Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bean There Done That....

I so used to love my 8B pencil
I had quite the thing for my 9B as well
but 9B was more of a fling pencil
and 8B did it for me
he was the George Clooney of the pencil world

and I had him so well trained
I had put hours and hours into breaking him down 
and making him do exactly what I wanted him to do
I swear if I had of had a bit more time 
I could have convinced that poor pencil to do the washing and cook me dinner
but like all doormats
he became a bit boring
and sending time with him was rather ho hum
so maybe George isn't accurate, 
because who could ever get sick of George

now maybe I wasn't giving him interesting material to work with
opening the fridge
and grabbing what was in the crisper may not be challenging
and when I set him challenges he always answered
this roadway saw us spend many weeks together 
because it was stupidly big
full A1 sheet of paper big
I know  I know
I have no clue what I was thinking either
but even when my hand was cramping 
and I was cross-eyed from looking at freakin leaves
8B hung in there

Which makes me feel a touch bad 
that I have abandoned him so thoroughly
so again George may have been a bad analogy
I really should have put a bit more thought into that one
but the truth is my microns are just sexier
they are fun and playful
and don't always do what I want
and they make me push my boundaries
they are frustrating, riskier and I make many more mistakes
but that is what I like about them
no ho hum with them
so while I acknowledge that 8B was good to me
I have moved on to more exciting pastures
I don't think it makes me a bad person
and if we had of stayed together 
I think we would have hated each other in the end
or at least that is what I tell myself when I am feeling guilty...

I am sharing this over at The Artist's Play Room
where the theme was monochrome
head over and see other monochromatic wonders....xx

I have been busy this week...


Serena Lewis said...

I could have written this post although no where near as humorous as you have. I wish I had half your wit, girl! lol Seriously, I used to LOVE my 8B and 9B pencils until I discovered Microns and also, the Faber-Castell PITT artists pens. They do make life so much more daring and interesting. :)

LOVE your artwork!

Neesie said...

I didn't realise you were so fickle will you just move on from Microns when the next best thing hits the market?
Tut tut...
But seriously you made me giggle today reading your post which when looking out the window here at the dark, wet yuk that is no mean feat.
Brilliant work as ever ;D

SandeeNC said...

Now to me, this is a good analogy of the men I pick in my life, I need that 8B quality in a man, but noooooo...I am always chasing after the micron men...sigh....when will I ever learn? lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Rita said...

I love your green beans and the roadway is beautifully daunting--wow! I can see why it must have taken forever...but it would have taken forever with a micron, too. ;) Softer look--like lived in slippers--or the clean and crisp look--like a tuxedo and tails. Hard to pick. ;)

Unknown said...

your art always inspires me to "go try that!" .... like go pick up a pencil and really render something ... will I do it? probably not :) ... too A.D.D. I think (lol)

(beautiful beans by the way)

Roxanne said...

Oh gosh! I never thought of my pencils and markers having personalities before. This is going to rattle around in my head for some time to come. :)

Unknown said...

haha! You are so funny! i laughed out loud when I read that GClooney bit! love it and I love my microns too!

VonnyK said...

You're so funny Trace, never thought of my pencils being like George Clooney. Things will never be the same again when I reach inside my drawer for a B pencil, I'll go all quivery. Love your drawings and you are so much braver than me to ink direct, I still do pencil first.

Nordljus said...

Oh my, I absolutely adore the beans! Such perfect shadowing and highlighting! You just make me want to get my pencils out and draw all day instead of having to spend a long day at the office. Or at least taking a long walk in the park. I hope you'll get out your 8B more often again!

Ingrid Ormestad said...

Love you artwork, love your touch of humour and love 'George! :)

Laurie said...

Tracey, your work is awe inspiring!! I love it all:) I am not as intimate with pencils as you (since I just dabble with mixed media), but I did enjoy your post. I am looking forward to adding you to my RSS feed.

Tracy said...

Aaah poor George.. compared to pencils.. I love your beans! And I leave you with this ditty:

Beans Beans the musical fruit.
The more you eat.
The more you toot!

Oh, wrong kind of beans I suppose but it was there and I couldn't resist a little bean hooey!

WrightStuff said...

Bean there... my kind of joke girl. Yup, there is the final proof, we were separated at birth!

Saw some sketches of converse sneakers today and I thought of you. I bet your style would really suit sketching footwear. Have you done any?

I've had George Clooney. He did get a bit boring after a while to be honest...


Ok, OK, I lied... I just want to keep him all for myself.... Mmmm George....

bellefrogworks said...

Laughter is good medicine they say - you are the doctor then!! Love your illustrations and your writing!

TwinkleToes2day said...

All are simply incredible to me. Such detail befuddles my non-artistic brain, but I know what I like/admire and I like/admire what I see here. :0)

Sandra Busby said...

Its funny how we all have our favorite pencils isn't it? Mine is a mechanical one - I just love it! And i love your beautiful drawings too. Awesome!

Alice said...

hahahahahaha! i love it!

Victoria said...

Oh my these are brilliant..and are so fabulous Tracey!! Gorgeous!!!

Jez said...

Love the large drawing, so detailed, but who would have thought that a drawing of four beans could ve so satisfying - I love the simplicity of it. How many of us have to share George? Is there enough of him to go round?

pauline said...

Your talent never ceases to amaze me and your stories always make me laugh... 'I've moved on to move exciting pastures'... holy crap. LOL. i love how you always find a way to weave in George Clooney somehow... who would've guessed he could be tied in with a story about 8B and 9B pencils?! LOL. Those drawings are amazing, girl. xoxo

Terrie said...

Excellent drawing, as usual. Amazing detail and style - and who doesn't love a Micron? Though you use yours with such talent..... :)

Georgie Horn said...

I wish I had your drawing talent. this is terrific. come by for a visit