Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Game For A Bit Of Nostalgia....

Aimee over at Artsyville has started List it Tuesdays back up
and set a topic of things that make you nostalgic
and yes it is Wednesday but you can all get over it
my nerves are shot and my head is spinning
and quite frankly it is a small miracle I am getting anything up at all
as we are now deep into the first week of school holidays
makes me nostalgic for peace and quiet
but I figured a blank piece of paper is a tad cheeky so
here is a sort of half assed list of games that make me nostalgic...

1. Our old Monopoly set never fails to bombard me with memories
as kids we played endlessly
and for years and years my Dad always won
though it turns out that after reading the rules many years later
he had been cheating shamelessly
but that is part of his charm... or so he says
Sinus and I have dragged this thing all over the country
and have had epic games that last for days
against each other and friends
there have been family challenges with trophies
and as Phantom got old enough to play she was introduced to it as well
sadly for us it would appear she is a Monopoly Savant
and to this day hasn't been beaten
she doesn't even cheat... she just nails us every single time
has sort of taken the fun out of it to tell you the truth....
as a side note she is also a Yahtzee freak
and gets yahtzee at least once every single bloody game
it's just not normal or right...

2. next is Scrabble
which is my least favourite game in the history of the world
I used to love it
until I married Sinus and discovered that it could in fact be played
at a place so slowly that you physically age between goes
I know it is his strategy because by the time it is my go 
I am whacking any old word down just to end the agony 
of the 20 minutes of my life that I will never get back
and he inevitably wins or I give up
but also there was the infamous Waffer incident
in which Sinus declared it was a word so vehemently
that he and Phantom almost came to blows... it was dictionaries at 100 paces
and I all but had to hold them apart...and it looked not unlike a rugby scrum 
at least it was entertaining I suppose

3. Finally there is Jenga
which you would think would be a nightmare for someone with my coordination
but who needs coordination
when a well placed sneeze of cough can win you the game
and of course it is great practice for unstacking our dishwasher
which somehow manages to go from neatly stacked to championship level Jenga
in the space of the rinse cycle
It is one of the great mysteries of my existence how it happens...

So there's my list
thinking I may let Sinus and Phantom loose on a few games this afternoon
and let them take each other out so I can have some peace
worth a try I think....xx 

I am also sharing this over at Artist's Playroom
because if the holiday madness continues 
I may not get the chance to get another painting done!!!

My last two blog posts are here if you want a look....


Kristin Dudish said...

Oh, how I do hope you continue to draw and paint throughout the break... I don't know what I would do without the comic relief :)

I have also found scrabble to be a very violent game... My latest solution is to play "words with friends" on the iphone so that Bob and I can have considerable distance between us while playing! (Although, the messaging feature still allows for quite a bit of taunting, and today I told him if he kept it up, we wouldn't be "friends" anymore! Ha)


p.s. Don't be surprised if a "ham bag" pops up in a drawing at some point... (I love Phantom!)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your game list! I love Jenga...but Scrabble, very close to my heart...and yes, can be anything but sedate ...with all the yelling...

Linda Richardson said...

Hilarious! Sorry to tell you but we are having a quiet and peaceful day here - I think that has more to do with the fact that the eldest is at work, and the youngest went out with her dad fruit tree shopping! While I went out to brunch with a friend, and painted. In total peace and quiet, and NO ONE came and asked me, what are we having for dinner, can I eat an apple,or the usual, "what are you doing?" ahh bliss. I've sent some to you - via mental telemetry - hope it arrives in time!

Zue said...

I like Scrabble, much prefer it to Momopoly, though, it can be slow. You need an egg have probably sketched one in the past.
Good luck with the school holidays:)

Jennifer McLean said...

OOH, you're on, my friend!! We'll make Sinus and P. Steve watch as we wipe the floor with each other over backgammon or GIN. I'm up for anything, although I kinda suck at Monopoly, I'm not cut throat enough, lol. Tell Sinus he has a scrabble partner if he wants one, btw, lol.
Much love,

(Totally owe oyou an email, soon!)

Hwee said...

Too funny! Hope you find some time soon for your art. I'm also behind on my Tuesday listing. Hope I'll get to post it today... Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Have to say, I hate with a vengeance Monopoly..just to long. Scrabble, I'm that was a double hate when I was growing up. Our family favorite is Rummicub. I even make my 5year olds at school play it. Something to be said for playing solitaire...:) xx

Sandra Busby said...

Oh yes - we have those games too. Only we have a rule in our house never to allow hubby to play Monopoly, as he not only wins by miles every single time, but he also turns in to an unrecognizable monster as soon as he begins to play!
I prefer scrabble my self. My Sister and I seem to have a permanent game of online scrabble going on, on our iPhone/iPads! :0)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Hilarious post Tracey! I do look forward to visiting and reading your fabulous words. :0)

Netty said...

