Friday, 27 July 2012

Sandblasting my Brain....

Time to come clean
my husband Sinus Man gets a bit of a bad rap at times
Yes his snores have been likened to everything from
than landing of a 747
to having the ability to suck curtains from windows, and strip paint from walls
but he is not alone is being cursed with dreaded sinuses
I too am cursed, though with a much milder more ladylike form of course
and while I don't manage to produce the truly awe inspiring amounts of mucus
that Sinus does
it is gross none the less and does drive me a bit nuts
so when my local pharmacist suggested I tried this stuff
and he said it would change my life
and that while it would be unpleasant for a few days it would be worth it
I figured I would give it a shot

So I headed home
read the insert, scoffing at things like tingling sensation and a watering of the eyes
and blithely sprayed my right nostril
dear mother of god it was like
someone was trying to sandblast my brain
and I swear I could have broken droughts with the amounts of tears I produced
I ended up sitting on the floor in a half foetal 
holding my nose, cursing the masochistic pharmacist
 and alternately trying to stem the water gushing from my eyes
and disgusting amount of mucus streaming from my nose
with the dog helpfully offering sympathy by licking my elbow
all the time knowing that I was only half way there

Nothing in life prepared me for the second nostril
this stuff could take down a hopped up wrestler
it is the pepper spray of the sinus world
how something made from cyclamen petals could induce such burning pain
is totally beyond me
and from that moment on I knew I would never
 be able to have another cyclamen in the house
their beauty hides pure evil... 

fast forward an hour and horror of all horrors
the stuff actually was working
my eyes were still watering and it would appear 
that there is an endless supply of gross stuff residing in my nasal area
but ears were popped, headache gone and I actually felt pretty good
which meant that the endless cycle of taking sudafed type stuff 
great news , not just for me but for the family who has to put up with me
bouncing around like a maniacal bunny
but the bad news was that it would have to be repeated every day for 7 days

So I write this at the day three mark
and while it is still painful and feels a bit like someone is spearing my brain 
with a pitchfork dipped in chilli sauce
it is indeed giving me relief so I am going to hang in there
and while  I think they should rework the packaging
and that calm looking face
should have someone howling like their brain is exploding
maybe the pharmacist was right and it is life changing
if for no other reason than I now know that 
either I have no pain tolerance what so ever
or that the people who write inserts are lying masochists
either way good to have learnt something from the experience...

happy Paint Party Friday all ...xx

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for your sinus troubles but glad that they seem to be helped by that horrible(helpful) stuff. :) fantastic illustrations and I like your idea for what the box should look like...not sure how they'd market it though.;)

Kristin Dudish said...

The cyclamen used to create your nasal spray were no doubt "bullied", and this is simply their revenge (Just wait until the tulips catch on!)


p.s. I so love your posts & hope by the time you read this you are feeling much, much better!

p.p.s. The heart shaped teacup a few posts down has got to be one of the greatest things ever!

p.p.p.s. Hi Phantom!

p.p.p.p.s. Nothing else... just wanted to see how many I could get away with before you booted me off your blog!

Serena Lewis said...

OH dear, it sounds like positive torture! However, I guess, it may be worth enduring if you are getting good results. I'm not a fan of nasal sprays but there was a natural saline-type one that the chemist gave me to try once to help with a bad sinus condition I had. It was caused by that dust storm we had a few years back. The spray wasn't as rapid a relief as you've noticed with that one but I feel it helped....and no, I can't remember the name.

Btw, great sketches!

Alicia C said...

I have heard wise persons (I forget who) say that medicine itself, through helping to cure an imbalance, will cause another imbalance in its place. At least in this case the imbalance was worth it!! Great story, and awesome illustration, as usual! Happy PPF!

Robin Panzer Art said...

You never cease putting my into paroxysms of laughter. I'm struggling with a cold but can't and won't bring myself to use the evil stuff, so I'll suffer the old fashioned way and drink too much diet coke...LOL! Happy PPF! #7 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

Lynn Cohen said...

Unless that label promised me a life time of clear nasal passages after the seven days of sheer torture I do not think I would submit myself to it. Good luck.
I hope you have skin left in your nose after this is all over.

art? oh yes, you continue to draw in ways that impress me no end even while crying and dripping and hurting. You are incredible.

Anonymous said...

ooohhhhh, yowza!! count on you to find the good stuff, babe, and experience all that life has to give you and your sinuses........... sheesh.

but i gotta give you a heads up from my own gorgeous husband, aka 'the candy man': sudafed PE is not a sinus medication. yes, it's labeled and sold as one, and can sometimes give relief from the painful symptoms involved in sinus pressure, but the old sudafed (pseudoephedrine) was a bronchodilator, which opens up one's interior passages. the new sudafed PE (and i forget what the PE stand for now) is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it tightens your blood vessels. i still can't get my head around why this particular drug was chosen for the substitution, but it's a bad choice. several studies have proven that at best, a patient will receive placebo-effect relief, but no other real benefits as far as sinuses go.

try to find a chemist who will get the real deal for you; it's soo much better. AND send me your address so you can try the guiafenesin i was telling you about....

xoxo, buf

Unknown said...

