Friday, 3 August 2012

My Non Beautiful Blog Worthy Life...

This week I decided I was going to freshen up the blog a bit
nothing radical just a light fluff and fold type clean up
so in the name of research I did a bit of blog cruising
which resulted in a bad case of blog envy 
and the crushing desire to paint the whole house
and everyone and everything not nailed down in shades of beautiful blog white

I seriously want to know where these people
get these beautiful clean clutter free gleaming white homes
and gorgeous children in perfectly crisp white clothes
blowing bubbles and playing with cute puppies
and their kitchens are all gleaming and filled with matching everything
and their nicely fluffed family rooms are full of artful arrangements 
of sun drenched corners filled with dust free bits and bobs

My place doesn't quite meet those criteria
for one thing my child is usually found stretched
with feet on the sofa in various mismatched pieces of clothing
 eating corn chips for breakfast 
and the completely untrained dog 
who has a permanent case of bed head no matter how often he is groomed
is standing on her chest
hoping for some scraps because I may have forgotten to feed him
don't fret about him though because 
somedays I forget I have fed him so he gets fed again
so I figure it all evens out and he usually lets me know when I have forgotten
and this is pretty much how I fed Phantom through her formative years
and she survived so it all sorts out...

My kitchen is not gleaming, clean, but not gleaming
in fact it appears to grow dirty dishes magically
and the only matching set of anything 
is the row of vitamins that are lined up behind the draining board
and a rogue one was introduced so even they don't match any more
I have a mismatched assortments of measuring cups and bowls
many of which are left overs from Phantom when she was young
the plastic container cupboard explodes like one of those joke cans of worms
every time you go hunting for those most elusive of kitchen creatures... container lids
and continuing the scary cupboard tradition
is the one under the stairs which requires you to complete an obstacle course
while bent double to avoiding bashing your head
and falling over skateboards, footballs, and fishing rods
which I actually think adds a bit of excitement to getting to the wine rack
but some lily livered members of the household choose to disagree on this point
and as for dust free nick nacks
I tend to ascribe to the theory that closing the blind 
prevents the sun shining and showing up the dust

So my house wouldn't make it onto any beautiful blog website
and while it is a bit haphazard
and lacks the clutter free wonderfulness of those gleaming beacons of style
it is full laughter, practical jokes, books, paint brushes,
chairs that you can put your feet up on  
and gloriously nonmatching kitchen goodness.
There is always chocolate in the fridge 
a cup of tea appears within minutes of you entering
the dog will never be trained
and will jump on you and will quite possibly lick you to death
you may trip over things because the blinds are closed to hide the dust
and take your life into your own hands trying to get to the wine rack
but you will never be bored and you will always be welcome
which is why I love my non beautiful bog worthy house and life

I will be linking up today with Paint Party Friday
though won't be participating for the next week or so
as deadlines are crushing my brain and need attending to
so starting next Monday I will be taking a little bogging break
I will be visiting you when I can
and you can rest assured the time I free up will be spent painting
and not turning my house into a style guide ...xx

The last two blog posts have been...


Giggles said...

This my dear friend would be why I adore you so!! I thought I was only one on the planet to leave the blinds shut to hide dust!! I love the wonderful glance into your reality!! You're my type of girl! Yet you always have amazing art on your blog!! I tried to clean up my blog too, and today I lost my blog list...rrrr.... upsetting I have to start again!!

Have a nice break you will be missed!!

Big hugs Giggles

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

Well, right about now I feel MUCH better about my dusty house and the fact that my body is ashamed of itself next to those olympians' bodies. All that seemingly Perfect house stuff isn't real. Right?!

Peace said...

You are in so many ways a girl after my own heart, altho my dog days are over I reside with a herd of cats that shall not be numbered here. I probably need not say cats will puke on everything you love and shed their hair on it and then puke some hair on top of that. You may notice that pictures on my bloggy are of things with any identifying bits of my home cropped out. Hopefully more without cat hair but often with cat. xo

Jennifer McLean said...

