Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Things I Don't Know....

There are many things in this world that I don't know
but some are more puzzling than others
the main puzzler at the moment
is how on earth I am supposed to know
what every abbreviation of a country is on the Olympics coverage
and then when I have a stab they Sinus and Phantom decide that can't be right
and go and google it anyway... 
so why not just google it from the start
and leave me to gaze at those fit young men in peace...

After all I am not watching for the sports
because anyone who knows me understands
that I don't do sports 
in any form
and yes I married a golf pro
but that doesn't mean I know the rules of badminton
or understand the intricacies of weightlifting 
though for some reason I find it endlessly hilarious to watch... no clue why
just get the giggles every time I see their screwed up faces

And for the record I have any understanding whatsoever about shooting
table tennis, or that slalom canoeing thing
or most puzzling of all
why the beach volleyball girls seem to be unconcerned
 with having permanent wedgies????
the Olympics is shaping up to be quite a long few weeks
filled with me being asked random questions 
and being reminded that I basically have no clue...
and while we are on the subject of having no clue
some other things I totally don't get are...

Why the dog freaks out when it is windy weather
but loves to stick his head out the car window????

Why there is a person who walks her Shetland Pony 
every Thursday afternoon when I go to pick up Phantom
and how big is that poop bag????

Why boys are wearing their hats sort of half perched on the side of their head
don't they get one side of their nose burnt
or do they even it up by
 propping it jauntily to the other side on alternate days???

And why even though I started out wanting to paint this
gorgeous pastel teacup that my friend Tracey gave me
it still ended up being super bright????
Better go and make another cup and ponder that one at more length
happy Tuesday Tea all...xx

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Roxanne said...

Permanent wedgies? Hahaha! Tracey you are so funny.

Michellem said...

I spent a great deal of time tonight watching synchronized male diving so that I could see TWO fit young men for the price of one!! Very fun!
I want to know why we have to watch two kinds of volleyball? Isn't one bad enough?!

Neesie said...

I'm so jealous of your heart teacup Trace...I must look out for one of those. The tea must taste so much better in one of those.
I love the colour by the way ;D

As to pondering on some of life's mysteries...I've only just recovered from watching all the lycra butts from the Tour de France, to then having the Olympic Road Race...I just can't drag my eyes off their gluts no matter how hard I try!!!
At least I now know I'm not alone watching sport solely for the fit bods! ;D

Lynn Holland said...

Oh and the size of the shoulders of those swimmers. All this sports is not good for a woman of a certain age. Or maybe it is heehee.
What were we talking about, oh yes your cup, beautiful both of them, real and sketched.
-:) Lynn

Sandra Busby said...

I've always wondered why the teenage boys these days seem to want to wear their jeans right down to their knees. They always look like they've had a bit of an accident!
As for the wonderful cup, I think it definitely deserves to be bright! After all it is a pretty awesome cup! I want one!

manomij said...

Great idea that you are showing at the bottom of your post what we may have missed. I headed straight down to the sinus blasting, of course you had me laughing again. How about coming over to the UK for the Olympics and sitting in the steamroom with the fit swimmers and divers. It will kill two birds in one, no more sandblasting of the brain needed and just pleasuring the brain by watching and chatting to the fit bodies. I will come with you!

Carmen said...

What I want to know is - how those female wrestlers hoik those weights up with barely a peep and yet female tennis players can't hit a tiny ball without huge grunts and screams...

Loving your cup both in it's pastel and bright forms ;)

Creatively yours Fi said...

So entertaining !! Very funny Tracey ! I love looking at the fit men also - lovely xX I'm typing this on my phone, here s hoping it posts !

Anonymous said...

great questions, you always make me smile, thats a lovely cup, I have never saw a cup like that before, very nice,

WrightStuff said...

Male swimmers and divers.... ah.....

Unknown said...

I LOVE your tea cup- and think the color is perfect! It really accentuates the heart shape.
I'm not a sports person either- but you're being a lot more responsible Olympics follower than me! I pretty much watch the opening and closing ceremonies and have the rest on in the background while I'm reading at night. Hope this doesn't make me a bad person :) I do (kind of) follow the swimming and gymnastics but don't go out of my way to do so.....

~*~Patty S said...

fun questions for the universe Tracey...I have similar ones LOL

seems your heart (cup) could only be bright

it's a beauty that's for sure!

Happy T day to you

Unknown said...

I'm so glad there are others out in this world who ponder like I do. I've often wondered who they are and I'm glad it's you!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm sort of like you when it comes to certain sports, but because I was a GREAT table tennis (ping pong) player, I know the rules well. Follow the ball (grin) and have a great Tea Tuesday.

Unknown said...

permanent wedgies? too funny :) ... and permanent sand in the bum, I imagine :)

your pastel cup came out bright because you, my friend, are bright yourself ... stellar bright :)

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

Hahaha! Wedgies, I agree.
I LOVE your heart tea cup...both of them!

Rita said...

What an awesome teacup!! :)

I don't watch sports and haven't seen any of the Olympics so far. Out of the loop or outside the box, I guess. ;)

Unknown said...

Tracey!!!! you are too funny!!! love that about you and I love your art!!! that is one cool cup.....

SandeeNC said...

Well, I think I can admit to you of all people that I am fascinated with the TINY swimsuits that the divers wear, and that their lovely package up front it so displayed and so is their butt cracks too....and those gymnist with those powerful thighs and arms....ahhhh to be young again! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Terrie said...

I heard on the radio this morning that the Olympic ratings are some of the highest ever in the US and the announcer credited it with the skimpy swimsuits worn by both men and women in everything from gymnastics to swimming, to biking, etc. Put in-shape bodies in tight clothes and we'll all watch, I guess!

Wouldn't it be interesting for us all to do a post of a list of all the random things we don't know or understand? Of course my list would be quite long, but might be entertaining..... :)

Lynn Cohen said...

It's just such fun to come here for a good laugh! One needs to fit at least one of those into a day. So after crying reading another's blog post it was a relief to come here to cheer up again. Thanks for that, and your bright heart shaped tea is enjoyable too!

Anonymous said...

Things I do know: You're too funny, and that's a really cool cup--pretty whether pastel or bright!