Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Temptation Teabag Teapots....

Tuesday Tea means it is time to come clean
about a teabag related matter...

The temptation of the growing pile of teabag papers finally got to me
and all my plans for growing a glorious mountain of the stuff
has been completely destroyed by my non existent will power

It started with just one paper
just to have a try
just to see if hey were fun to work with
and I justified this appalling about face by telling myself that
if they are rubbish to draw on then I can reclaim the ledge in my kitchen
 which is now the teabag graveyard

More accurately it all started with Kimmie 
she got this obsession started
so I am figuring she is to blame 
for any and all of my actions from reading that post on...

In effort to assuage my guilt at not sticking to the plan
and collecting 50 squillion before I touched any of them
I did draw and paint a little teapot on it
and then added a little handmade paper with one of my favourite quotes on it
from one of my creative heroes.... Olafur Eliasson
and was feeling rather justified in breaking my collecting vow

but on sticking it down in my sketchbook
I may have overdone the glue by more than a smidge
in fact I had a bit of a rush of blood and there is so much glue on that sucker
that it is about double the thickness that it should be
which meant it didn't turn out as great as I wanted it to
close... but not quite
which meant of course that I had to have another go
which meant
another paper
and the vow to just try one was also done and dusted

so we have the little teapot on the other page
and now I am in love with the texture of this paper 
and all vows are out the windows
and all those papers are fair game

and my mind is going a million miles an hour
which means that I will be needing to drink tea at a furious rate
to feed my ever growing need for teabag papers

Which is a slight dilemma 
because I have been mainlining Republic of Tea Blackberry Sage
and the teabags don't give me the lovely paper
they give me some great round ones, but not those lovely slips of stained loveliness
I am going to have to start alternating my tea to ensure a supply of the papers
nice one Kimmie
now even my tea drinking is all manner of complicated  !!!!

some updates on my last few blog posts...

Warning... this post does contain images of a rather disgusting cake 
and if you have a weak stomach you may want to avoid this post... 
trust me my stomach is still reeling because I had to taste the thing... but hey if you are tough head on over to have a look...

is clear of scary cakes, and full of iced tea wonderfulness...


Jaz Higgins said...

Oh dear. Looks like you're just going to have to keep drinking and drinking that tea! The papers are lovely!!

VonnyK said...

Eeew, let me get this straight. You use the teabag, let it dry and take out the leaves, cut up the bag and paint on it?? Not so sure about that one. It looks fantastic, but not sure I would want to play with old teabags. I did find the teashop at Carindale yesterday and thought I was in heaven, only trouble is the free samples don't have sugar and I almost died when I tried some. We will have to go there together and I will BYO the sugar :) Love your pics but I think my teabags will be going into the compost (sorry).

Neesie said...

Now here's the thing...don't ask me how it happened, but I nearly ran out of teabags!!! and I haven't even started thinking about painting with them yet. So I sent my son out for more this morning and guess what...he brought home a box of loose tea. I KNOW!!! It wasn't rocket science... so therefore I won't be able to try out your technique just yet.
I think I'll have to leave it to the experts. I love the effect and the added bonus is you'll have to keep drinking squizillions of tea! Perfect ;D

Jennifer McLean said...

Well now all I want to do is have a cup of tea so I can take apart the teabag! Just great, a new hobby of saving teabags to make art, that could get me sent to the nuthouse!!

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful obsession,

Unknown said...

I love these drawings on the paper :)

Cynthia Patterson said...

Love the pics....Love the excuse for another cup of tea too....LOL
sadly most of my tea bags are round with many many holes.....

Raising a cup of tea to ya!


Roxanne said...

Nifty idea. Dang! I knew I should have keep those used teabags I threw out.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Think you may have started a fashion here!...great drawings:)

ooglebloops said...

