Sunday, 19 August 2012

Trevor the Pocket Deity....

It is great to be back in blog land after my studio time!!!
 not just great... that's an understatement
It is crazy great... I missed it an unhealthy amount great
feel like I am home after a long trip great... well you get the idea...

So how did studio time go you may be asking?
Did I get all the things done that I had on my desk?
Are deadlines no longer crushing my will to live?
Did I give the blog a facelift? 
and set up a blog shop?
Did I give in and clean the house?
well the answers are
fine thanks, not really, kind of, added some pages at the top, didn't even think of it and briefly

I got enough done that I can at least delude myself that things are under control
which sums up the state of the house as well come to think of it
and while I didn't make as much progress in some projects as I had planned
and didn't even start others
the imminent deadlines have been met 
and all others appear to be manageable
so crisis averted and the world is looking just fine and dandy ...

I may be a touch misguided but I kind of think I was helped along
by the appearance in my life of a pocket deity
This thing must have some pretty powerful vibes 
as it managed to offset possible bad mojo 
that should have accompanied the fact that I swiped it from Phantom
but is there such a thing as stealing from your teenage daughter???
I mean what's hers is mine I should think
and he probably felt unappreciated by Phantom anyway
after all she just had him sitting on a shelf
behind a model of a pregnancy pelvis and beside an model of an eyeball
don't ask!!!!! trust me we are all pleased the fascination with all things medical has passed

Sitting on my desk however,
being surrounded by colour  and being lightly splattered with paint 
seems to suit him
and while I haven't officially named him yet 
because I'm not sure what the protocol in these matters is
I am considering Trevor as a name
Which appeals mainly because then I can walk around the house
calling his name and asking if anyone has seen Trevor
because ...
he fell out of my pocket, has been stolen by the dog
or was last seen backstroking in my paint water container
I have tried out some other names over the last few days 
but Trevor is winning at the moment
I have no clue why I find the name Trevor so funny
and a Buddha named Trevor just strikes me as hilarious
mind you I could be swayed to another name if you have any suggestions...
this naming business isn't meant to be blasphemous,
 but he is, 
after all, a pocket buddha
and I can't imagine deities being too impressed with spending the day
being buffeted by my lip balm, spare change and the odd tissue
so being out in the air and immortalizing him in paint
and naming him
has to offset any offence he may be feeling at his lot in life...

So I am sharing all the good vibes, great karma, positive mojo
and peace that Trevor can bring to the world 
with my dearly missed bloggy friends
and my buds over at Sunday Sketches.
and a special birthday shout out from Trevor and I to Alex... 
our wonderful hostess with the mostess..
ahh it's great to be back xx

You haven't missed much in the last two weeks as I have been
on a break... didn't you read the post???
but here are my last two posts anyway...


Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

You make me smile, and well, belly laugh! Thanks, and I missed you.

Jennifer McLean said...

You are a funny little buddha stealing chick. And I love you. I'm SO glad you're back. Missed you LOTS. APR just wasn't the same without you.

bellefrogworks said...

just thought about you today - missing your fabulous watercolor sketches and most of all your funny self!

Anonymous said...

i missed your playful clever posts and beautiful work,

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

No such thing as stealing from your own flesh and blood. [The fact that I´m wearing Tati´s boots may have something to do with that opinion ;) ]
Welcome back! Good to know you kind of get your work done. :D

Liz Powley said...

Welcome back! I don't know which is better, your art or your writing. But I missed both.

And that is a lot of lovely pink :D


sharon said...

Love the name Trevor, suits him, he seems a bit grumpy, you would have thought he would be pleased to be rescued from obscurity! Love the pink.

Giggles said...

Who wouldn't miss our Witty Wonder and her Buddha counterpart Trevor/ Guggenheimer? Don't ask where that came from I have no idea...Just popped in! I love him as Trevor...
Missed ya!!

Hugs Giggles

Jez said...

Glad to see you and your fabulous paintings back in blog land. Missed them.
PLEASE, please, you mentioned in your comment on my blog that you had a pal using her I-pad for digi art -could you point me to her blog please? And anyone else you know of who is art I-padding. I so miss having contact with others doing this.
As always I love your painting and your humour.

Heather said...