EEk, does this mean that you're gonna hate me if you find out that all my kitchen utensils match and are in plastic drawer separators and my plastic drawer is organized by size and lid type?? Not only that, all things that come in non re-sealable bags and boxes go into containers that are labeled with a label maker?? I apologize for the complete organization and matching everything-ness. I hang my head in shame and readily and eagerly blame my mother for everything!!

Now, tag me for blog help, will ya??

Anonymous said...

Your non-blogworthy house sounds all kinds of awesome. My house is pretty far from being blog worthy and my children are not by any means wearing gleaming white clothes. They actually choose to run around in their underwear as soon as we get home from anywhere. :-)

Helen Campbell said...

I think I love your un-blogworthy house... it sounds just like a home! Perfect! Good luck with meeting your deadlines without crushing your brain. I'll eagerly await your return. Cheers!

VonnyK said...

You have a wonderful home, not a house like those blogs. What's the point of having a house if you can't live in it. I had my little miss in the family room with one of the chickens, she was teaching her to walk on a lead!! Now that's a home. We seriously need to do an intervention on Jenn though. Too organised and colour matched for her own good.

HeARTworks said...

well even with the dishes piling up and the dust and everything, you transform it all with your paints and paintbrushes!!! patsy

Alicia C said...

wow - your house may not have all that gleaming veneer of magazine perfection that infects people's desires to represent themselves in the world, but it has so much more!! A great narrator and illustrators of its joys and times. NO TO THE TYRANNY OF PERFECTION!!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Maybe your kitchen is not the most stylish or the best "matched" or your kid and dog sparkling perfect, but your drawings/paintings are PERFECTION to my eyes and I come in envy...keep your perfectly matched housewares but GIVE ME TRACY DRAWINGS AND PAINTING SKILLS!!!!


Ayala Art said...

OMG you can make even the pots look awesome!
I have been working on y blog a bit too, got rid of the background that so many people couldn't see anyway, so white it is!
And about the all those other perfect things...? the only live in magazines, I'm sure! (or kid-free houses!) :o)
Happy PPF and thanks for sharing ♥

Anonymous said...

Well, just think - you wouldn't have the same wonderful inspiration for these amazing illustrations if your house was picture perfect and house and homes magazine worthy!! I laughed at your description of the plastic container cupboard being like a can of worms exploding as we shout 'Kerplunk' every time we open our tupperware cupboard for the same reason - they all fall out like the marbles in the game all over whoever happens to have opened the door!

Unknown said...

I love them. Such wonderful work. Happy Weekend, Ev

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love how you capture the feel of the kitchen.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Fear not! house is dusty. I've tried the theory that after an inch it gets no Enjoy your blog break - keep sketching, drawing and gathering inspiration though, we'll miss you.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i so enjoyed your post today, matching vitamins and all. i guess you will feel right at home in my home! happy PPF! i love your pots and pans illustration!

Valerie-Jael said...

You would feel very much at home at my place! Enjoy your break, Valerie

Natasha said...

:) You mean you have a real home!? Mine is very real as well, sometimes I would like it more picture perfect, and less cluttered but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I would blame the children, but my art stuff seems to spread a bit as well. :)

Love the picture, I am in awe of your pen work. :)

Lynn Holland said...

Your kitchen is a mirror image of my kitchen. The lovely studio banner on top of my blog was staged by me and in daily life looks nothing like that. The ironing pile has just touched the ceiling and the dust balls rolling round all the floors are thicker than any carpet we've got. Carpets of course are covered in discarded newspapers, books, items of clothing, toys and paraphernalia.
So you have nothing to worry about Tracy.
Lovely Lisa next-door to me has OCD with cleaning and has agreed to come and sort my house out once a week. BLISS

stefanie stark said...

