Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Warm Hands Tea ...

It is Tea day
which is just as well
because otherwse my hands would be frozen
I have to stop every two lines here to warm up my mitts
or else the post would look something like this
Which typed with warm hands says
it is insanely freakin cold!!!!!

So Warmth Tea is being drunk
and nice and orangey it is
oddly like warm Fanta with cinnamon
yet somehow that works
and the zine pages in the background are on hold

but the plus side is
lots and lots of teabag papers
especially the round ones
which are mostly Blackberry Sage
from the Republic of Tea
and are crazy delicious

Which you can see here
in the distance
because I wanted to show you
the white box that Sinus has made me so that I can take nicer photos
doesn't do anything by halves that man
but it is rather marvellous in all its monumental magnificence

and I made good use of it taking photos 
of the gorgeous Tea and card 
that the delightful and generous Neesie sent me
how nice is that!!!!
I am dying to try the tea
but don't want to open the gorgeous packet
and how good does her tea zentangle look framed
makes me happy just seeing it there...

Problem now is that my tea is almost empty
and the typing is going to deteriorate very quickly
when it finally runs out
so I am going to take my cue from Mushu
and hit the couch
maybe he will share the blanket with me
happy Tea day everyone...xx

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Lorinda.C.F said...

If it's any consolation it's been tea day here too. Yep, July 2nd in the Northern Hemisphere and I'm drinking tea to stay warm. It's amazing we get anything done, isn't it!? LOVE your light box. He's so good! Thanks for the visit earlier xx

Jennifer McLean said...

Yup, rain week here, cold too. We're about the same as you, 17 degrees C. Poor mushu, actually, poor US. he looks WARM. I think we should talk to mid USA and get them to share some of their heat. Whatcha think??

All the tea you show me makes me wish I were a true tea person, I love tea but don't have it as much as I wish I did.. and on that note I want a hazelnut coffee, lolol.
Much love,

Sowwies that that damn package is taking so darn long. I hear they had to train the moose to swim before he could get to you with the present. Slow damn moose.

Serena Lewis said...

I've been enjoying my endless hot teas of late too. Orange and cinnamon sounds nice although I'm not really one for sweetness in my hot drinks. That hubby of yours is very handy...he did a great job on the white box!! Great idea too! Neesie's zentangle teapot looks perfect in that white frame.

We're in for more cold, icy weather...I fear my cold is starting to get a good hold on me now. :(

Stay warm and cosy,
Serena xx

Carin said...

Ugh! Cold here too. They just said on the news the other day that April, May and June were the worst on record here in the UK. I can well believe it. I still haven't packed away my daughter's winter coat...just in case lol. It's amazing we get anything done! Tea cures everything though, right. Tea saves!

ooglebloops said...

I'll share some our humid heat with you, for a bit of cool down!!!LOL Love the zentangle gift, and your photo box - I should pull out my white board and start using it for photos!!! Drop by for tea today, and hope you warm up soon....

Sandra Busby said...

Ooh - loving the light box idea! I am going to have to sweet talk hubby in to making me one of those!
Well, as much as Orange tea sounds yum, I HATE cinnamon! So, yuk!
I have however just picked up some raspberry and pomegranate, raspberry and echinacea and Lemon and Ginger tea bags from Twinings. I tried one of the raspberry ones last night with a slice of lemon and i must say, it was deliciously yum and made a refreshing change from my usual bog standard tea! Will be trying the others today :0)

ann @ studiohyde said...

How very clever to have a white box set up for photos...sorry to hear you are in the cold now, so are we and it's meant to be summer..lol.

Katie Jeanne Wood said...

It is super freaking HOT here..we've been in the 100sF for a couple weeks. I'm still drinking hot tea in the mornings, tho. Then I switch to iced tea..no sweetener in either one. Love your light box, and doggie. :)

Neesie said...

Oh if only I had a hubby like your's Trace...but alas we just move house when there's DIY to be done!
Maybe if Sinus did a tutorial post on building the white box,I might be able to have a go myself??? ;D

What a surprise to see my teapot on your wall...to say I was chuffed to little mint balls would be an understatement. Thank you so much for the mention...I'm thrilled you like it and have given it such a good home.

Oh how cute does Mushu look?...all cosy and comfy there...the perfect place for a pooch! ^..^
Stay snug x

Heather said...

tea looks YUMMY and your white box is great - what fantastic idea for taking photos...mine always look so poorly lit.
love the pattern below the colors are making me happy!
we have "guess who" too...i am terrible at it but worse at "headbandz" have you ever seen that game?
enjoy your tea!

SandeeNC said...

awwwwwwwwwww Mushu looks so cute all cuddled under his blanket, hope he shared it with you! ;) LOVE the photograph box that Simon made you, wow! Awesome! Stay warm! waving from the hills of North Carolina :)

Anna said...

I felt the green with envy colors wash over me again seeing your Ike's furniture , then I read underneath the photo that you have a new photo box too. Sigh.

pauline said...

oh Tracey, it was so nice to catch up here. You are so wonderfully talented (in more ways than one) and judging by that GORGEOUS freakin' light box, Sinus Man is talented too!! holy crap, i LOVE it! You are also like the friggin' queen of tea flavors. Don't you love teas when it's cold?! Oh right, i forgot. You love tea anytime. Gorgeous work Tracey. So glad our paths crossed. xox

Unknown said...

I'm sorry it's cold and only getting colder where you are .... opposite end of the planet here - it's only getting warmer. But it is so fun to see things on a grand planetary scale though :)

nice light box there - it makes a huge difference!

VonnyK said...

I am with you on the freezing bit. I have been holding my coffee and drinking heaps of cups of it, just to warm my hands. Moshu looks snuggly and warm. I think he has the best place in this weather. You are really lucky getting that beautiful card from Neesie, it looks fab framed.
What a wonderful hubby, making that photo box, even something like that couldn't help me with photos (it's a blonde thing).
Hope the weather heats up soon.

Chrissy Foreman C said...

How awesome is that light box you have!? I'm currently using 2 tattered old pices of foam core, stuck together like a book using layers and layers of mist-matching tape.
I need a hubsand that doesn't do things by halves!
C xx