Great post Tracey with fab drawings and many happy memories. x

Anonymous said...

visiting you is one of the highlights of my day,

Unknown said...

Great nostalgic list! And of course as always, FUNNY! Our dishwasher does the same thing......

K J D said...

You the need the official Scrabble timer!!! I'm a scrabble fan - wouldn't play with friends though just family!!!!

btw I'm wondering how long are the holidays out there?!


aimee said...

I have a hard time deciding which I like more, your words or your drawings. Fabulous!! I seriously wept my way through this!

Liz Powley said...

I am determined that at least at some point my girls will encounter the pleasure that is board games. They seem to be under threat with all the other entertainments out there now, but a good game of Scrabble or even Uno will be mandatory in our household :D

Thanks for a fun post. I sincerely love your writing.

And thank you for introducing me to a new challenge :D I wandered over after reading your blog post earlier tonight and jumped in head first. I declare it to be your fault that I spent the evening doing art when i could have been wasting my time by staring at the TV or falling asleep on the couch :D

Thanks for a fun evening.

Best wishes,

Tara Holmes said...

Love, love, LOVE your illos!! Books are nostalgic for me, as well...especially children's books. Thank you for stopping by :)

Giggles said...

Oh I love you Tracey...and you WILL paint and have to!! Or go crazy!!

Excellent nostalgic illustrations...I have so many memories with those games. Even though I have the fanciest lazy susan scrabble board imaginable, a travel scrabble and another plastic scrabble board nearing 40 years old I prefer online scrabble 15 minutes each side...with skilled opponents...It is my second love!!!

Monopoly I only ever played to be nice and a good mother... that game just bugs me...way too boring for me!!! Now maybe if it was real money it might perk me up!!

Jenga has mixed emotions, my daughter,ex, and I played it all Christmas day on our second to last Christmas together...We had so many laughs.. Haven't played it much since!!

We still play Yahtzee often during the summer. We like sequence too and rumikub. We love games!! Great fun post!! See you at ppf!! RIGHT? LOL

Hugs Giggles

storybeader said...

I don't know if I recognize Jenga, but Scrabble and Monopoly are two games that we also played! Great sketches and post! {:-D

queencake and titangirl said...

hello and thanks so much for stopping by! i shall spend more time on your site, it looks most interesting. also really like the list. best from berlin, anja

Currie Silver said...

you always make me laugh and think of things I don't think about otherwise. thus you arrive in my Google Reader whenever you publish something and on days like today, when I am also going through APR, I get the doubly delicious treat of seconds!!

thank you for your gift of story-telling and, dare I say it thus, "balls-out" honesty!!


Rita said...

Sometimes your blog posts come through a day or two later and I miss them! Grrr! I just found this one through the APR site.

We never had Jenga, but I can remember playing the other two for hours and Yahtzee!!!! I still love Yahtzee!!! And, I'm sorry Phantom, but nobody should be able to get a Yahtzee every single game!! That's unnatural and spooky. ;)

Victoria said...

Yay what a super fun post..your art is awesome..thanks for the smiles and the memories!

Clare said...

Fabulous post, Love it, love it, love it!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Oh, Tracey!
I love how your list is in the form of a painting!
Absolutely delightful!
I still love playing Scrabble!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I always know I will hear a funny story and see excellent paintings when visiting your post. I remember the time I was playing Monopoly with my three children who were 14(lucy), 12(Louie) and 9(Faye). We had been playing for over an hour with lots of bickering going on between siblings. All of a sudden my son flipped the board and as we all yelled he pronounced he was tired of us all cheating! Game over!

Natasha said...

Funny, I have many memories of these games, and they are also ones I have bought the children.

Though both the children are too much like their mother and don't like losing...playing board games often leaves me wondering if we have any wine in the house. haha

Darla said...

I don't know which I enjoy more, your art or your words. There have been a few marathon monopoly games played at our house too. Fun if you only do it one a year or so.


Neesie said...

I know I'm always in for a treat visiting you Trace...laughs and giggles accompanied by brilliant paintings. Perfect! ;D
Even the most mundane topics are hilarious in your household!

minnemie said...

Hahahaha, totally hilarious - especially your scrabble descriptions and the jenga-dishwasher analogy:-) And don't shoot me... but if "waffer" is not a word, it should be, just 'cause it sits so well on the tongue and rhymes with "baffer", which is not a word as far as I know, but it should be, 'cause I used it once in scrabble. Or I tried.;-)

Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Great post and beautiful drawings!!

amy said...

I love the drawings! We used to play Monopoly when I was a kid but my brother and father were ruthless and kind of sucked the fun out of it for everybody else. I haven't introduced that one to my kids yet, as my middle child doesn't do well with not-winning. Playing board games with him is stressful because I refuse to "let" him win but I spend the whole time kind of hoping he does anyway. And it sounds like knitting would be useful for those long pauses in your Scrabble games. Knitting has saved my sanity in many games with the kids, although my daughter gets offended if I try to knit.