I am liking Trevor's time sounds great...It's good to see you back!
I like the name,too and his color!

Jehanne's doodles said...

Love the sketch! As soon as I saw it I broke out in a smile :)

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful post and I absolutely love your 'pocket deity' ~ we all need our 'totems' ~ enjoy the day ~ (A Creative Harbor)

AM Zafaran said...

The little pink Trevor seems cute, nice to have a friend like that! Great writing, as always! :-)

Unknown said...

Glad your back! Love these sketches!

Lynn Cohen said...

Trevor is a very cute Buddah giving a peace sign? Huh? Okay. If you say so. Did you ask permission or did you just TAKE him from her?
Ma ma! she has rights too you know. Just wondering. I hope Trevor the Buddah brings you much solace and does not start a teenage rampage in your household.
Welcome back. Peace. Shalom. And happy Sunday Sketching.

Tam Hess said...

How great is Trevor? What an awesome little deity! AND pink? Seriously what a perfect color.

Christine said...

I love the colour of you little God? Or cupid maybe?

Daniele Valois said...

Trevor rocks my socks! what a great post! I think his name is Trevor for sure!

WrightStuff said...

There's nothing wrong with a Trevor. I met Trevor McDonut (McDonald) once, but you've probably never heard of either version of his name. He's a bit of a British news-reading legend!

I also have an Uncle Trevor (who is Indian born and bred - no idea why he is called Trevor... I really should have asked him by now...) who is the life and soul of every family party. He also cooks a mean curry.

Trevor Nelson is a very cool DJ.

I think you should definitely call him Trevor!

Sinderella's Studio said...

too funny! Trevor sounds great.
cheers, dana

Alicia C said...

Trevor is such a cutie! Good to see you back on the land of blogging!

Debbie said...

your sketch made me smile today! happy Sunday!

Kristin Dudish said...

I'm soooo glad you're back! Phantom Steve is so cool... it sounds like her room is filled with treasures! Trevor sounds like the perfect pocket companion... I have a tiny converse sneaker wearing gnome that travels with me, but nothing so divine ;)

I can't wait to see what these extra powerful vibes and good mojo bring...


Sandra Busby said...

I'm glad you're back - I have missed your amusing musings! And I think Trevor is the perfect name! When I had a bloggy break, I didn't get anything done at all that I meant to - apart from at work! So you did more than I managed :0)

Unknown said...

Welcome back! Missing your posts!
Your pocket deity is fabulous!!!

Unknown said...

oh how great to see this cute little guy here today!!! Tracey!!! your work always makes me smile!!! bless your heart!!!

Terrie said...

I too am just back from a break though mine was for a vacation, so probably a little more fun than yours. We didn't take a computer so it was a whole week of enforced non-online... talk about withdrawals. After 4 days or so I found myself wondering how different buddies were doing, where their muse was leading them, etc. and oddly enough my conversations with D kept turning back to blogging. Maybe next time we should at least take a laptop...just in case!

Glad to hear your house still needs attention - that means you spent your time more wisely! So glad to have you back and sharing time with Trevor will surely be fun!

Neesie said...

Okay so I suppose I'll have to join in with everyone else and say "oh I missed you and it's so good to have you back"...(yawn)...
But then "OH I DID MISS YOU and it IS good to have you back"! :D

Trevor is obviously in touch with his feminine side all pretty in pink ;D

QuinnCreative said...

Glad you are back.
Glad I found you in Featuring magazine.
What, exactly, does stealing a Buddha from your daughter do to your karma? Trevor will know!

Anonymous said...

I love Trevor and know what you mean about the name - Kevin and Keith have a similar effect on me (must be a thing about names of the 80s)

GalleryJuana said...

I think this piece definitely makes up for any pocket's odd tissue that Trevor was subjected too:)

Thanks for the SS visit.

Rita said...

Trevor may be an unconventional name for a buddha, but he's unconventional with his peace sign, anyways. Trevor is good. ;)

Fallingladies said...

I love this post, so missed hearing your stories.... Trevor is great, pink and perfect in your pocket! .....for me i go with names such as Clive or Gustav, as i have a Trevor that I know. Names seem to be funnier when you don't know anyone by that name. Glad you feel caught up and refreshed!