Sunday, 12 August 2012

Things I Have Learnt...

Update time on my blogging break
which kind of defeats the purpose of the break I know
but there are a few things I have learnt that I wanted to share

That you should never think smugly that you have escaped the winter flu season
just because the first hint of Spring arrives
if you do that it will bite you
big time
and poor Phantom has been horribly sick for days
which has meant I have been on nurse duty
though happily she is finally on the mend

I have also learnt that I would have been a lousy nurse

That I am also really bad at keeping aquarium plants alive
which I needed to pick up for Phantom to take in for a chem experiment
but then she got sick
so now I am trying to keep them alive long enough 
for her to take them to school and kill them in a variety of ways... 
how's that for irony

Also that I really don't like Moleskin notebooks
I did this drawing of an Apothecary jar that I had bought a while ago
and yes I should have bought one that takes watercolour
and yes I know lots of people love them
but I can't get my head around the yellow paper
maybe it is something I will get used to

I also learnt that such a disrupted week means I have gotten little done
especially as despite practically bathing in hand sanitiser
and scoffing vitamins like tic tacs 
the dreaded lurgy is not quite being held at bay
another week off is going to be needed for me to get some work done

but most importantly I have learnt how much I have missed blogging
so I will be scoffing extra vitamins
mainlining tea and working my fingers to the bone
so I can get back to it... you are all missed...xx

PS. Phantom Steve is doing the forty hour famine
well she isn't not eating because she has some health challenges
which require her to eat regularly
so she is actually giving up the letter "e"
I know... seems a bit weird, but for a while there she talked about taping up her thumbs
until I pointed out that would mean needing help getting dressed etc
that was soooo not going to happen let me tell you
but if you would like to support her you can head over to this link to donate
thanks all... will let you know how it goes...xx 


Terrie said...

Interesting that you don't like your moleskine - I just succumbed and bought my first one from Amazon because I needed a little something else to get free shipping. Like you I've heard people rave forever, so I totally expected to love it. But, yellow paper? I was so surprised! I don't remember anyone ever mentioning that and I'm not so sure I like it. At all. But, I bought it to take on vacation and see if I'd like sketching in it - it is a handy size. So, I dabbed a little paint etc on a few pages to break it in and we'll see how it goes.

Hope you manage to avoid the worst of the flu. Sounds like you're doing all you can - i've got fingers crossed!

Valerie-Jael said...

I don't like the moleskines either! There are better and cheaper products around! Hope your daughter is still better, and nice to see you around when you are taking a break! Valerie

WrightStuff said...

Be well my friend! My only experience of Moleskine was with the Sketchbook project thing. The paper was so thin that it practically fell apart if I sneezed on it. Apparently the ones with the purple on are the best for holding paint. They are very expensive though aren't they, and in the shop they are sealed in plastic so you can't even look at the quality - sneaky!

Hope Phantom feels better soon. Hugs.

Jez said...

And I thought there was something wrong with me because I don't like moleskins (or skinning moles), and like Lisa I find it cheeky to sell a book of this type sealed so you can't judge the paper.

Hope Phantom improves quickly. Didn't somebody write a whole book without using the letter 'e'?

bellefrogworks said...

Stay well my friend - sometimes the "nurse" gets so worn out that bugs slip in!!! I have Moleskine wc journals - I like them (they were on sale with free ship) and I like them - but because they were expensive I hate to "mess" them up! Don't remember them being yellow - will have to get them out and look.

Sandra Busby said...

Giving up the letter E? As in E numbers? Or writing it down? Or saying it? Or all of the above? I'm both bemused and amused, lol! I hope you will both be feeling much better soon and you get a chance to catch up on everything you hoped to! :0)

Carin said...

Great minds think alike. I only realised this week that I don't like moleskines either after one of my pencil drawings was wrecked. And yes, what's up with the yellow paper? I have now bought a sketchbook dirt cheap and the paper is a heck of a lot better.

GalleryJuana said...

I look forward to seeing more of your work and in zine form too! Your non-beautiful post was so entertaining to read!

Rita said...

Those moleskines are like drawing on a thin manilla folder. I was surprised by the paper and don't like it. I bought one of the watercolor moleskines at the same time and don't care for it, either--thin buckly WC paper. Have trouble with bleed through on both of them and will never buy a moleskine again. Wondered what the heck the hype was all about.

Sorry the crud has hit you there. Be well. Tell Phoebe good luck. What a wonderful project to get involved with!

