Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Rise and Fall of Batman Steve....

For the last 18months our breakfast room
which is the fancy room for the useless bit tacked onto our kitchen
has been graced by a rather oversized blackboard
which is testament to the fact that my dear husband, Sinus
does nothing by halves
and while it is impressive in size... the room is not
and it has had the disturbing effect of making the end wall
appear to suck all the light out of the room
sort of like having our very own black hole
and to make it worse it has become the repository of dead formulas

Dear Phantom , bless her science and maths loving heart,
seems to think that the blackboard was put there 
so she could torture her parents 
by explaining different maths and science concepts to us
now I am sure in her heart of hearts she is trying to help
but the reality is I have bugger all interest in Japanese script, 
or matrices, or refraction theory
which might make me a bad parent
but I just don't give a toss
but I have sat dutifully and concentrated on my eyes not glazing over
as she has attempted to enlighten me

but joy of all joys
this morning it was time to paint it over
and I suggested to Phantom that she might like to take the opportunity 
to do a bit of cathartic graffiti
which ties in with an attempt to get her to be more messy
inspired by Lisa and the Messy Book Group

this is what she did...

a freakin bat signal
an almost 16 year old is given a black wall and a pot of paint 
and she does a bat signal
and not even a huge bat signal
a very neat and contained bat signal
it just isn't natural
and the Mess message is just not sinking in

but wait
 it gets more surreal
the bat signal became Batman Steve
and then 
Batman Steve with a crown
which I assume represents the King part of her name
so given the chance to paint anything at all
in the whole world on a wall
she paints this...

So Batman Steve huh...
not Phantom Steve
did I miss something ????

not really she says
just couldn't remember how to paint Phantom
and anyway thought you would like Batman cause Clooney played him
and now I kind of like it, and there was no purple paint
So it appeared Batman Steve King was the new name...

and even though Sinus has painted in over
in preparation for the gorgeous colour I have chosen
I was a bit disappointed because I have come to love Phantom Steve
and it was doubly disappointing because Jenn
has dedicated this week's Artist Play Room Challenge 
to one Phantom Steve, or P.Steve as she calls her
which is kind of cool in that P. Diddy kind of way
and B. Steve is just not as fun

but before we all go into mourning,
 it seems in the face of such coolness 
Batman Steve was in fact, 
as short lived in life
as it was on the wall
and the Phantom Steve I know and love is still with us
and Batman was just a temporary blip in her long history of name changes
and it really was just a case of couldn't paint a Phantom and no purple paint
 no clue why she couldn't just write Phantom like she did Steve
the teenage brain is indeed a mystery...

All of this rise and fall of names has meant a somewhat distracted morning
and the two drawings I had hoped to have finished for Sunday Sketches
are unfinished
the zine page is still half complete
no surprise there I know

and my new cutlery drawing is just shadows and paint
but now that all is right with the world and Phantom is restored
I am thinking I can dedicate my afternoon to Sunday Sketch world
and being super ready for next week...xx

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Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmm, yeessss, nothing sucks the light out of a room like flat black paint....... but i have secretly always wanted a blackboard wall covered in scribbles in my own kitchen. unfortunately, i am too pedantic to make that kind of a mess of the lines and spaces, and apparently will have to live on the memories of yours.

xoxo, buf

Heather Foust said...

I am so glad you got these photos! What a great story. The mysteries of a teenager! Ahhhh I remember those days. Enjoy it. It goes so fast. Some might say a blessing others may say they miss it. I am one of the later ones.

Rita said...

I never would have thought of a blackboard paint wall. Now that you mention it, it would have a kind of black hole effect. At least it went out with a Steve bang!! ;)

Hope you're having a great weekend, lady!! :)

Christine said...

I like your new cutlery drawing!

manomij said...

I am sad for the black wall, I liked her/him! Who is doing the painting, Sinus man? Tell him I like his jumper hehehe.Can't wait to see the end results of all the half done paintings! Its all looking great!!
Now also tell me why do I always end up wanting to put the kettle on when I come to visit you?

Jez said...

Much enjoyed the post. The cutlery drawing is great, so simple but so effective.

WrightStuff said...

The mysteries the teenager and akin to those of the universe... Ours is not to reason why...

I see now why she didn't mess much - she had the opportunity to grafitti whenever she wanted. My theory is that she will need a new outlet...

Melisa said...

Love your sketches and the black hole is even pretty cool, but not the thing for a breakfast room, I guess. Your daugher is a treasure. Whatever she ends up doing in life, you can bet she will do it in her own special way.

Joni Nickrent said...

A blank slate wall can be a scary thing, but love the awesome story and ALWAYS LOVE your work! :)

Molly said...

I can quite related to Phantom Steve. I went through a phase where I decided there were a lot of names out there that were cooler than mine (well, that hasn't changed) and I tried different options... some from great movie characters (i remember one was chili palmer) and others that just seemed to suit me better. alas, none have stuck... but i'm always on the lookout. :-)

I like her thought process around Batman Steve and Clooney and whatnot. Nice that she's always thinking of you!

Also, how brilliant to have a big paint chalkboard right in your kitchen nook!

Tammie Lee said...

it sounds like you all have so much fun!
we grew up with one black wall in each of our rooms, an endless chalkboard for fun.

loved seeing all your art.

Sandra Busby said...

It's funny - our son wanted a white wipe board wall! But can you imagine the state of his clothes everytime he accidentally brushed against it! Great idea though. And what lovely sketches :0)

Anonymous said...

reading your blog is a refreshing adventure, one never knows where you may lead, I love that.Beside you talk so well and then write it as if you were speaking to us, pardon me if I sound a little squirrelly but its been a very exhausting day, too much reading and typing have left me doing most things backwards so I have to keep fixing, rest in peace Batman steve.He will still be there if you need him, under the layers of paint,

Katie Jeanne Wood said...

Aw! I have always wanted a blackboard wall. I'm sad to see it go. Very funny story! I enjoyed reading about your wall. heehee

Sabina said...

Aw but what was wrong with Batman Steve? I think it's funny.

Also the spoons in the cup looks great as is. Why mess with it? Don't get me wring. I'm confident in your abilities. I just think the pic looks complete already.

Sabina said...

Aw but what was wrong with Batman Steve? I think it's funny.

Also the spoons in the cup looks great as is. Why mess with it? Don't get me wring. I'm confident in your abilities. I just think the pic looks complete already.

VonnyK said...

I have to agree with you Phantom Steve sounds much better than Batman Steve, even though I was crazy for batman (the one in the 60's and 70's that is, plus George Clooney). Sad to see the blackboard go, but understand the black hole, can't wait to see what colour you do the wall.
Love the spoons.

Neesie said...

The best advice I can give you Trace is to stay away from the teenage's scary!
Had a giggle visiting as I usually do ;D Cutlery looks cool!

Alexandra MacVean said...

Phantom Steve is my idol...just sayin. ;)


Unknown said...

I love teenage minds...they're so weird, you just have to smile... :)

Debbie said...

It's impossible to understand the teenage mind! I had 2 who are now on their own, but I still wonder about some of the things they said and did! Great sketches this week!

Lizzie Barbie said...

I really like the bat! Thank you so much for following my blog, I am following your blog back and also following you on Pinterest.

Terrie said...

OMG, who else could make such a delightful story out of such a mundane task as starting to paint a wall? You're just what I need every morning to put a smile on my face and tackle the big bad world with a touch of humor. Long live Phantom!