I don't know if Kimmie started the trend, but so many bloggy artists paint on teabags now. That's the beauty of saving them - if you mess up - there is always another in the wings (or on the window ledge, waiting for your paintbrush!!! I think yours are wonder-full. I may be inspired soon, to use part of my stash in a sketch or two.......before the tower of bags overflows it's container........LOL
Drop by for tea, if you get a chance....

Vicki Holdwick said...

Loving this, Tracey, but just how big a piece of paper can you get from a tea bag? Or are you staining paper with used tea bags? I'm afraid I don't quite get it and would love some clarification,


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

She passed that obsession on to me, too. YOU and she are responsible for losing my kitchen windowsill.

I've never drawn on tea bags with any success, but I've used rubber stamps on them with some at least. I use them in collages and find them so useful.

I hope the cold weather isn't too bad and your tea "fetish" keeps you warm. Have an awesome Tea Tuesday!

Unknown said...

I love both examples and I'm so glad you gave it another go :)
I use my teabag paper in collage and don't draw on it. I do write journal entries on it though. A nice soft pencil or a charcoal sketcher works great. Check out an Etsy.com artist for some beautiful teabag art: Missouri Bend Studio. Theirs is a primitive style (yours is more precise and refined) but I'm sure you'll enjoy having a peek ....

~*~Patty S said...

Oh dear Tracey
I already knew if it holds still you will paint it/sketch it
now if it holds still you will paint ON it as well
Love it!

I use UHU glue stick to glue down my tea papers ... so many partners in crime ... very happy to know there are others out there not willing to pitch perfectly good paper hah!

Happy T day to you and once again you are so inspiring!

Lynn Holland said...

I'm going to have to get Philip to change his brand of tea as triangle tea bags just have the same effect and I want a go.

Sandra Busby said...

Hmm.. my regular tea-bags are 3D pyramids! I challenge you to try that one, lol! But, even though you have me hooked on fruit teas too, I would never have thought of using the papers like this. What a creative mind you have! Love it! :0)

Unknown said...

Beautiful painting and I LOVE the fact that it's on used tea bags- LOVE it!

Melisa said...

I've accidentally collected a lot of tea bag papers, too. I saw 2 other bloggers painting on them and saved a couple but DS noticed and started adding his to the pile. I finally announced that I was not saving any more because I haven't done a thing with them yet. But I still plan to! Love your little tea pots. Now I'm off to check this Kimmie and her magic papers out.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I love your work! So glad to have "met" you and look forward to visiting again soon.

SandeeNC said...

Well, this is a new one for me...will have to make myself a cup of tea so I can check out the tea bags, lol Your little tea pots look beautiful on their little tea bags! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Terrie said...

True confessions time I guess. I've been quietly following along with all this tea niceness and encouraging correspondence about all manner of things. You might have noticed I never mention tea. There's a reason...sigh. Don't like it. Never have. Have tried and tried all different types, hot and cold. Nope.

I've seen teabag art ideas here and there but never felt inclined to try since I'd have to make a special effort to (ugh) drink it. So, this is one technique I can enjoy from afar and not feel compelled to try.

Absolutely love yours, of course. Hope we can still be friends though I know I'm stretching the limits (what with camping and folding sheets and all).

Serena Lewis said...

AH, the benefits and joys of being a tea drinker. What fun to try the different teas....I confess I'm rather straight-laced and tend to stick to basic English Breakfast tea or Dilmah green tea. I LOVE your teabag art and I will definitely get some teabags dried off when the warmer weather makes an appearance. It's been a miserable, wet week...winter I don't mind but the rain too? NO WAY! :(

Darla said...

Every once in awhile I dry a tea bag and use it as background paper, never thought to draw/paint on it as you have done. Super!


Rita said...

Another post I missed! Darn blogger!
I love this!! I might have to start drinking some tea just for the sake of art. ;)

*jean* said...

oh you make me laugh...and isn't that blackberry sage the bomb??

Fallingladies said...

These are great, i've started saving mine as well, not tried painting on them yet! You are inspiring as always!