I would miss all my blog friends, too. Trying to figure out how to cut back, myself--but in a good way so that I won't miss people but have more time for other things. Not easy. Have a great week and hope you are all feeling great soon. :)

Jehanne's doodles said...

I like the sketch. It looks good but I can well understand how you feel about the yellow paper. I have a similar issue at the moment with some paper I gessoed which is cool but drives me bonkers as graphic smears all over the place when it is not meant to LOL It is so strange to think other places are only just starting spring when our minds in Latvia are contemplating " when will the stores bring out the autumn / winter jackets for the kids" - as they grew like bean sprouts since March.

Giggles said...

Personally I don't like anything that resemble beige in anyway!!So you have my vote, pure white all the way for me!!

Hope you both feel better real soon and Phantom perks up!! I can't even keep a green onion alive...I don't care to either!! A outdoor flower has a better chance than anything indoors!! If it doesn't have color it gets ignored.

Tell Phantom to give up chocolate for a short while and call it a day!! Anyone can relate to that hard task!!

Hugs Giggles
Who is very glad you popped in to do a blog!!

Neesie said...

Oh I missed you Trace...does that make you feel better! ;D

Poor Phantom...what a shame...I do hope she's feeling better soon.
I'm sure you have been a exemplary nurse but it sounds like it's your turn for a little TLC now. ;D

Okay so at least I don't have to buy a Moleskine now that I hear everyone's verdict...there's so many other things on my list so that's a help!

By the way....the Apothecary jar is fantastic.

Have a great productive week and hurry back :D

Unknown said...

Fun post and I love your apothecary jar too- beautiful, delicate work! I've been taking a bloggy break too and can't wait to get back to it!
I'm glad Phantom is on the mend and you stay well too!

Aranthe said...

Like everyone else, I've heard the raving over Moleskin journals, and I'm so glad I read this post and its comments before purchasing one. The beige paper sounds positively dreadful. I'll spend the money on some other art supply.

Debbie said...

I bought a moleskine for the sketchbook project and won't fall for it again. It was so thin, I had to glue 4-5 pages together! I like your sketch this week, and I hope you avoid the flu!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

~~feel good vibes to all the family~~

~*~Patty S said...

hope that all around wellness is in the air at your house now dear Tracey!

paper like so many things is very personal...isn't it ;)

thank you for your kind offer of Passionflower recipes...I fear our season is not long enough for the fruits to ripen. Several years ago I had a vine that did bear fruit (BOY was I ever excited about that!!!) ... but Autumn came and that was that, they never had a chance to ripen. I am crazy for the delicate fragrance the blooms have and was tickled that cutting a flower and floating it in water lasted longer than the one day on the vine. Next year I hope to branch out to a more exotic and frilly variety...oh sorry you got me all excited with your Passionflower comment on my Magpie's Nest!

Take care!!!

Fallingladies said...

I love your sketch in it but i sooo agree with you about moleskins, i have been covetting one forever and then i gOt one and hate it, i also didn't get a watercolor one and should have but the paper is just yucky in almost Everyway so i gave it up. My favorite so far is just a visual journal but i keep reading danny gregory's blog and he talks about a few other kinds i may try. Missed your posts by the way!

Victoria said...

Beautiful art as always Tracey...gorgeous work! and aww..i hope Phantom is feeling all sparkling and bright real soon!
Take care my friend..and as always you dazzle me , you are such a creative make me smile with such wit and natural talent!!

Marji said...

Glad to have an update - been missing you around blogland. Hoping poor Phantom is on the mend. Don't feel bad about your poor nursing qualities - you are not alone there. Thankfully there are people in the world that do excell in that area. You'll have to find another creative way to fill that moleskin. I do like them myself, but then I don't paint in them. Continue your happy break and know that you are missed.

Lori said...

I hope you are all feeling better - xoxo

Liz Powley said...

I still haven't quite worked out what a moleskin journal is. They seem to be very popular, but I've never really seen one...I don't think so, could be that I don't know what I'm looking at.

Being a cheapskate, I've started my journal in a Monte Marte sketchbook, which surprisingly I have found really good. A little weak in the binding, but the paper will support my watercolours at only 150gsm (which is better than the standard 110gsm for sketchbooks).

Argh, the flu. we have been cursed by the same this week. hubby has is it bad and it seems to come with a complimentary dose of conjunctivitis - two kids and Hubby have had it. I will be quite happy to see the end of this winter, I think. Hope your phantom gets better asap.

Best wishes,