Sunday, 2 September 2012

Celebrating Sinus....

I have no clue why Father's Day is a different date here in Australia
but today is the day when we celebrate Dads
Sinus is a cracking Dad
he has all the requisite skills
he embarrasses Phantom at every opportunity
he sings off key, and with the wrong words
still asks her to pull his finger
he opens his wallet on command
he even sits and actually tries to understand physics, applied maths
or whatever other form of intellectual torture she has dreamed up to inflict on us
and he mastered Dad dancing years ago
he is, in short

So I have painted his haul as a tribute
I wanted to make a card, so figured it could do double duty a a post
and before you all wonder why we are giving him a chomp and chew 
and the fluffy cow
it isn't some weird Australian tradition
it is because our adorably stupid mutt
who can barely remember his name on a good day
loves presents
at the sight of gifts wrapped and waiting
he starts doing frenzied jumps and spins and it is impossible to open a present 
without him standing on you, and the gift and getting his snout in there
he can unwrap anything in two seconds flat
and before you blink it is out in the garden with all of his toys
so the best defence is to wrap a present or two for him 
and while he is out deciding which spot it just right for it
you madly unwrap other things
so you also have to judge the number of dog gifts to allow opening time
madness, but then what else is new...

The haul is a touch boring though
cookbooks, dvd's and chocolates
and football related stuff
mainly because me going to the hardware store is just too dangerous
I can take off an arm with a can opener
so letting me loose in the vicinity of actual items that could dismember is just too scary
I also think hardware stores always smell odd
must be all that testosterone
and to be perfectly honest I wouldn't trust me to buy a digital tape measure
or the other thing for attaching the doodads to the what its
so I will leave him to do that himself while I hang out in the garden section

So by the time you read this Sinus will be lying on the sofa
with remote in hand, football blaring
and m&m's close at hand
he will have been fed way too many meals and made too many cups of tea
he will have taken the opportunity 
to shamelessly make us watch some god awful movie
like Rambo or Rocky or some such nonsense
the whole time knowing that we can't whinge or whine
but that's okay
because he is worth it

love to all the Dad's and Pops
hope you have a great day... xx

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Nigel said...

Wishing poor long-suffering Sinus a great day - make the most of it, it's the only one we get ;)

bellefrogworks said...

Wishing Sinus a perfect day - he sounds like the ideal dad (the finger pulling did it for me!)

Unknown said...

So funny :)
Especially the dancing spinning gift opening dog :)

Father's day is a special day ... You have a sweet family to make it sweeter ... Dog and all :)

SandeeNC said...

awwww he sounds like a great dad, but then Tracy you can make a potato sack sound great! lol I really do love your writing skills, do you write for a living? You should write a book!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Dad's Day, Sinus! Enjoy all of your haul, especially that fluffy cow which we know is really for you and not the dog ;)

And Tracey, I'm with you on the hardware stores. They DO smell odd. Not finger-pulling odd, but odd nonetheless :)

Rita said...

I adore this post! So glad Sinus is one of the good ones. Happy Father's Day to your dear hubby!! :):)

Karen Smithey said...

I love it that you have to get presents for the dog to open, too! I'm guessing that the whole 'presents under the Christmas tree' thing doesn't work all that well at your house!

Happy Father's Day to Sinus--

Jennifer McLean said...

We here in Canada have our father's day in June so if Sinus would like to double dip we're inviting him to Canada. Now, if he were to bring a certain Phantom, Mutt and artist, more's the better. I love hearing about maths, mom'd love to learn all about cookbooks and the dog, well, we have a Petsco here and we would happily pile on the bribes. Although we only have a koi pond to fall into, he'd have to make do.

Wishing the bestest dad the bestest weekend, couldn't be terrible with such a loving family.

Unknown said...

What a lovely post and love your drawings.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Giggles said...

Happy Fathers day to Sinus, slightly late!!! Love that your puppy is spoiled like mine always were!! You are an awesome animal owner and I LOVE IT!!! I think the Mister is lucky to have you gals pamper him for the day!! Good on you and what man doesn't love m&ms!! It's a favorite of Beadoes too!!Excellent illustration as always!! Good dads can be a dime a dozen!! He gets kudos from me too!!

Hugs Giggles

Cynthia Patterson said...

