Friday, 8 June 2012

Slammin Tams....

I feel that I should preface this post
with a warning that it may offend some of you
not that there is racy language or radical political views
but I do understand that biscuit preferences 
are a very personal thing
and for the sake of clarity 
biscuits are cookies
not those weird things we were served when we lived in Florida
which were like a hybrid scone / rock cake
they confused the heck out of us
but as the subject of today's post is particularly Australian biscuits
then biscuits it is

So the deal is that the whole country is Tim Tam mad
as winter descends all over our fair country
people become totally obsessed with their chocolatey goodness
they outsell every other bickie
like 5 billion to one and
 people are doing an unspeakable practice
called a Tim Tam slam

A Tim Tam slam involves biting corners off
and using the bickie like a straw
sucking a hot drink through the chocolate cream filling 
then quickly stuffing the whole thing 
in your mouth where it basically collapses in a mess of chocolate
in what can only be described as biscuit nirvana
which you would think would make them
almost my perfect food group
but the thing is I have to come clean and say
I am a Mint Slice girl

Please don't think poorly of me
and I know there are people sadly shaking their heads
at my admission
its just that they are the perfect balance of 
crunchy biscuit, minty filling, and thick chocolate coating
and while there is no there is no cool dunking slam practice involved
if the two packets are in the fridge
then the mint slice is going to disappear like no body's business
in fact they somehow disappeared so quickly
that I couldn't include them properly in the painting
and they just make a guest appearance at the bottom

and the big news is that I have heard from a friend that Tim Tams
are available in the USA
and are made by Pepperidge Farm
and I have been assured that while they aren't quite the same
they are indeed slammable
which is a relief because all I remember about Pepperidge Farm 
is those goldfishy things
which Phantom loved when we lived there
 so you may want to hunt them down and give a slam a go
but me I will be sitting back with my packet of mint slice
cruising the Paint Party Friday blogs
safe in the knowledge that they are for our fair shores alone...xx

This week you may have missed


Anonymous said...

I have never had either one of these cookies before, they do however sound amazing! Very yummy,

Linda said...

Oooh the Tim Tam's sound wonderful but I am happy that you said they weren't the same here in the US because I might have run out the door in search for them. I shouldn't do that because I've just started my back to health lifestyle eating plan (I refuse to say the "D" word.)

The painting is makes my mouth water for it's chocolatey goodness.

Also love the No Pearl Jam Peony...Lovely.

Kristin Dudish said...

I was all set to hop on a plane to Australia (tim tam slammin' definitely sounds right up my alley), but now that I know Pepperidge Farm makes something similar I will be more practical and scour my local markets! (My ever increasing behind thanks you! Ha!)


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh dear.. Now I am going to have to go crusin in the market isle to find Peperridge Farms Tim Tams... and.. I am not sure I should even try one as I am trying to not eat a lot of sugar and be on a better eating D word mentioned here either... if they are half as good as your painting makes them look then I will be a gonner :)) Love the Drawings. Happy early PPF. Mine will be posted later.

Roxanne said...

Your description of how you eat these biscuits is hilarious. I love your sense of humor.

Roxanne said...

Oh, and I just have to say my high school English teacher would have had a heart attack from your run-on sentences. LOL

Anonymous said...

i do not know where to begin with this, traceeeeyy..

first i must address the 'biscuits' you were served in florida.. nooo, they are not scones or rock cakes, and you obviously did not have them served to you properly (where is the southern hospitality, i ask??!!), that is to say, steaming hot, slathered in butter and honey, or with a fried breakfast sausage (PORK!!) and smothered in red-eye gravy (you guessed it, a shot of strong coffee in that gravy). my apologies for your mistreatment...

i remember the bad old days when the only way to get some tim tams in the states was to get yer mum to fly over with a suitcase full! me, i simply loaded up during girl scout cookie season on the 'thin mints' and was able to sustain myself fairly happily. but they've gotta live in the freezer for me to REALLY enjoy them. and i do the same with my mint slices. the best part?? my gorgeous husband HATES frozen bikkies. winning!!

xoxo, buf

Jennifer McLean said...

well yummo batman!! Yup, mom brought a box of tim tams home a few years ago saying the girls at work scarf them down like they're going out of style. Yes, they're totally yummy, from what I remember. I only got like 2. Mom CLAIMS not to really like chocolate. Which in my book makes her a big chocolate hog liar. lol. Her faves are pep patties so she'd LOVE your mint biscuits. I'll have to see if they carry them here. Still gotta find those after eights for a certain chocolaholic I know and love. The timtam slam sounds both gross and totally decedent! like being able to somehow dunk icing and still be able to pop it in your mouth. Yup, yumm.
Have you ever had the chocolate mint oreos that come out at christmas?? double stuffed oreos covered in mint chocolate?? GOD, it's terrible what the cookie industry will to to us addicts. shame, shame shame. ;o)

VonnyK said...

