Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Picking a favourite colour is bloody impossible
how can I pick just one
I can tell you colours I don't like
puce... just the name is awful
mustard... condiment not a colour
any colour that reminds you of bodily fluids
beige... not white, not cream, something unspeakable in between
and the perpetrator of more decorating crimes in the history of any other colour
 it is just plain wrong that this colour hasn't been struck off from the world by now
the list goes on
but favourite colour is much harder

I love blues in almost every shade
clear crisp blues, 
cobalts and turquoise, ultramarine and teal
I would be hard pressed to find a blue I didn't like and that I hadn't used many times
but I am quite partial to orange also
especially rich deep oranges
that are all glowing and gorgeous
the orange you find in tulips and papaya
and of course, oranges... 
so how do you choose just one
both make me happy

but in a stroke of 3 am genius it came to me
why choose one
why not take inspiration from those paint chip colour namers
and just make one up
so I give you my favourite colour
which is defined as any piece of work that contains both blue and orange
and other colours if it suits...
just like this painting I did recently in watercolour and Twinkling H2O's
I love it when I find the perfect solution

If you want to see more favourite colours
head over to the Artists Play Room
and check them out

you may want to also check out my new button
up the top on the right
still in shock that it works
but if you want to add it I would be eternally grateful and thrilled and all that...xx

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they were...


Unknown said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Tracey!!! Love it. I haven't read your post, but I just love the paint.
Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

oh I love love those tulips, for me, indigo blue I love, but I love all ciolor and lots of it, your work is beautiful, I haven't heard the word "puce in such a long time"

Sinderella's Studio said...

seriously bloomin' blu-tifulange!

VonnyK said...

It must be something in the water around here Trace, I love blue and yellow (that's almost orange) but blellow sounds just icky.
I managed to update your button, it's really cool, love it.
Your tulips are gorgeous, it must be Spring, yippee.

Tam Hess said...

ME TOO ME TOO! ALL blues are my fav. And orange is a close second. But I'm moody..I've been wearing yellow lately. Sometimes, usually February, I get the "pinks" probably because of Valentine's Day and all the beautiful decor around for that silly holiday. xoxo Gorgeous Tulips!

Rita said...

Blorange!! I love it! :):)
Wonderful tulips, too. ;)

Deborah said...

What a wonderful name. Your next career you could name lipstick or nail polish. How fun would that be?

Unknown said...

haha I love your posts - blorange :)) Great colors in your sketch !! those greens and blues just knock me out!

I know, beige - ugh!
fran xo

ann @ studiohyde said...

Love your painting of the tulips...and the colour! lol.

Jez said...

Blorange is a terrific name. I shall now be spending time looking at combinations of colours and wondering what they are called.
I've really got to sort out how to do these 'buttons'.
Thank you for your comments on my blog. Yes, I-pad art is addictive.

K J D said...

You've started something here!!!!

Great post... love the tulips :)


Nigel said...

Magnolia! I detest magnolia. Every army quarter I ever lived in was painted magnolia, and now I've moved into a rental it's bloody magnolia!

I love reds and yellows and all shades in between though :)

Unknown said...

Leave it to you to come up with your own sneaky solution! So clever! I'll have to remember that next time someone asks me my favorite, I guess it could be verple (for vermilion and purple) or purchar for (purple and chartreuse) ALWAYS have to have my purple in there no matter what, tho!

Sandra Busby said...

My favorite colour is oredink! Hot, hot, hot colours are what float my boat! But in the cool range I also like certain turquoises. I also HATE mustard - Love the taste but hate the colour! And as for beige....yaaaaaaaaaaawn...
Your tulips offer an abundance of colour therapy, lol! I LOVE them! Is that opalescent white? It seems to shimmer slightly :0)

Colleayn said...

My new color: Peripinked.
Periwinkle + Pink + Red. Num.

Unknown said...