Sorry about your sinus, but you made me laugh. Seems that you are doing great with that, so hang in there and you will be sinus free soon. Love your story and illustrations!!

Have a great day!

Ayala Art said...

My goodness that sounds terrible but I had to laugh at the hysterically funny way you write things! I hope yo do much better as time passes, and maybe the guy at the pharmacy should add more info to his recommendations :oS

Valerie-Jael said...

Sounds great! Hope you soon feel better! Valerie

Unknown said...

Lol, I wonder if they sell that stuff here in France... next time I get ze blocked sinus I will have to give it a threshold of pain is less than zero, so you might hear me screaming from the otherside of the world... :)

WrightStuff said...


Well, I bet this is a unique entry for PPF!

Hope you feel better. I can sympathise. I once got sinusitis while abroad with work. Flying home was pretty painful as we came into land I can tell you!

When I went to the doctor I saw him type the word PUTRID into my notes. It was kind of satisfying that my pain warranted such an adjective.

Clever artwork as ever my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Tracey you never cease to make me laugh. How you take an everyday ordinary occurrance and put that hilarious story telling spin on it!! I could nearly feel my sinuses tingling in sympathy at your descriptions. I have to say you're pretty brave - I'm not sure I could've put myself through that torture for 7 days on the trot!
Love your illustrations to go with as always!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I have post nasal drip issues due to a deviated septum. Yep fancy way of say I've got sinus problems too, but I don't think we have that same stuff here in Canada. And since I'm allergic to pain, I'll just suffer along stuffily. Feel better!
Stay inspired!

soulbrush said...

There is nothing worse than sinus problems, but I do love all your sketches. Hope it all settles soon. Happy PPF.

Lori said...

OMG! My Mucus Man and you Sinus Man some day need to meet - too funny. We read your post together and laughed out loud. He then attempted to see if this product was in the US but we have been unable to find it. He will keep looking. He will try anything to rid him of the mucus oxox

Anonymous said...

well I hope to heavens it works, I have sinus troubles and would love to find a good product, this seems a bit scary though, I'll wait to see how you feel at the end of the 7 days, my heart goes out to you, wow,

Roxanne said...

I can sympathize with you. My truck driver husband has sinus problems and no longer has a sense of smell, and so also no ability to taste, all from breathing in flurocarbons (spelling may be wrong) from diesel fuel. When he gets an attack his nose runs like a river, leaves him miserable.

Rhonda said...

Wow, I've never heard of that stuff. Will have to see if I can find it as we suffer too. Let us know if it works after you've past the torture stage. Love the sketches!

Unknown said...

Great illustrations and your writing is delicious. So sorry you're suffering but hope relief is in your near future.

Christine said...

Oh it sounds awful. We have Nasonex here in Canada. Beautiful art from everyday life!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Well, I've made a note of this highly effective pain inducer!!..(husb. says I snore something awful...personally I think it's the monster under the bed)!...Love your paintings, as always.

Sandra Busby said...

Lol! My eyes are watering because I am laughing! I have heard of spray for blocked noses when you get a cold, but not for snoring! It sounds like sniffing mustard powder - not that I have ever done that of course - but how I would imagine it! Still, no pain, no gain right? And meanwhile we get highly amusing posts like this with delightful drawings to go with it! I am however very glad that you didn't draw any mucus :0)

Kat Sloma said...

Oh. My. I would never want to try that stuff. But if it works... maybe it's like giving birth. You forget about how much it hurts by the time you are ready for the second... Happy PPF! LOVED seeing your postcards this week. They are gorgeous!

GlorV1 said...

My husband uses nasal sprays and has his nose tends to bleed a lot from using those sprays. He has bad allergies. You've done a great job with the piece. Happy PPF!

Susan said...

Oh, I would love a sandblast! Fantastic post!

Unknown said...

OUCH! I guess if it makes you feel better, it's worth it. I have to admit that I felt a little guilty smiling while I was reading this, almost like I was laughing at your expense. But the way you write is so funny, it's impossible not to smile ;)
I like your illustration too- maybe you should create a new and improved version of the face and send it to them as a suggestion for their packaging?

Marji said...

Sounds like quite a price to pay for relief. However it did sound like it works. Sinus troubles are no fun. I hate to think I was getting so much enjoyment from your misery - but this post did have me smiling. Happy PPF

carlarey said...

You are a braver woman that me...I'd never have made it to the second nostril. Hope it works miracles and you are soon Snot-Free!

I do love your brilliant illustrations of such ordinariness as medicine packaging.

SandeeNC said...

Oh, I am so sorry that I am laughing so hard that tears are pouring from my eyes at your pain, but you are too funny! I hope this does help, but after reading this, I would be too terrified to try it! Oh My! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Faye said...

