Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cutlery Issues...

I am admitting up front that I may have cutlery issues
maybe issues is a bit strong
because its not like you will see me stabbing you in the hand with them

though eyes are in danger if I have to listen to much more discussion
about quantum physics or matrices from Phantom

but stabbing myself in the eye aside
 I have been constantly rifling through the draws
and gazing through the second hand store windows in search of interesting subjects
but think that even fairly boring ones are just begging to be drawn

This becoming such an obsession that I actually 
attempted to tidy out the second draw
we all have the dreaded second drawer
where all the spatulas and things go to get tangled up
its like the minute I close the draw they organise a game of utensil twister in there
so that when I open it again the cherry pipper is always on top
no clue why I bought a cherry pipper by the way 
as half the fun is being able to spit the pips into a bowl
but none the less it is always there and whatever it is that I actually wanted
has migrated to the bottom of the draw
under scary sharp things and bitey things that grab your fingers
in an attempt to protect your target
which makes me think that none of the other utensils like the cherry pipper
because they are happy to offer that sucker up every time I open the draw...  

I braved the draw in search of cake forks to draw
I know I had quite the selection and would like to give teaspoons a bit of a rest
after finally finishing this painting/ drawing
but it seems that the forks have migrated to a secret utensil hidey hole
and were nowhere to be found
but I'm not giving up
I am going to brave that draw again very soon
when I have had a cup of tea and some chocolate in order to steel myself
I am sure the lack of tea and chocolate is why they remained elusive
just wasn't thinking clearly...

So a new cutlery drawing has joined the series
okay not really a series as they are all pretty different
and I am continuing my tradition of close enough is good enough
If the cake forks had of been found then I would have had them drawn as well
and it would have been a real series
but the dastardly second draw is winning
at this stage

That may be short lived though
because I may just make time to sneak in a second assault
as the plan is to take a mini blogging break for a week or two
starting next week
I have a couple of big projects on the go
and deadlines are starting to hover alarmingly
so in the interests of my sanity I will be concentrating on finishing them off
I will still be getting around to visit when I can
but did I mention deadlines... scary fast approaching deadlines
maybe I have deadline issues as well...xx

My last few blogs have been...


Neesie said...

How did you know I'm just having a cuppa and a piece of chocolate (okay a few pieces...sigh...alright a whole bar!) :$
It's to set me up to carry on with the APR challenge though. I'm pleased so far ~ I weird is that...but that was yesterday and today is a whole new ball game!
Love your drawings as usual and I think you're not alone with a draw like that...I've got three and one holds all the sharp knives! Eek!
I need to use oven gloves to go into it and let me tell you trying to pick up anything other than a large pan isn't easy wearing those babies! ;D

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of a cherry pipper, so you got me there. Your series is fantastic, though. I loved each and every series of spoons you drew, and the forks at the end!

Jennifer McLean said...

Ok, you have cake forks??? As opposed to normal forks, like you have luncheon and dinner forks AND cake forks?? Boy, now I'm jealous. Your own icecream spoon and cake forks. Just not fair. The only thing that gets you off the hook is the fact that you make such beautiful art about all your cutlery. The spoons are your best yet, I'm in spoon love. :o)
Much love and hugs,

Valerie-Jael said...

Cutlery always seems to live it's own life as soon as you close the drawer. Nice drawings, I see your ice-spoon is joining in the spooning! Valerie

TwinkleToes2day said...

What a very funny post! Love those cutlery drawings! I think we all have 'one of those drawers' don't we, lol. Mine throws up the metal whisk with everything else entangled through the wire..grr, haha.
@Elizabeth -
This is the gadget that I have(de-stoner)
@Jenn - I also have cake forks, hehe
Have a great day everyone :0)

Sandra Busby said...