Oh you made me laughing so much when I read your post this morning while I had my breakfast (instead of reading my milelong "To-Do-List" for the weekend and preparing myself to achieve such a representable clean and white house as described in your note). Your post's including the lovely sketches are in fact therapeutical to me! They have rescued my weekend and make me feel relieved.
Many thanks and have a relaxing break! I'm looking forward to your return.

Carmen said...

Your house sounds just like my house. Except I'll throw in some dog snot art all over my windows where he's so nosy he has to run up and down the back of the sofa with his nose pressed firmly to the window pane. And no matter how often I clean them, I walk away, turn around and it's back!

I'm constantly wondering how people do it. Especially those with multiple children and multiple design team places and personal projects on the go and show home houses... I think they secretly have butlers, maids and one of those Harry Potter time windy thingies.

Netty said...

Loving your great sketches and your story about ideal people actually live in them or drop by from time to time to take a photograph..... Happy PPF, Annette x

Tino said...

I suoi disegni mi affascinano,si sente il calore della casa,le posate
sono favolose

Tracy said...

A woman after my own heart. I knew it... we were separated at birth! Lucky for me the wind likes to blow across the farm fields. This makes dusting a breeze. I simply open all the windows and let Mother Nature blow it all (and the dreaded dust bunny horde) from one end to right out the other. That's my theory... :) Now if my fur babies would learn to stop sharing their fuzz and leaving fuzz presents I'd be all set. :)

Robin said...

I would take your home any day over the blogworthy house...oooops..I already are totally describing my home as well...Love your art...your style is really beautiful...Ill see ya around on Dions new group...Have a wonderful time off..!

Snap said...

I giggled my way through your post! Wonderful! I think you have it right -- put the feet on the chairs, relax, all is as it should be (and where it should be)! Have a nice break.

Sandra Busby said...

Hurrah! It sounds just like my own house! I also feel ashamed when I see other peoples amazingly crisp, white homes in their perfect photo's! I've even been known to zoom in and look for dust, just hoping... But there is never any dust - Humph! Still, clutter is interesting, right? That's my excuse! And I just LOVE your clutterful paintings :0)

Liz Powley said...

What a lovely blog post. Lyrical and honest and amusing. I really like your writing style.

My house boasts dust sculptures and Pro Hartesque stains on the carpets (it's an artistic house, what can I say? I do art and so does the house :D). I'm ashamed to let my closest friends see it half the time and any remotely social visit is preluded by headless chicken antics involving vacuum cleaners, rubbish bins and conveniently closed doors.

I also really like your watercolour work in this piece. Lots of texture and definition.

Happy PPF!

Best wishes,

Liz Powley said...
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bellefrogworks said...

Enjoy your break and hopefully breeze through all your deadlines. I was told that if you get bats in your attic - then you must install one way (out) vents because they will come back no matter what else you do! Dust is the same way. Bats in the belfry is a different issue - LOL.

K J D said...

Good for you!!!

Sounds perfect to me :)


cjsrq said...

You've got your priorities right! Your home sounds "perfectly" right. I use the excuse that I can't vacuum because it will scare the cat - and the cat is certainly more important than some dust bunnies! Thank you for your always entertaining comments and beautiful art. Christie

WrightStuff said...

Lisa and Tracey were separated at birth: Reason 542

OK, first up. I have painted the kitchen sink. It was for my Art A level exam. I did not do a very good job of it and am most jealous of your glorious composition.

Second, you should visit my kitchen! This is why I employed a cleaner, so it does at least look clean and sparkly for a few hours once a week.

But even then if a photographer stopped by it would not quite resemble the 'beautiful blog' people. But that's OK. We're all different. Who wants to spend time moving dust around when they could be painting? Not me!

GlorV1 said...

Talking about dust! Well my place is dusty, that's for sure. I've been trying to catch up on housework but it never stops. I'd rather be painting but other things have been coming up too. Every time I come to your blog I am reminded that there is a lot of happiness here. You always make me smile with your stories and your awesome paintings. Today is no different. Thank you, Happy PPF!

