidding aside...I'm not a moleskinner either...I do not understand the allure!! I am anti beige so it drops off the map on that front alone....give me my crisp white mixed media page and I am a happy girl...However I splatter so much acrylic on it probably wouldn't matter anyway!! Great tea illustration...gotta love purple, and the pink tea is awesome as well!!
Happy Sunday!

Hugs Giggles

Sabina said...

I love how you take everyday items and manage to make them look so romantic and pretty. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make a cup of tea. ;-)

my cup of tea said...

HaHa I dislike flies! That tea looks delicious!I love my Jasmine & Pear tea! What a beautiful book you are making. You have such a fabulous talent!

Lynn Cohen said...

I never tire of adoring your drawings!

Unknown said...

Choking on a fly is enough to put anyone off the ironing...great illustrations...paint with sunglasses on, that will really mess with your colour sense but then you won't worry too much about the yellow paper. It's just an idea :)

Colleayn said...

I love everything about your posts!

Molly said...

I'm not a big fan of the yellowy moleskins, either. I'm glad to hear, finally, that I'm not the only one. They seem to be a staple for everyone else. I think you've managed to make your colors shine through, though. What kind of paints (or pencils??) we're you using?

I have been completely stuck on blueberry tea lately, which is odd, since normally I'm not a fan of blueberries.

Sounds like you've had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday, aside from the fly swallowing incident! :-)

Alexandra MacVean said...

I love your sketches. I want to learn how to get depth down in sketching. I struggle with that alot. Well done. :)

carol l mckenna said...

More great tea sketches ~ You do these so well ~ plus you get to drink delicious stuff ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Jennifer McLean said...

well you KNOW I'm loving THAT tea color. Holy cow that would make even the most dower person sit up and smile. Twinnings is my goto tea company for Earl Grey, loving that art babe!

Catharina Engberg said...

Nice blog you have here! I´m looking forward to go through your posts! Happy to find you as a follower of my artblog! You are wellcome back!See you soon!

Serena Lewis said...

A cup of pink tea would surely brighten anyone's day! Must try this one! Wonderful sketch, Trace!

A fly is a sure sign warmer weather is on the yet, we haven't seen a fly since before winter. I know....they WILL come! :((((

I'm the odd one out because I LOVE my Moleskine sketchbooks and Moleskine watercolour notebooks. I like the manila paper in their sketchbooks which is really only meant for sketching with pencils, pens, or dry mediums, not watercolour. That said, I have used watercolours on the manila paper but with less water. It buckles but it doesn't worry me too much. I haven't had any problems with their proper watercolour notebooks which have white paper, not manila card-stock like in their sketchbooks. :)

Happy Monday to you! xo

Cindy D. said...

Count me as another who doesn't appreciate the moleskin! My current chosen medium (Copics) does not like them!

Love the painting! I think you did a wonderful job incorporating the yellow page. I really like the detailed but sketchy style.

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

Hahaha, i almost ate a spider once. I'm not over it.

SandeeNC said...

OK, I laughing so hard I'm snorting! And my lap top is bouncing up and down ( as it's balanced on my tummy since I'm laying in bed! ) You are seriously too funny and ALWAYS make me smile! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Michellem said...

Yup you made me laugh out loud two times - "lily livered shades" and "choking on a fly"!!
I don't get all the la di da about Moleskines either - I'll keep watching to see if you change your mind.

denthe said...

Haha! Love reading about your Sunday and the experiences with your fly! Your tea looks lovely btw ;-)

Sandra Busby said...

'Tea'heehee! I love that you only 'considered' the ironing! After all, it is the thought that counts, right? And life's too short! So until the ironing pile falls out the cupboard on top of me or I am forced in to becoming a naturist through lack of clothes, it comes last on my list! Though perhaps you could draw the iron? Or even the ironing pile! It sounds like the perfect Sunday to me - aside from the fly, that is!
And of course your sketch is lovely too! :0)

Sinderella's Studio said...

cracking up!!!! love the watercolor sketches! you wouldn't believe how many bugs I've swallowed or almost swallowed while riding the motorcycle.
cheers, dana

Carolyn Dube said...

I've just started working in a moleskin like journal and the slight color on the page is taking some getting used to also. I am not a big tea drinker but for some reason after reading your blog I am always thinking about trying a new flavor...

Unknown said...

i like how you considered ironing twice. excellent effort! your posts crack me up. I had a bug fly up my nose once, I don't freak out much but that almost made me lose my mind. Nice colored tea, and I really like the page from your moleskine. Purple is so soothing. I keep forgetting the weather is opposite to mine, today it is finally cooling off here, I have the windows open and enjoying the 60-ish degree, cool breeze this morning. Have a good week!FranT xo

Alicia C said...

wow, what an amazing tea colour! it might make a vampire envious!!!! love the teabags and the fun Sunday wanderings - all sundays are sort of hazy and lazy arent they? I cant get used to you're being spring over there!! trippy. weird since in the first 1/3 of my life september meant spring as well!

Alicia C said...

wow, what an amazing tea colour! it might make a vampire envious!!!! love the teabags and the fun Sunday wanderings - all sundays are sort of hazy and lazy arent they? I cant get used to you're being spring over there!! trippy. weird since in the first 1/3 of my life september meant spring as well!

Melisa said...

Sounds like a full day! I am jealous over your tea selection. I can only find Twinings in the boring old flavors here. Any tea that is bright pink and comes in a purple packet has got to be good!

GalleryJuana said...

I like how you've added color to the background. It brings the box and tea bag forward.

Your art work is looking great on these moleskin pages. I have the thin page moleskin but I also bought the moleskin with thicker, white paper.

I enjoyed your seeing a pic of your studio work table in your previous post.

VonnyK said...

Love the colour of that tea. Angie just bought me a new teacup and saucer, plus some creamy choc tea. Can't wait to try it.
I love the bright colours you use and the yellow doesn't detract from that at all. Fabulous as always.

Neesie said...

I'm always so amazed at your vibrant's always a feast for the eyes visiting you ;D
Don't you just love Twinings?
Oh well...nothing else for it...I'm going to have to pop the kettle on again!
I just have one quick question...'Spring'...what's that?