Sunday, 22 July 2012

Scary Tea....

I didn't think I would ever write the words scary tea
but I have
scary coffee would be totally expected
after all just recently I had a scary coffee moment
and my friendship with Jen
and when you add that to the more recent 
I think you can start to appreciate why trying chocolate tea
may be making the heart beat just a touch faster.

I was ordering some teas recently and in a complete mad rush of blood moment
ordered a sampler box of chocolate flavoured tea
with the grand idea that they would replace my after dinner scoffing
of chocolate biscuits and/or chocolate
but ever since they arrived early last week they have been staring at me
and for the life of me I can't bring myself to try them
chocolate flavoured tea
it just seems wrong
wrong in the same way that pizza flavoured crisps is wrong
or celery flavoured jelly beans
or tomato flavoured bubble gum

Phantom tried the chocolate and coconut one and pronounced it drinkable
but she is an evil pixie and could well be lying through her teeth
just to be able to see my face contort when I try it if is indeed awful
she is that sort of kid and she has gotten me often enough
like with wasabi flavoured peas... 
not that hot she said
and smiled and giggled gleefully as I turned beet red and had trouble getting my breath
and while they did clear my sinuses nicely... they were freaky hot
so history dictates
that I am pretty much suspicious of any recommendations

I have sat here this morning drawing them in my sketchbook
in an attempt to bring myself to crack open a packet
and take the plunge
and I think my being tentative has bled through into the drawing
which is looking a touch muted and sketchy
maybe I need to do a few more drawings
and once I have a drawing I am happy with then maybe
just maybe
I will be ready to give them a go
in the meantime I am linking up with Sunday Sketches
and sending Alex all my get better soon wishes....xx

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Anonymous said...

well that's a new tea flavor to me, I will admit I do not like artificially flavored teas, I just don't.Your daughter has a great sense of humor,

bellefrogworks said...

Kind of like chocolate covered bacon!

Giggles said...

You are so funny!!I hope you let us know how it is! Great art, but I am so curious!!

Hugs Giggles

Jennifer McLean said...

OOh, strawberry chocolate flavored tea sounds scrumptious and did I see a peppermint chocolate, I'm all over that, but then I've been known to pour peppermint syrup into nearly anything hot and liquid! YUMMM. Go try, the worst that happens is you send them to you very favorite Canadian for Christmas!! Hehehe.
MUch love,

SandeeNC said...

I LOVE wasbi peas, but chocolate tea would keep me at bay too! yikes! lol let us know if you ever take the plunge and try it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Serena Lewis said...

Great sketch! I totally share your view...chocolate flavoured tea is SO wrong! The mere thought makes me cringe. lol

Valerie-Jael said...

Great painting/drawing but I don't like the idea of chocolate tea anymore than I like coffees flavoured with anything apart from coffee! Have a nice day,

Sandra Busby said...

Well - I love your sketches! But the tea does sound awful! We have a cheese spread over here called 'Philadelphia'. Ever heard of it?
Well, they have just released a new flavour - 'CHOCOLATE Philadelphia!!'
Yes - that's right - Chocolate flavoured cheese spread! That is something I also can not bring my self to try, lol! :0)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I do not like wasabi peanuts. As for the chocolate tea, it depends on what the actual flavoring is. Sometimes it can be very artificial and then it is not good at all. I see Peppermint Chocolate -- I would start with that one since we already know for sure that peppermint tea is yummy. I finished a box of mint tim tams the other day. Boy were the good. :) Have a fabulous evening. Tammy

soulbrush said...

your draing technique is amazing! And I love your header too.

Unknown said...

If's so refreshing to read your blog posts Tracey! The choc tea sounds yummy. If you are yet to delve into that experience when I get back, let's try it together! I'm keen. Xx

WrightStuff said...

Ha - wasabi peas - yes, I tried that trick on various family members. Personally I love 'em. I am a little addicted to that kick and rush through your sinuses that you get. Rest of the family think I am wierd (but what's new?).

So, what's it like? I think it might be quite nice. AFter all, a chocolate digestive dipped in a cup of PG is rather delicious!

Jez said...

Love your blogpost as always, but PLEASE don't invite me for tea, the idea of chocolate tea is revolting, like the idea of porage flavoured ice-cream.

Nigel said...

Tea & chocolate is a good combination, just not in one cup. Although if you added some wasabi you wouldn't have to worry about the chocolate taste. Actually, you wouldn't have to worry about any taste for the next couple of hours. Bleeuurrggh.

Ginny said...

I think chocolate/peppermint tea sounds awesome. If you have, that let me know how it is. You must have so much fun with your daughter.

Molly said...

so funny that you actually tried these! i was in a store this weekend and thinking of you because i saw all these chocolate teas crowding a shelf. for a brief moment i thought, "should i try some?" and then i realized, "no, then it would just be crowding my pantry shelf and i'd never actually drink it!" although it does seem as though the two such wonderful things SHOULD be wonderful together!

i think your painting of them is probably far more appealing than the teas themselves... xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they made chocolate tea only to read your entertaining struggle. What a sweet little heart shaped tea cup though! As always your art is exceptional Tracey. xoxo

Rita said...

I thought chocolate flavored coffee beans sounded good, too. They were awful. Not even adding cream helped. LOL! Good luck! Tea is a whole different beverage, after all. ;)