Marji said...

I love how you embrace your imperfectness and love who you and your family are. Yes, it would be nice to live in all that perfectness with out the dust, the untrained dog and the cornchip eating child - but really, its not worth a trade for anything. Love this post and your painting is beautiful as always. Happy PPF

Christine said...

beautiful everyday scene you've painted..I think have a perfectly normal household like the rest of us!

Sadee Schilling said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I have been feeling the EXACT same way this week. Sometimes I have to ground myself from reading blogs because I get so grouchy about how imperfect my life seems compared to all that "perfection" out there! But I am like you--"I love my non beautiful blog worthy house and life!" Life is lived here and people are happy, rather than stressed by trying not to make a mess!

Unknown said...

there are so many more important things to do! if not FUN things! when I take pictures around my house I am also thankful for photo editing! I use crop and retouch ALOT! why dust when you can retouch?

I like your paint party painting of your mixing bowls - it makes me want a big piece of cake!!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Wonderfully written post, Tracey!
I love that you turned dirty dishes into a marvelous painting!
Glad I'm not the only one with an untrained dog, too! :)
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Terri Corona said...

You are not only a gifted artist, but a gifted writer too - one that makes me laugh and want to come over to your house and hang out....

Fallingladies said...

Even those blogs that appear perfect have to hiding all the mess somewhere... Life is messy! Autism is very messy so my house is far from blogworthy either, but all your sketches turn mess and imperfection into perfect bright glowing art! Love your messy dishes, your utensils and your "bright" pastel tea cup! I think your art would be great for a blurb book by the way!

Faye said...

What a wonderful, reassuring post, Tracey! Like many others I thought I was the only one who thought that housecleaning was not a top priority. Each week I look forward to seeing your paintings of ordinary things. I have tried to emulate you but I just cannot do it. I love the spoons. And I wonder how in the world you can do them so well. Beautiful painting.

carol l mckenna said...

Seems you are really living in your home and are'Real' ~ not a 'show dog' ~ art is terrific as usual ~ suggest you read poem Desiderata ~ hugs and namaste, (A Creative harbor)

Unknown said...

I thought I was the only one that has dirty dishes that appeared like magic in the sink, and wait for me to wash them all. I read somewhere that cleaning the house while the kids are home it's like removing the snow of your front door while still snowing. ;)

Love your post and your painting. Beautiful!

Have an amazing and very creative day!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well your house cant be all bad with Chocolate in the frudge and A cuppa tea at the ready. My kind of welcome :))I once got the idea of painting all our walls off white.. not even white. One day my husband asked me, Do we have to live in a hospital? Cant we have some color? HE LIVES IN COLOR NOW. :)) Yellows, Pinks, Raspberries, Reds, and loves it. AS I love your blog posts and Art.:) HPPF

ANNE said...

Your paintings are so lovely! I saw the teacups with the hearts too, so gorgeous!!

My house is inundated with hair - cat hair, dog hair, I breathe it and I'm sure consume it as well. It's impossible to keep up with it so I don't try. I'm ok with a bit of a mess around me, although more than a bit drives me batty and I have to put things away only to forget where I've put them... then I have to pull everything out again to find what I'm looking for! sigh. At least I always have something to do!


Serena Lewis said...

I also find blinds are great for hiding dirty windows and dusty fly-screens. ;) I mean, seriously, where does all the dust come from??!!! Even my bathrooms don't escape the dust trap. You sound like a woman after my own heart as my home is mismatched but it's happy, warm and welcoming. I do try to colour code here and there...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. lol

LOVE your artwork, as always!

Have a great weekend! xo

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

You're truly a talented artist and writer. I am mesmerized by your artwork and your writings never fail to make me smile. It's like a visit to my best friend's home. I will miss you during your blogging break, but hope you have a productive time in your studio. Blessings!

PiaRom said...

Love your scetches, they are so right out of the life for me... I totally love them ♥

soulbrush said...

