Friday, 7 September 2012

Honey Butts and an Old Friend...

It has been one weird week
Phantom has been on camp for a few days
which you would think would be a work bonanza
no school drop off or pick up, no lunchbox prep, 
getting up at 5.30am and washing uniforms
not to mention no bizarre random discussions 
on whatever it is that is going on in that massive brain of hers
but instead of working joyously through the day
I immediately regressed to eating leftover thai for breakfast
 talking to myself and still being in my Pj's at 9 am
the house has stayed clean and tidy so there has been little to do there
which means I ended up sitting around reading some books and magazines
eating popcorn for lunch, having staring contests with the dog
turns out he has quite the talent for it by the way
 and, in general, doing bugger all work

I decided this morning it was time to remedy that
and tried to get my creative brain going
though for the life of me couldn't think how I was going to get back on track
and then while standing waiting for the kettle to boil it hit me
an idea that is , not the kettle
I just needed my trusty blue cup that used to be my trigger that it was work time
so I went hunting for it
looked in the cup cupboard - no show
on the shelves - nope not there
pantry - no clue why I thought it would be there
but I did find a bonus can of black beans!!!
into the studio and have a scrounge around - not there either
eventually after much head scratching and cursing my sieve like memory
I gave up and went back to find another cup
when I spotted it right in front of me on the bench
unceremoniously filled with a butt up honey bottle and all sorts of tea bits and bobs

So rather than use the cup I have drawn it
sort of as a half apology to it
but also because I kind of like the bee on the honey 
looking like he is doing handstands
and the green of the tea squeezer thingy is kind of nice too
makes it all look quite seasonal and Spring like
The painting has turned out nicely and my creative mojo is awake and raring to go
so the magic cup hasn't let me down
It might not be quite as nicely treated as it has been in the past
like in my header painting
which greets me every morning above my work desk
and is always my favourite painting of all time
not to mention the number of times it appears in my sketchbook
and the how often it has fuelled my creativity with copious amounts of tea

so it probably deserves to be treated better than having stuff stuck in it
but I am afraid when I finished the painting I put it right back where it was
the bee is still doing handstands
and it is still full of tea paraphernalia
but now I kind of like it just as it is
honey butt and all...xx

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Kristin Dudish said...

You just have to love a post that has "Honey Butt" in the title (I may be biased since that is my "name" (Honey, not Honey Butt... Although given it's exponential growth of late, that just may be appropriate) to my family... even my siblings friends and my parents neighbors have taken to calling me Honey.) Wow - I may have just set the record for useless information inside a set of parentheses! And, surprise surprise - I'm rambling again! Maybe it has to do with the fact that I always do computer work at bedtime (when I really should be sleeping instead of blathering on like a sleep deprived idiot! Ha!)

So, back to the reason I'm writing in the first place... Your wonderful post(s)! I love the idea of naming your own colors and your Sinus tribute post was fantastic! (I can't figure out why Father's Day is a different date either...)


p.s. I am so completely envious of your tidy desk!

p.p.s. Take-out leftovers for breakfast and popcorn for lunch is pretty much routine around these parts! Ha!

Sandi McLean said...

Honey butts? I had just quickly glanced at Blogger Reader or whatever the heck it is called and saw Money Butts... all sorts of funny things came to mind LOL But as usual love your piece and honestly I do need to visit the bathroom BEFORE reading your posts. I know TMI but I am going to be 58 soon - time to just start saying whatever is on my mind! Hugs,

Helen Campbell said...

Um, nice cup. :) Your search was humorous... only because I also search for things in that manner. I'm so glad, your "honey butt" cup reignited your creativity.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

Tee hee! Leftover Thai for lunch is a regression? I'd say it's progress on sloppy cereal.
C xxx

Rhonda said...

Sounds like you are having a great week without responsibility! Enjoy. Love your painting of your favorite cup and stuff. Hilarious post as always! Have a fab weekend. :-)

Lynn Cohen said...

It's always fun to read your life stories...and see the art that comes out of them! Dancing upsidedown bee! Who'd a thought?


Valerie-Jael said...

Great little painting, and that honey butt name is gorgeous. I am not sure I like that tidy desk, gives me a bad conscience! Valerie

Neesie said...

Now tell did you paint that bee...doing a handstand! I wouldn't be surprised you're that talented!!!