I am sure we all have a drawer like that! We certainly do - and there are objects in there which I can't even work out what they are for! But for some reason I keep them - I have no idea why! I LOVE your very fancy cutlery handles - they must have been fun to draw. As for your 'issues' - hmmm... maybe I agree when it comes to tea, lol! Besides, without the issues I'm not sure your blog would be half as interesting! By the way - I came across 'Licorice' tea the other day. I would have brought it because I LOVE licorice and orange which is also an ingredient - but I don't like cinnamon at all and that was one of the top ingredients. Have you ever tried it? :0)

Roxanne said...

I'm convinced that cutlery drawers the world over have a vendetta against us!

Kristin Dudish said...

lol - You paint such beautiful pictures... with paint, AND with words! I can always count on your blog for a big ol' smile!

It's always so funny to hear about your obsessions... Cutlery, Muscled Men in Skimpy Olympic Clothes, and Tea - of course! (I actually had a bit of tea inspired mania for my last few index cards!)


p.s. I always enjoy your plight for the oppressed... From bullied flowers to shunned cherry pippers ;)

Rita said...

Poor cherry pipper. Not sure what that is, but I feel badly for its constant rejection. ;) I have a kitchen utensil drawer like that and it also has a junk drawer relative.

These make a great series. You are such a first class storyteller, lady! I will miss you while you are gone, but paying art must come first. ;)

Carolyn Dube said...

How funny that you just had cutlery issues and I just took a class on making a necklace out of a fork. Bent the fork & cut the fork. I am a slow wire and bead worker so I haven't finished it yet- but I hope to soon.

Nordljus said...

Your spoons are just so gorgeous! Hope you'll find those cake forks soon and show us a picture :). I inherited my grandmothers silver cutlery, it comes with forks, knives and spoons all in two different sizes, about a dozen tea spoons, cake forks, - and some items I haven't got a clue what they're for. But I love it, I think it makes up for my poor cooking skills :). Enjoy your blogging break, and get working! ;)

Terrie said...

Cake forks? Really?! How is it different from a salad fork? How many specialized forks can one need? Except to draw of course! I love the details you capture in your cutlery drawings and they make a fabulous series. (maybe a little zine in the works?)

Though we'll miss your distinctly humorous take on life and drawers, we all understand the need for a little break. Hope you have a productive and pleasurable one!

Darla said...

Maybe if you bake a cake the cake forks will come out to play. You series of cutlery is outstanding.


SandeeNC said...

your desription of your cultery obession is too funny, just hope you don't find yourself up during the middle of the night stroking them! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

VonnyK said...

Wow Trace, cake forks must be an Aussie thing as I have 12 of them, use them all the time. You are so brave, tackling that most evil of drawers. I hope you were appropriately armoured against attack and have defeated the dreaded beasts that lie within.
Your drawings are fabulous, never ceases to amaze me how you have the patience to add such perfect detail.
I hope you get your work finished before the deadline.
Will put off having that cuppa with you until you are finished :)

Gloria j Zucaro said...

These are just wonderful and cutlery is part of my homework for my Dion watercolor workshop. I haven't found my stash of old siverplate yet. i used to actually use them because I like the look of them, but people told me I was absorbing metal or something??? They did kind of taste brassy where the silver had worn off.

Love all your very elaborate drawings of yours!

Serena Lewis said...

I can never find anything in the 'second' drawer....even though they can be staring me in the face. I think it's because SO many odds and ends find their way in there. lol Love your series, Tracey!

Enjoy your blog break...I'll possibly be taking a blog break from next week too as I have my hysterectomy surgery next Thursday. :(

Anywhoo, have a great weekend! xo

Currie Silver said...

I really love your paintings and stories. I've been quietly subscribed to your blog for awhile and will miss the many laughs you always regale me with.

At the art fairs and festivals here in Delray Beach, FL, there are a few folks with amazing cutlery works of art. They are very whimsical.

Happy Cake-eating with those wonderful forks...

bohemiannie! art said...

I'll really miss reading your ramblings...and seeing your beautiful boring art. Oh to have a second drawer in the kitchen! OH to have a first!!!

Arena Shawn said...

Love these sketches... I am inspired to start a daily sketchbook now...