Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Arctic Blast...

 I spent the morning in full delusion mode
pretending it was summer
and painting and scoffing iced tea 
like it was mid December....
the tea was glorious and refreshing
the packaging on these tins perfectly inviting 
with the colours just begging to be put down on paper 
and as an unexpected bonus
I found some Arizona Pomegranate Green Iced Tea 
so all round a very pleasant start to the day in the studio

All delusions that it was anything other than an unseasonable chilly winter
were very abruptly bought to an end in the last hour as
I headed out to hang out some washing
and was hit by a blast of Arctic winds
that almost made me drop the basket and turn tail
the side of the house where the clothes line is
had transformed itself into a wind tunnel of jumbo testing proportions
if you test jumbos in sub zero temperatures that is...

But as I was already committed because the door had slammed shut behind me
so I put my head down
and made my way to the line
 and valiantly pegged out those clothes
all the while getting slapped in the face by the flapping clothes
having my hair whip around and get caught in my lip gloss
and yes I put on lip gloss before I hung out clothes
and no I have no clue what made me do it other than the fact that it was there
and my fingers started to seize up and feel like they were going to drop off
but in record time that basket was empty and I retreated back into the house
shivering and teeth chattering like you wouldn't believe
I so should have taken heed when the dog didn't join me
usually he spends the whole time collecting every dog toy known to man
and dropping them in a pile a my feet for me to trip over and curse at
but the traitorous little mutt was no where to be seen

I actually think I may have gone into an ice induced shock for a short time
but gradually feeling returned, hair was extricated from lips
 and the cussing and muttering slowed to non sailor proportions
but when I walked out of the laundry all I could see was
 the dog lying on the blanket on the sofa smirking at me
payback was called for
and the perfect way to warm up my freezing hands 
was on his furry little jacket covered body
he took one look at me and in a startling flash of insight for such a thick dog
took himself up the stairs, into my walk in cupboard 
and hid himself right at the back behind my wedding dress
all in about 10 seconds flat
he looked like a cartoon dog with cartwheeling legs
lucky for him that I wasn't still unsure that full feeling had returned to my legs
or I would have up there using his furry body
like a living breathing hot water bottle...

Which left me holding my hands over the kettle as it boiled 
and resorting to RoT pomegranate superfruit tea
which is a touch more seasonal
and has the bonus of making these awesome tea bag papers
which Kimmie has gotten me hooked on

When my hands thaw out a bit more 
I may get in and finish this drawing off a bit more
or maybe I will make some more pendants like the one above
but one thing is for sure
I am so not going out to get that washing back in until September...

Happy Tea Tuesday all...xx

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, you are so funny, I cannot wait to see this finished,, warm up a bit first!!!

Lorinda.C.F said...

Oh Tracey, your combination of crackling sharp humor and detailed descriptions of the everyday delight me each and every time!

K J D said...

You are so funny I am just about to become your latest follower!

I loved your comment on my blog... sorry to distract you with Sean Bean btw ..... I thought I was being nice sharing!


Shahrul Niza said...

First of all, I LOVE your blog banner!. Been staring at it for 15 minutes, love every tea labels!. I love your illustrations, such vivid colors too. :))

Sandra Busby said...

Heehee... You make me laugh every time!
I wish I could share your passion for herbal teas. Your posts make them look so appetizing! So much so that the other day, when my friend unusually offered me a peppermint tea, I agreed to try as I thought of all of your tea inspired posts.
It was like drinking toothpaste!!
It's a shame because the pretty boxes they come in on the supermarket shelves just look so lovely! And that is probably why you paint them so often! I'm afraid I am a 'strictly PG Tips only' type of gal! Still, I ALWAYS enjoy your paintings of them and todays are just perfect as usual :0)

Neesie said...

I braved my wind tunnel today too Trace...but upon reflection I shouldn't have bothered ~ the washing was as wet when I went back to retrieve it as when I put it out! As if that wasn't enough I decided to hoover the pool (as you do when the sun shines) knowing full well that no-one would venture near it, never mind go in it for months. This necessitated having my arms up to my elbows in freezing ice water to empty the filter numerous times!
Hence no drawing today or in fact doing anything which necessitated the use of my hands!
I love your painting of the tins...the colours are so vibrant.
By the way I really enjoyed my blueberry tea at the weekend ~ thank you ;D
(Psst just keep a lookout for your postie) xoxo

~*~Patty S said...

your colorful storytelling and art are always such fun Tracey!

Happy T to ya!

Anonymous said...

Your fresh and colorful tea cans are wonderful but I can't get my imagined image of your wise but terrified dog's sweet face peeking out from behind your wedding dress with anticipation. Please paint that next! =)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I actually hung some clothes out one year in freezing weather. What WAS I thinking? I went to retrieve them later, and they were frozen stiff. I had to bring them inside to thaw. It reminded me how funny that was when I read your adorable post today. Sadly, I had no way to warm my hands with tea.

I really must start drinking more tea bag tea so I too can made tea bag papers. Happy Tea Tuesday.

Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Tracey,

Nothing like a good, hot cup of tea to warm your hands, eh?

Love your colorful art, as usual.

My grandgirls are in love with the beautiful bookmarks you sent to me. Thanks again,


Terrie said...

Fab art, great details, all wrapped up with a silly story that makes me smile. What else can a girl want?

Unknown said...

oh these new pieces you created are so colourful and fun Tracey!!! I am always in a good mood when I stop here!!!! HAve a super day!!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! You are such a hoot! It's hot as hell here. I wouldn't mind a little arctic blast right about now. :) Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Jez said...

Now I KNOW my geography teacher was lying. She said it was always hot and sunny in Australia. Lovely pics as usual.

Nancy said...

Your post was a treat to read :) there is nothing like envisioning the clothes whipping around and your little muttskie, lol, wonderful!
Happy Tea Day :)

Unknown said...

I love your stories! And this one makes me glad to be on this side of the equator and sliding into spring ..... But are you sure you had Arctic winds and not Antarctic ones? (lol) I'm sure your little Mushu was glad o help you defrost :)

Happy Tuesday(Wednesday)!!!!

PiaRom said...

Ohh so wonderful your "Tea-inspirations" love the colorful look of it!

Unknown said...

Too funny- I love how you make something as simple as doing laundry into an adventure! Beautiful pendant too- I bet those sell wonderfully!

bellefrogworks said...

You are wonderful at making a mundane chore into a wonderful funny adventure. Love your stories and your art!

Serena Lewis said...

What a hilarious post!! I could see the image in my mind of Mushu making a fast retreat when he suspected your cold hands were about to use him for a hand warming muff. LOL

LOVE your artwork as always!