Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bamboo Boo Boos....

I have had this idea floating around in my brain for the last few weeks
and am on a mission to get it out of the brain and onto paper
mind you my brain must be quite a cushy place
because it is showing no great desire to leave its roomy confines
and is  staying firmly locked in the grey matter

Along the fence near the studio is a stretch of bamboo
which over the wet season has exploded into a riot of shoots and green
and softly clatters in the breeze
and seems to make me feel warm no matter what the winter is delivering
and the bonus is that in the summer it will shade the pool and studio
and keep me cool

All day long I sit and gaze out the window and see it swaying and moving
and it is always in motion
it can be quite mesmerising
and I want to capture it
I can see it in my mind
but just can't quite get it out on the page

But I am hanging in there
and these are the experiments
and rough sketches
all the ones I make mistakes on
which is where the boo boos comes in
which is a bit sad but couldn't resist
and while they aren't where I want them
they are kind of on the way

I am starting to like the effect that gouache is having on the backgound
and think I want to explore that idea
and in my brain it is quite a detailed line drawing over a soft background
so that the background suggests the movement
while the detailed drawing shows the lovely lines and shapes
and obviously these aren't the detailed drawings

but I have fallen into that trap before
doing a detailed involved drawing and then mucking it up with the paint
so I think I have the background down
and so the next step will be to do some close sketches of the bamboo
and then put it all together

It will be fun to watch it come together
because they have already come along way
but that is all in the nature of it
and it is always satisfying to smugly sit back when it works out
and look back on the ordinary beginnings.... xx

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Jennifer McLean said...

OO, this sounds too cool. I can't wait to see where you go with this. When you mentioned wanting to show the movement I think I had a similar idea that you did, assuming I'm understanding where you're going. Isn't new ideas fun to explore?? Not old, tried and true stuff but NEW and interesting, never before perfected ideas??
You go girl, I can't wait to see!!
Much Love,

Giggles said...

I too look forward to the completed project!! Love what you have so far...I am so in love with that blue lately anyway!The sketches are gorgeous!!

Hugs Giggles

Jez said...

These prelim sketches are really great, I feel I can see them swaying in the breeze and their whispering rustles as the breeze increases. So they must have something that comes across to the viewer. Look forward to seeing the final result.

bellefrogworks said...

I love the sketches and can see them coming together - I have mucked up backgrounds more times than I can remember (very impatient so I have trouble waiting for anything to dry!) Didn't get a chance to comment earlier this week - but your post on the nasal spray had me leaking from eyes and nose with laughter! Loved the sketches too!

Sandra Busby said...

I love your sketches and the subject too - Bamboo is just such a lovely plant - we had a bunch in our old garden but it soon began to take over! And years ago when we were staying in the South of France, we got evacuated from our camp site because the bamboo fields nearby set on fire! It was an amazing site! We don't have any in our present garden, but I miss the sound of it rustling in the breeze - it always reminds me of past holidays :0)

Betsy Brock said...

beautiful bamboo! But I couldn't get over your header, actually! I just love that! So great to meet you today and browse through your blog! Lovely!

Michellem said...

Gorgeous!! It would be beautiful to see all the sketches hanging as a collection!

Morph Waffle said...

Very pretty, the background does look really great! Your bamboo sounds wonderful, I want some outside my window now!

SandeeNC said...

Maybe you can blame it on the nasal spray that has been sand blasting your head. maybe you cleaned out the creativity part! lolwaving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Neesie said...

How's looking amazing already and I think we're in for a treat!
Just wondering if it isn't you're new clear nasal passages causing the bamboo to that you can breath with such efficiency and gusto? ;D
We've had bamboo growing in many of our gardens over the expat years and I too would love to sit and watch it dance. There's definitely something hypnotic about it's movement....or maybe I've had too many sun-downers...what do you think?
I'm really looking forward to this exciting venture...whoohoo bring it on Trace! Show us how it's done :D

Sabina said...

I dig these, not only because of the calming effect they have with all the leafiness and the tropical colors, but also because I know you had to leave your comfort zone to make these happen. Now if only I could do the same...

Well anyway happy SS and I hope your sinus issues are getting better.

Christine said...

Lovely bamboo sketches Tracey! I like the background colour too.

carol l mckenna said...

Great sketches ~ I have many bamboo boo boos ~ be yourself and then it flows ~ (I need to tell myself that constantly) ~ thanks, namaste, ( A Creative Harbor)

sharon said...

I love the movement in these sketches and the colours. Sometimes simple things are the hardiest to get down on paper

Debbie said...

i think the paintings are coming along nicely, so please keep it up! I'll be back to see the finished pieces!

Unknown said...

Love the sketches...I've tried to draw bamboo in the's so darn difficult...tricky little suckers... I'm just content to look at them :)

Alexandra MacVean said...

I don't think these are boo boos at all. They're lovely and I like the green shading throughout each piece. You have an amazing style that I'm sure many of us wish we held within the palm of our hands!! :) Hugs

Darla said...

We have bamboo along our back fence too and I think you are doing really well at capturing it on paper.


Heather said...

I love listening to bamboo...
how peaceful for you!
love how you are interpreting it too!

Terrie said...

I love bamboo - we had some in a previous yard and I loved the privacy screen it created. Plus, who doesn't love the sound of those leaves in the breeze and the stalks are just begging to be drawn. I love the mental picture you've drawn for us and can't wait to see it actualize!