I was a little confused at first, as to why you were referring to your hubby as a stupid mutt, who would stand on you.....then I realized the conversation slide from dad to dog.....LOL.....I love the stuffy, he looks so darn cute.....

Well Happy Fathers Day....I guess that means you just had a wonderful Mothers Day not too long ago then.


WrightStuff said...

He's a lucky fella! (I got confused with the mutt and snout thing too!!)

Unknown said...

What a lucky man- I know he appreciates how wonderful his family is too for giving him such a great Father's day haul!
P.S. Too funny that the pup has to have his own gifties too!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I just learned from Serena's blog that it was Father's Day in Australia. Very interesting. Over here, only Mother's get a special day and that is in March. Your drawings are always so fun -- absolutely hilarious that you have to give your dog something to open so he'll be happy. Wishing you a great new week. Tammy

Morph Waffle said...

Happy Father's Day to Sinus! He sounds great! and a great piece, love the selection of stuff, specially the m&m's.

Unknown said...

What a lovely post Tracey. :D

Christine said...

lovely tribute to Father's Day Tracey, that is quite the haul and your painting will be a great memory! I had no idea it was Father's Day down under!

Tracy said...

Tell Sinus Man a very Happy and Awesomesauce Father's Day! - Warmly, Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracey - Thanks for visiting me over at Appreciate you so much. Following you on Pinterest, please do the same so we can keep up. Just now joining. I've been very techy this weekend; create to play with my art! Blessings Terri

HeARTworks said...

Father's day here in the Philippines is in June same as in the US. What a cute drawing of his stash! Patsy

Alexandra MacVean said...

omg omg omg omg I LOVE LOVE this little sketch. Totally awesome! :) Also LOVEeeeeeeeeeeeee the blue/white stripey tea cups, too. Hugs!

Serena Lewis said...

A great and humorous tribute to Sinus Man for Father's Day ~ :)

Wonderful sketch too! xx

Sandra Busby said...

How funny - I had 'Rocky' inflicted on me only yesterday! Not by my husband, but by my Son, Charlie.
Just when I thought Silvester Stallone had FINALLY retired - hurrah - They start repeating all of the old stuff - humph!!
And then in the evening I had to endure the football, which means endless screeching and yelling at the TV. How peaceful!
Still, I get my own back today because 'Home and Away' returns after it's summer break. It's the only program I really watch and I have been since I was fifteen! They are forever taking the Micky out of it - but I just choose to ignore :0) What girl could resist staring at the likes of those Braxton's for half an hour, five times a week? Lol!
Anyway - my own useless ramblings aside - I LOVE the sketch of those prezzies! They're very similar to the kind of things my own hubby would like! (only he'd have to share the chocky with me) ;0)

Hadiyah said...

Every time your artwork just leaves be BREATHLESS. You are AMAZING!!!! Awesome , awesome....

Kristin said...

Oh my! This post is brilliant!! I LOVE the fact that the dog gets his own to unwrap (such a good idea) and the way you talk about your family always cracks me up - you have the sweetest family! And your drawing is just beautiful - the colors really pop! xoxo

Debbie said...

i hope sinus had a lovely day! your post is funny as always, and all of your sketches are so so good. I especially love the tea cups!

Terrie said...

You're a lucky lady and Phantom a lucky young lady to have such a prize - not everyone is so lucky! A run-through of Rocky never hurt anyone! :) Today's drawing is cool but I really liked your flowery hand cream one of the other day - I can just imagine you at 60 all decked out in frills and ruffles, doused in rose water, and....hmmm a big wide brimmed hat with a trailing ribbon when you're in the garden! :)

Lisabella Russo said...

How sweet! I hope you had a wonderful day with Sinus celebrating his day. I love that the dog gets presents too :).

Lindsay said...

What a funny little guy sitting there! Such a cutie. :)

Neesie said...

I've been mystified by the different dates for both Mother's Day and Father's Day since being here....but then it has worked in my favour... when we suddenly realise we've missed the UK one...we just then say we're keeping to the Aussie date (which happens a few months later) Phewph!

Sinus sounds an awesome Dad and obviously loves his role ;D
Cool idea for present opening by the way...I'm going to take that on board!

My hubby would watch Zulu...which is a great film the first time you watch it... 'a classic' as he calls it...but not the 8th time! It's about 4 hours long for goodness sake!
We all run out of the run if he even suggests putting it on...but then he doesn't know I've now hidden it! (LOL) :D