Congratulations, Tracey! How you can do such fantastic paintings while suffering from the nasal drip pains is more than I can fathom. I have a severe tooth pain from an abscess and I can hardly even think straight.

Terrie said...

Thank God I don't suffer sinus or allergy stuff because that junk just sounds horrendous. I'm so glad you found something that helps, but my God woman, you're a brave one! :)

peggy gatto said...

I shouldn't smile at your discomfort, but I did enjoy this post!!!

Siggadisart said...

Beautiful paintings you are making.

Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston) said...

That's pretty hilarious, but at least you got some lovely drawings out of it. Maybe I'll recommend it to my mother-in-law - she's had a postnasal drip thing for months.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Ouch! It hurt just to read that! I was going to recommend it to my son, who occasionally get terrible sinus infections, but he is chicken and I am afraid he would never let me see my grandson again! It is amazing how you can take ordinary objects and turn them into art!!! Thanks for stopping by to comment at my blog. Happy PPF

Ginny said...

What a gift you have. To make something so awful sound so funny. You are a woman of many talents. Your illustrations were wonderful as always.

Molly said...

i love the fact that i'm never quite sure what i'm going to read about when i come to your page... but i always know it will make me smile!

sorry to hear about your sinus problems... but gotta love that it yields such great stories and art!

by the way, how was the chocolate tea??? did you end up giving it a whirl?

Linda said...

Thanks for painting the wanted posters of the pain inducing yet snot relieving meds.

Thanks too for the funny post. I hate to laugh at your pain but you are a gifted comedic writer as well as painter so I couldn't help it. :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

After picking myself up off the floor from laughing so not at your pain but the lying masochists TOO FUNNY. I do have to say I have sinus problems & its hard to sleep & my ear plugs up making it miserable, but I am so afraid of these sprays getting me hooked on them. Here we can't get the original Sudafed sinus that really worked because its illegal unless you have a prescription. Royal pain in the patooie. Art work well done as usual. Writing Priceless. :) HPPF

Unknown said...

Ahahah!! Your posts are always so funny! Sorry if I smile at your sinus problems!
My husband is 747, too. He is snoring right now, and the house is trembling.... :))

Giggles said...

Poor you!! I was excited at first wondering what amazing cure you had for cupcake.... wow not sure she could take the torture!! Certainly hope you find relief! The illustrations wonderful despite it's evil premiss to fool the sinus sufferer!!

Feel better soon!!

Hugs Giggles

denthe said...

OMG, that sounds horrible! You're very brave to keep repeating it! Love your illustrations.

Fallingladies said...

I am now officially sooo glad i never had sinus troubles... Hope that horrible stuff helps you! I love your travel kit sketch, i am right there with you on that one, we use alot of the same things, and i have given up on pencils too. I also thought of you twice while in blogland, first while making this tea post...
as i was wondering if you ever drink fresh tea... And second when i discovered this book...
I love liz steele's blog but she's collected her tea sketches all into a Selfpublished blurb book. If you haven't seen it, it is right up your alley!

Daniele Valois said...

You make me laugh. So sorry about the sinus troubles, I understand! But I just love how you sketch and paint every little thing and then give it such life. Awesome!

Carolyn Dube said...

You must really have had a lot of sinus paint to make this stuff work taking over and over. What doesn't break you makes you stronger - so this must be making you very strong!

Sabina said...

Holy hell, that sounds horrible. Being a seasonal allergy sufferer I certainly sympathize, though. Hope this seven day business is over with soon. Great depictions of the torture devices though!

Unknown said...

but i think I would sooner try that remedy than the weird looking tea pot you pour into one nostril while everything washes out the other nostril - a water torture to be sure

the head explosion from chinese hot mustard sounds similar to what your describing - I can't imagine doing it on purpose :)

JKW said...

You will never run out of subjects to paint, because you will never run out of real life. Your stories are fun and your art reflects that fun.. . . we, I remember sinus when I lived in the North, thankfully, not once since I've moved here. Blessings, Janet PPF

Carola Bartz said...

This sounds horrifying! I hate anything that I have to spray into my nose and try to avoid it by any means. However, it seems to work with you, and I hope that you hang in there for the remaining days and then it will be over and you will feel well!

Carol said...

What an amazing description of your sinus treatment... I certainly hope it works for you. I just might investigate getting some for myself. Great art too!

Neesie said...

Promise me Trace that if Sinus ever feels brave enough to try this product that you'll video it! It just sounded soooooooooooo funny and you really tell it so well. You even cleared my tear ducks and nasal passages...especially when I snorted my cuppa reading it!
(Maybe that's too much information?) :$
Hopefully a brilliant creative week lies ahead...enjoy ;D

Natasha said...

I shouldn't be laughing, but your post made me smile. So descriptive. I am fortunate that I don't suffer from sinuses (touch wood very quickly), but I know someone who does, so I will let them know about this stuff, and that it gets better after the first use. I may leave out the "sandblasting the brain" description however. :)

Rita said...

Your art is so clever, I love how you paint the everyday things...truly turning sinus spray into art requires great talent!