I have to admit, I'm a slammer from way back. There is no other biscuit like the Tim Tam. Choc mint comes in a close second in my house, but the Tim Tam rules. I have to regulate the buying of these little devils as they disappear as quickly as the arrive. My mum still has to send packets of Tim Tams to my brother, who lives in Canada. Wonder if they will be available there now?
I have been very strong and not bought any this winter, but now look what you've done Trace, I will have to go and get some. All it takes is a look at the packet and I'm gone....

Kristin said...

YOU totally crack me up! LOVE this - and No, I have never heard of such a thing as slamming (see, I probably said that wrong ;) BUT I have heard of Pepperidge Farm, I think I'm in trouble . . .
Beautiful illustrations by the way, and I SO LOVE your Peony below!
So happy to have you playing along wit the Summer of Color too, xoxo

Ayala Art said...

oh my gosh.... you left me drooling for chocolate and i have NON! :>O
Illustrations are awesome, and tomorrow i will go get some cookies.
That thing you were describing was probably biscotti? those are like hard bread.
Anyway, stay warm! (we are baking here in the late 30's C)

Neesie said...

I'm a tim tam fan and devoted to them but when listening to Hugh Jackman describe how good and goregous they are...aww...sigh....
Oh sorry...well I have to confess Trace, I haven't tried the slam but guess what? There's a whole new packet (I know but I only bought them in the last hour...give me time!)
I'm away to try out and no-one's here to witness it...sheer bliss ;D
I can make as much noise as I like and get as messy as necessary to try out this new sport.
Rest assured I'll give it my full and utter attention :D
Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

FLO said...

Je ne connais pas ces biscuits. Je ne pense pas qu'ils existent en France!
Bon week-end! et merci pour vos images gaies et colorées

Valerie-Jael said...

The cookies look good, and your paintings even better, as they are free of calories! Valerie

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Yep! I'm with you! Mint Slice it is. We get the Arnott's brand here. We also get Tim Tams which I had never heard of before until Australian friends mentioned they were on the hunt for them. In the States, when Girl Scouts would sell their cookies, I always bought the thin mint. After Eights are one of my favorite chocolate indulgences, too. Along with York Peppermint Patties. And if all else fails, mint green tea with a bit of dark chocolate will do the trick. Mint and chocolate are a perfect combination. And your drawings are always incredible. Best wishes, Tammy

froebelsternchen said...

Yammie!!!!! fabulous!
Happy PPF!

Anne Manda said...

mmmmm.... I'm drooling here... Very delicious looking biscuits!
Awesome Peony!

Mandy said...

Wow...we had Tim tams last night...i hate soggy biscuits so only tried using tom tams. as a straw once...but that crunch of white chocolate tim tam with a frothy coffee....amazing...not into mint slices other but those toffee crowns...yum paintings are always

Anonymous said...

I remember watching an interview once with someone from Australia (for the life of me I can't remember if it was Kylie, Danni or that one who was in Neighbours then did that Kiss Kiss song?) but what I DO remember is that they were talking about these amazing Australian biscuits that you could suck your tea up through - clearly they were the TIM TAMS of which you speak!! They sound amazing. Even if I can't eat milk chocolate anymore, I can imagine that they are divine! Great illustrations as always!

Sandra Busby said...

Well, we don't get those here! But my husband has the similar revolting habit of using a Kit-Kat, which is basically a chocolate covered wafer bar, as a straw and drinking his tea through it! YUK!! I can't even dunk a biscuit! My tea is far too precious, lol!
Fabulous paintings!!

carol l mckenna said...

lSounds yummy and great illustrations ~thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

EVA said...

Love your paintings of the Tim Tams! They are new to me but the slamming sounds sinfully yummy.

Marji said...

This slam thing... it sounds like something I need to try - chocolate, mint and all the other yummy stuff - really!? I'm in. Lovely painting and yummy post. Happy PPF

Nancy McCarroll said...

Guess I am out of the loop; never heard of them before.

Cute post.

Happy PPF


Unknown said...

Tim Tam Slam- anything with a name like that has GOT to be fabUlous! You can be sure I'll be looking for them! Great illustration too (as always ;))

Carolyn Dube said...

What a great subject you painted today- chocolatey goodness! I am going to have to find those Tim Tams, for purely cultural reasons, and slam! Happy PPF!

Michelle Webb said...

I need to try the Tim Tams, they sound like what we do with Twix's over in the uk. We bite them at each end and use them as straws.mmmmm. Great artwork. Happy PPF Michelle #66

carlarey said...

