Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Packaged Distraction....

Tuesday is all about Tea
and while some of you may think that I think every day is all about tea
Tuesday is a bit special
because I have Phantom around for the weekend
and Sinus has Sunday , Monday off
and while I adore and love them both
daughter and husband
and they are remarkably self reliant
it does mean a 3 day weekend every week
so Tuesday morning is a return to peace and quiet
and that first cup of tea when I return home after school drop off
is something to look forward to...

It is also cold and windy and awful
not freeze your butt off cold
but enough to make you go looking for a patch of sun
which is exactly what I have done this morning

while I sip my Republic of Tea Blueberry Green Tea
which is beyond delicious
so delicious
I didn't work on the million unfinished projects I have on my desk
I sat and did a little sketch of the lovely packets
how could you not be distracted and want to paint them
they are just so inviting and inspiring

I have been totally suckered in by the amazing packaging
 which I first saw on Andrea's blog
and then after scouring the website 
and deciding I needed to move so I could get my hand on all this tea loveliness
I found out the Republic of Tea ships to Australia
so of course I now have a selection to try
and I am loving the packaging 
and have them on the top of my file draws waiting to be drawn up over the coming weeks
I just can't bear to put them in the pantry just yet
they are just too pretty

I am working my way through the Superfruit Sampler
and hoping they make me smarter, quicker and more coordinated
and that they magically make the paint go exactly where it is supposed to

especially as I am attacking the gorgeous photo of a peony in a tea cup 
has so generously made available for people to play with
click on the link for more details
haven't got too far yet
but thinking the Superfruit tea is just what I need to attack all those petals....
Happy Tea on Tuesday everyone...xx

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Anonymous said...

you make me love tea even more than I do now!

Yvonne said...

Oh my, some of my favorite teas. I love hibiscus sangria too. I used to make that for herbal workshops I gave awhile back, with dried hibiscus petals. Lovely post and full of lots of good things.

Lorinda.C.F said...

I can't wait to see that gorgeous peony/teacup all painted up. Hope your Superfruit tea works its magic so that you can work yours!!

Jennifer McLean said...

I am so envious of all those beautiful packages, boxes and tins that tea comes in. It makes a lowly coffee drinker want to defect to the other side!

Can't wait to see the peony done, hugs from Canada sweetie.

(waives to P. Steve)

Neesie said...

Those amazing packages have made me turn green!
They all look so attractive.
I drink tea by the bucket full daily but I haven't ventured far in my tastings...you have inspired me to expand my preferences.
English Breakfast just sounds boring against this crowd!!

Sandra Busby said...

Another great post! I so enjoy my visits - I almost fell like I'm popping over for a cuppa! :0)

Susan said...

I had forgotten the wonderful taste of hibiscus tea until I read your post! I had it in the UK when suffering with a sore throat. Perfect! I will have to go looking for it. Your sketches remind me that there is fun and color at my fingertips.

Unknown said...

Oh WOW, that peony is going to be amazing! I have wanted to paint one since seeing yours a few months back but I did not get one good photo of mine while they were blooming this yer.....maybe I'll pop over to Oogleblops and have a go?
And of course, your tea sampling is wonderful- I love that comp of colors!
You stay warm (and I'll try to stay cool ;)) and have a great Tuesday!

~*~Patty S said...

I can see why those colorful tea tins speak to you...can't wait to see your take on Pat's Peony

your three day weekends sound special and "Monday" whenever it comes is a nice change ;)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The tins are gorgeous, the colors dynamic, and the tea extra special. I can only imagine being able to draw that well. Your sketches turn into such lovely art, the memories are piling up, and the Superfruit Sampler's empty tins will even provide collage fodder. Truly beautiful!! I can understand your need to paint these and be inspired by these lovely tea packets. Have a great Tea Tuesday, too.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Love the look of those packages and tins.

rebecca said...

being new to tea on tuesday i am enjoying each peek into this shared favorite morning. you are an inspiration!

Unknown said...

I can see why you would hunt down a shopping (and shipping) resource for those beautiful tea tins .... there's something about packaging that gets us every time. They've done studies on that you know - cosmetic and perfume companies know us inside and out. If something is packaged like it's special - well it just HAS to be :) .... and a happy thing that your tea IS special! Blueberry green tea sounds scrummy! Happy Tuesday!

Fallingladies said...

Ok, now i feel like an enabler for feeding your addiction! But they do look beautiful... I checked out that peony too, that looks like it'd be fun to sketch, i might give it a try too!

AM Zafaran said...

I'm sure that peony in a teacup is going to be just great! Love that black teapot! Glad to be one of your followers.

Nancy said...

Oh, gosh your tea looks yummy :) love your sketches too! Glad you had a peaceful tea day :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I just love reading your posts. Happy belated birthday to the one who shall remain nameless. Ha! (Quite the opposite it seems.) Your drawings are spectacular. And that tea sounds delicious. I love green teas so much better than the black variety. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

Viola said...

Beautiful tea bags! :) You inspire me really! :)
Just now I'm drinking my night cup of tea.. each night I have to drink my tea.. and tonight it's a new one; Lipton white tea raspberry.. :))

Rita said...

What pretty packets and tins!! Fodder for many more paintings, I hope. ;)

I can hardly wait to see your finished peony in the teacup! Have a super day!! :)