I LOVED this post, I think it 'talked' to us all. Those pristine white houses and perfect kids are only found in the movies. As for me, I wish I could draw all my dust layers ha ha. Happy PPF

Ginny said...

As usual your wonderful post made me smile. No matter how many times I clean out my cupboard that holds the containers it is always a mess. I can almost guarantee that something will fall out when you open it.
Have a productive break. We will miss you and your wonderful art.

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Those homes do not exist in reality only in magazines. :) And I don't buy it when bloggers show their spotless homes either.:)) Love your dishes! :)

Sabina said...

Heh, your kitchen looks like mine though mine is minus the plants. There's a big ol' pot of dirt though where an herb garden was supposed to grow... like a year ago I think. I do have the same row of vitamins and supplements though and piled up pots and things in the sink so this made me chuckle. Amazing how you take these real life situations and turn the into pretty still-life type pieces.

Melisa said...

Those photos of pristine white houses, no one lives in them. I'm convinced of it. They are just kept for making pretty blog photos. My house is just like yours except I open the blinds first thing every morning because I love the sunshine more than I mind the dust. And dog hair. And grass clippings, because DH is too lazy to put the mulch bag on the mower. Your blog is beautiful because your art is beautiful. I really love this piece. Are you making bread? I think I spy the yeast jar.

DORRA said...

LOVE your blog. Thanks for being you, Tracey.

Karen Smithey said...

Oh, I love reading your blog entries. You always make me smile, and this one really got me!

My house is also not a pristine white one! My solution to dust is to take my glasses off--

Thanks so much for sharing! You always make me smile--

Victoria said...

Hello T!! Always love reading your enchanting tales..beautiful art as always...wonderful colors and energy..lovely! i think "real life" is way more interesting than perfection....shine on! Cheers my friend!

denthe said...

Oh yes, those projects and deadlines! Good luck on catching up!

Terrie said...

My dusting solution? Don't touch or move anything. If it doesn't get moved, you don't notice the dust. As soon as I pull a book off the shelf or pick up a vase for flowers, the accumulation of dust rudely becomes apparent! But I agree with whoever in earlier comments said she'd rather be pushing paint around than dust. Absolutely!

Blog or magazine perfect houses are a pleasure to look at but I rarely have house envy - I love my home and I think that's the critical distinction. A home is lived in...whatever form that takes for your family. And yours sounds welcoming, inviting, and comfortable - the most important things!

SandeeNC said...

And who wants to go to those houses where you have to take your shoes off to enter, or can't relax against comfy pillows because the designer throws are in the way, and hey who needs sunlight streaming through the windows and reflecting off those gleaming polished surfaces? lol I will miss you during your blog vacation! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Linda said...

Dust? What's dust? Never heard of the stuff. Heck the only reason to clean is the holy but gorgeous terror, our 2 year old grandson.

I adore your paintings. Thanks for sharing your life with us too.

Denice (inkstitch) said...

Of course I nodded the whole way through this post - except with nine littles underfoot, I am pretty sure I can win some awards on grime... sigh. If I kept it all shiny, however, I would have to give up painting (as I so often do). Not a worth trade! :)

Love the illustrations for this post, as well as the current post (well, every post!). I hope you have had a wonderful, productive week of paint and creative work. xo

pauline said...

oh dear Tracey girl... i do hope your blog break doesn't last too long. Your house sounds more and more like mine - minus the "licking to death" part. LOL!! One thing i know about you is that you live life to the fullest and don't take it too seriously. I love that. And let's not forget that the sparkly/shiny/fantastico looking blogs (and homes) may not be that in reality. I used to know a woman who's house was SO sparkly clean, you could literally eat off the floor. I also saw this woman's 5 year old son eat a cookie at the garbage can, cause "mom didn't want him to dirty the floor"... short story: she was a nutcase. I'm just sayin'... I LOVE that you make art your priority (and not your house) and i also love the "alive-ness" in your illustrations. You go girl. xox