Oh, I quite agree. Any blue is my favorite.
I think blorange could be a close second. If we keep using the word it could end up in Webster's Dictionary.
...and I do like your badge, I'll take it for my blog!!

Terrie said...

Stunning - yep, stunning....uh the tulips, not the color name...that needs some work! :) What a happy painting to boot - I agree it's hard to choose A color, your duo color idea seems to have struck a chord and people are being quite creative - with color names of all things!!

stefanie stark said...

Your blorange tulips are beautiful. I watched them during my breakfast this morning and they made my day. I hope you meanwhile overcame the shock. Your button works on my blog as well and I was surprised to manage it. It might be beginner's luck! Your button is the first one I have ever installed.

Giggles said...

Agreed....beige is my Nemesis...especially in decorating...booorrrrring! Give me white instead, however I only have color in my house!!

I love orange and surround myself with it because I can not wear it!!

Yes I would love to wear your button on my blog!!

Hugs Giggles

Giggles said...

The Tulips are sparkly h20s mine are hiding on me though. Have yet to find them... they got cleaned up and I can't find them!!

Hugs Giggles

Unknown said...

Love your work. I love Orange. I read somewhere that is blue is the most favored color...

Fallingladies said...

These colors together are gorgeous! As always, love your art! So bright and clear!

Kim Rempel said...

I'm glad you found me so I could find you. What great work! These tulips are so fresh and spirited and I LOVE your blue and white striped cups!

SandeeNC said...

I'm whispering this...looking around....cause my mind is in the gutter these days..( ok, like every day ) but more so now after finished reading 50 Shades of Grey...when I first saw Blorange...I thought it you wrote bondage! lol...Now that my confession is over, your flowers are beautiful as always, love blue and orange together too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Currie Silver said...

you always leave me laughing and this time was no exception!! how on earth anyone could name something a colour like puce. ugh!!

I feel so lucky when I read your posts and then get to see them again when I am touring through APR!!

you're a chuckle that's for sure!!

minnemie said...

Tulips... can't go wrong. Beautifully done. And blorange is admittedly definitely very pleasing to the eye!

Serena Lewis said...

I love your Blorange post! I too love blues, turquoise blue being my favourite. Orange is the perfect companion for blue...they compliment each other beautifully! SO...I take it you wouldn't have liked the mustard/puce colour of the Kombi van I drove all those years ago?!! LOL

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love your lovely bunch of tulips! Your work is so lively and vibrant!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Beautiful picture! Your 'Blorange' word reminded me of Jim Carrey's 'Tudaisies' in Bruce Almighty, lol :0)

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I love your beautiful vibrant colors in this one, and the line work tops it off. Great new color name, I guess my new color name would be "Yoralge" (yellow, orange, rose, aqua, lime green and emerald)!

Alice said...

blorange! i love it! guess mine would be pinkle for pink and purple :) and i really like that you started with the colors you don't care for - i am agreement with you on those!

Jennifer McLean said...

tail end charlie coming in for a landing! I'm loving blorange but then you always convince me that colors I tend to avoid are in actuality gorgeous. Hmmm, wonder how you do that? Oh ya, right, you paint good. that's it. Gooder than meeez. Hehehe. Now I love blorange and the individual colors in blorange are mostly ones I shy away from. The only blue-like color I use is turquoise. Why is that? I gotta branch out to blues and oranges. Now, don't get me started with yellow. Uugh.

Love Jenn

PS. So TOTALLY owe you an email, swamped, will try tonight if I can stay awake, lol. hugs my friend to you and family.

Neesie said...

Move over Jenn...Tail-End Charlie #2 coming in for a crash landing!
Apologies for being so late. :$

The 'blorange' is fantastic and your poppies just 'POP' with colour!
But then your paintings always hit me right in the eye with such vitality and vibrance.
Absolutely brilliant! :D

Darla said...

Blorange? I will never be able to look at a blue and orange combo again without thinking of your word.

Love the bright cheery work.