You're discription of the week without Phantom sounds just like you've been peeking in my window again...I'd denigh all those bad habits obviously if questioned of course ;D

I've also had a blinking competition with Muffy and lost come these pooches don't blink! ^..^
(hey maybe that's why my eye has exploded? ~ just a thought)

I've always adored your header's my favourite of all the paintings. Lovely to see your organised :D

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned xoxo

VonnyK said...

I think it's the mother in you that caused the regression this week. When kids are around the mother instinct takes over and we power on, take the kids away and it's like the plug has been pulled and we collapse into sniveling messes. Great that you managed to force yourself out of it long enough to paint the honey butt!! Go the special blue cup, it's power is still there.

Sandra Busby said...

I love the bee doing handstands - so cute! I love the painting too. You have a very neat work space! It puts mine to shame! I:0)

Anne Manda said...

LOve the painting - the bee makes me smile (also Thai food regression and staring contest)! Awesome desk, beautifully arranged and neat!

Fallingladies said...

I envy you your time to be unproductive for a bit, and i agree, that cup would be inspiration.... I enjoy that painting every time i visit your blog!

carol l mckenna said...

Illustration is excellent as always and your work area is so neat ~ Love your breakfast and lunch menus ~ Great post ~ Glad you took time to just 'be' ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Elissa said...

Just love reading your stories from your corner of down-under and viewing your fantastic illustrations. Between you and Doodlemum's - - daily sketchbook antics over here in the UK my days start and end with smiles :)

Anonymous said...

you always make me smile, your work is always beautiful and happy and you write as though we are right there and you are speaking to us, I ,love that,

Christine said...

lovey art today as usual! Sounds as if you are enjoying your little break!

ANNE said...

Sometimes you just need to take a break and not do anything. I've been feeling like that quite a bit lately so I've been giving in and it's been HEAVENLY! No pressure to produce or keep up or force things into place, just blissfully lounging around and enjoying the feeling. :)

ps I love your painting and your Blorange one too! xox

Susan said...

Wonderful art and post! I just love those mornings where I hang out until 11 in my robe. I say crawling into my robe is like crawling back into the womb, all cosy and comfortable. Sometimes, we just need it.
Happy PPF

carlarey said...

Isn't amazing how that "free time to create" fills up with a lot of nothing?

Glad your magical didn't fail you! Great painting.

Marji said...

We all need a creative trigger like your blue cup. It appears that you haven't been needing it for some time as it was holding the Honey Butt which by the way is total perfection with the bee doing handstands. I am so impressed with your work space and its organization and tidyness. I need you to come and make my space look like that!! Wonderful as always. Happy PPF

TinaW said...

Thanks for this. It made me laugh.

Molly said...

Loving the honey butts! And don't you just love searching high and low for something only to find it right in front of you?!? I keep telling myself that it's the sign of a full creative mind and not an early onset mental deterioration...

And I need one of those magical cups!!! :-)

minnemie said...

oh man, I am totally drooling over your studio! It looks like a color haven... and so organized!!! LOVE the buckets - and the glimpse into your creative space.

sharon said...

Really enjoy reading your posts, and love the honey butt and the bee doing headstands.

Maria Ontiveros said...

So glad you received one of my postcards in Kat's swap because I always love stopping by your blog on PPF. Your style is something I aspire to.

Sadee Schilling said...

I just love reading about the ways you are inspired! As I have been looking forward to my girls going to preschool and getting a bit more time to paint, I have also been fearing that instead of inspired I might actually end up feeling despondent and lethargic. So, this is such a good idea--finding something that is a "trigger" to creative productivity!

soulbrush said...

Interesting how we soon get out of our everyday routines. Of course I love this and your work space is soooo organised and neat. OMG you should see mine. Happy PPF

Faye said...

Fab post, Tracey. I said I'd try this type of painting this week with a chocolates container. It did not work for me. It made me appreciate even more the incredible talent you have for painting the ordinary. As for the house staying clean, we found that out when our children left home. Then the dog died and I don't do much housework anymore, just enough to keep away the health department. LOL!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Love this post of the lost and found expedition that happens to so many of us, "can't see the tree for the forest"? Also understand your "lost" feeling of not being in your normal schedule. Nothing unusual about popcorn as a meal, I do that a couple of times a month(I live alone!). So cute painting of your honey bee. I also like your newly made color for APR. I would also hate to pick just one.