The Tim Tam Slam is pure undefiled genius! Whoever invented it deserves some kind of honor.

When we were kids we used to make hot lemonade and slurp it up through a peppermint stick.

kristin maynes said...

Yum! I love it! Great painting! Happy PPF!

SandeeNC said...

I've never heard of them, and that's probably a good thing as I already have too many chocolate addictions anyway! But they sound yummy! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

manomij said...

Lol we or I lick those here in the UK, they are not called Tam Tam and as I am a Dutch chick I have forgotten what they really are called over here. I just think as long as they look good they taste good. I keep licking...they last longer...good for the diet.
I read somewhere you are doing the Summer of colour challenge...yes yes yes I cant wait to see what you have in store. i am waiting with my cuppa!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Wow! Use it like a straw?! :)) That's awesome! Great illustrations!

Giggles said...

What a great story ....I'm going to be on the hunt here in Canada! Sometimes we have imports from other parts!! I will be looking for the mint ones too!! Thanks for sharing a small part of your world!! I always love visiting!!

Hugs Giggles

Abela said...

Hummmm! That's nice. Saludos

GlorV1 said...

Love your descriptions and illustrations of this candy. Really looks good. Great work as always. Happy PPF, thank you.

Kat Sloma said...

Oh my, do I love your blog header! The colors! And tea! I enjoyed your discussion of biscuits here. Happy PPF!

Anna said...

My mouth is watering reading this. I am wondering if your mint ones are similar to thin mint girl scout cookies? Off to eat dinner or supper before I feel the need to raid the cabinets of yummy chocolate cookies. I am also feeling the need to apologize for the confusion in Fl over our biscuits. We love them.

Sabina said...

Great art--looks delish!

Nora MacPhail said...

Hey, you don't kid around! Love all the biscuit paintings!

Lynn Cohen said...

Okay, we already know that I love the way you draw and paint! That is a given!!!! We call them cookies here and Pepperidge Farm makes the very best! I love the mint chocolate slamed between two vanilla cookie ovals! Always have always will. My daughter loves mint chip ice cream too.
All is delightful here and no feelings hurt a'tall.


Christine said...

lovely sketch of one of my favourite topics, food and chocolate. Love the way you eat these too, hope to try that one of these days.

Mary C. Nasser said...

That chocolate looks delicious!!
Wish they had it in the states!
Always enjoy your blog.
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

deeplyrootedinbeing said...

Oh, my word! I love your work and I'm now going to out for some chocolate!

Rhonda said...

I've never heard of Tim Tams but I will for sure be on the lookout for them. You made me want some NOW!!! Loving your illustrations as well, and now I have to go eat some chocolate! Happy PPF! :-)

Lisabella Russo said...

Hmm, I'm getting the impression that people can be very serious about their biscuits... They sound delicious, perhaps a little too delicious ;). Your illustrations are lovely!

Unknown said...

We don't have such cookies here in Italy.... it's a pity............... :(

Creatively yours Fi said...

Yummo!!! Wish I had some now :) I love chocolate and mint together also better than a Tim Tam.....

Anonymous said...

Love your drawings as always! These look lovely and yummy.
My husband is from England and I'm sure he had the whole biscuit issue himself,but he never mentioned it to me. I had my own taste of it when we went there to visit his mother though. I thought offering biscuits after dinner was a little strange- but your surprise ended worse than mine did! I think I'd be a mint slice girl too btw. :D

Melisa said...

I've heard of the Tim Tam Slam but didn't know we could get the cookies here. They look yummy. Yes, those are cookies not biscuits. Nothing at all like biscuits. ;) Your sketches are wonderful! You even make cookie wrappers beautiful!

Jaz Higgins said...

Those poor poor American souls who have yet to discover the Tim Tam Slammer. I'm so glad you cleared up the biscuit thing too - I was confused when they say on tv shows that they are having chicken and biscuits for

~*~Patty S said...

You temptress you!!!

you've bent my arm and left me wondering WHERE I'll be able to find my Tim Tams ;)

wishing you a slamming weekend!

Deepa Gopal said...

Your drawings are gorgeous so is your description...:)Yum!

Fallingladies said...

Never had either before, but will have to search for them, i love your loose style sketches soooo much, always makes me want whatever you are drawing!!!

pauline said...

oh, dearest Tracey... it was so nice to catch up here. I can almost TASTE these Tim Tam's... holy crap, they look scrumptious. i so love your artwork & your words. You always have a way of reminding me not to take life too seriously. Thanks for that. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I knew it was your blog I saw them, I knew it! I even commented here, I will try this oh yes I will, all in the name of science right!! Oh my they are good, ours were the blue pack, 5.00 canadian dollars, worth every cent!!!