Mary C. Nasser said...

I love your art work!
And it's such a treat to see the photo/glimpse into your studio, too. :)
(I also love having popcorn for lunch on my days off!)
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Unknown said...

I love the way your brain works; honey butts indeed- not only did they make a great painting, it's fun to say as well!
You must keep that cup forever, it is golden for your creative needs- obviously it's never let you down!
Have an ice weekend!

Hwee said...

A trigger is a good idea, something that I've learnt to use very recently. I wouldn't be half so concerned with taking a day off of art if I were you, as you're always drawing or painting anyway.

Happy PPF!


Carolyn Dube said...

Enjoy those camp days! I consider it my summer vacation when all the kids are at camp- I really look forward to it- not because I get a darn thing done but because I can do just about anything I want. I think the bee is much happier being an gymnastic bee than a regular old honey bottle bee.

Giggles said...

Oh Tracey you inspire in everything you do!!! Honey Butts is reminding me of Honey Boo boo, a terrible guilty pleasure reality show that has me in fits of laughter...serious rubbish as far as content goes, as we watch a bunch of rednecks red necking around...

Your Honey butt has a classy flair, with an bee doing a handstand, and honey being what it is!! Excellent illustration you always manage to garner a giggle.

Have a great weekend!!

Hugs Giggles

Unknown said...

Tea heals everything that burdens the soul.

Unknown said...

Love how you've created a yogi-bee! Great painting and as always I love your humor. Wonder if Honey Butt is related to Honey Boo Boo...

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

your Honey butt title is soooooo much better tahn my "mug shot" one! :D
Awesome tribute to your "working" cup.
Kristin called your desk tidy. See? It´s not only me. Heeeeeeheeeeee. :D

Melisa said...

I have the same travel mug but in pink. I wonder if mine is magic. I've never painted it. I'll have to try it and find out! There is always so much inspiration to be had here!

Ayala Art said...

I love the art desk!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

This is a beautiful piece of art and a very entertainingly written post, as usual. Isn't it amazing how most artists have rituals or something that sparks their creative juices? I've mentioned my vintage filled environment before, but I love a strong cup of coffee in the mornings or a glass of wine in the evenings, along with my eclectic collection of music and burning incense. Yes, I'm a child from the 60's. LOL!

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Gorgeous illustrations! I love how you set up your desk. Mine is in chaos. I usually spill something or dip my paintbrush in tee. :))

K J D said...

I'm glad you found your Old Friend... and then drew it!!!!

I love the upside down bee :)


Sabina said...

Love the honey and the lovely holder. I need one of those--instead of that boring clear container I have in my bathroom.

And thanks for your comment--sounds like your grandmother really has style.

Crystal said...

Love your colorful, awesome artwork! :-)

SHERI COOK said...

As always I strongly admire your beautiful art and seeing the workspace image was a treat too!
Happy PPF!
Sheri Cook/Happy Horse Studio

Kate @ {K}Mericks said...

I just wanted to say that I love your header image. I love that you have it hanging over your desk. I think I would just drink tea constantly if that was my desk.

Oh and I love your cup organizers.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Always love to come here and see and read what you have been up to and be cheered up. You never disappoint. :)) Well done as usual and isn't it always a fact that when looking for something it always seems to be hiding in plain sight? :))

Natasha said...

Tracey I love your work. I always, always smile when I read your words, and a mother who also bribes with chocolate is my kind of woman!! haha

I had a moment like that with my favourite cup the other day, before I found it indisposed with a new temporary purpose that I had forgotten about. Which reminds me I have to still do something about that. I will add it to the list!

lorik said...

Your work is so lively and colourful. It almost bounces off the page! Interesting seeing your workspace too. you might like to share some of your more orange work on Mandarin Orange Monday #9 (open tonight). Thanks for visiting:)

aimee said...

cheers to the butt up honey bottle! i'm definitely coming back here! :)

Ritu Dua said...

I am always so inspired by your blog and your extraordinary art it all!

Unknown said...

Love your painting - I had to laugh when you found the cup right in front of you. This happens to me all the time! Love how you used it in the end for your painting. x

denthe said...

Gee, that work desk is something! LOVE the way you've organized your pencils and stuff!

Alicia C said...

honey butts - tee hee!