Thursday, 31 May 2012

Magnifying Age...

The challenge over at Artists Play Room this week was 
which to me means magnifying glasses
remember being a kid and getting that close up look at the world
checking out ants walking across leaves 
freckles on siblings
and burning holes in paper
note I didn't say that I used a magnifying glass to burn the ants 
no serial killer tendencies here...

of course now magnify takes on more sinister meanings
now it is you are getting old and you need to magnify to get through the day
which sucks because I am only 44 
and I love middle age
no I'm not kidding, I actually love being right where I am
but I was not blessed with great eyesight
and I wear glasses , and have to change to other glasses for working
and yes my glasses are graduated and it should work
but I also need a magnifying glass for detail work 
and graduated and magnifying glass aren't the best
so my day in the studio is often a circus of changing glasses
wrong glasses with magnifier, which means head spins and almost falling off my chair
and hunting for the correct lenses
which mysteriously get up and walk and hide in the oddest places
but its all part of the process now

the problem becomes the ordinary things like
directions on packets
reading recipes, school notes, newspaper, junk mail etc etc
and to get by I have all these different magnifying do hickies 
stashed all over the house
but the one that drives me nuts
and induces cursing every time
is the all important plucking of the eyebrows
I need to be under a spotlight and about 2 inches from the mirror
to not be in danger of taking my eye out
or plucking hair off my head
and yes I could get them waxed
but then I wouldn't have an excuse to swear 
and hop around the bathroom
which is kind of fun

and I was pretty happy how this painting turned out
I used a nicer magnifying glass because mine is a bit ordinary
and the tweezers are suitable tweezerish
and the faces in the background came together nicely
except the one between the glass and tweezers
which took on quite a ghoulish look
but could be minimised by a few well placed lines
and the gouache toned them down nicely
so all in all magnify is done and dusted
to check out other magnified creations...xx

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Anonymous said...

this work is beautiful, wow, the face is such a beautiful addition, you do what you do so beautifully.
I wish your eyes were not giving you woe, changing glasses must be a nuisance.Don't get angry but maybe when you become older you could wear the two pair on ribbons around your neck like my great auntie, she was a hoot always changing glasses.She was such an elegant older woman, very classy, ha ha

Viola said...

Fantastic! =) I just love your drawings, especially my favourite - the face up to the right, I love the way you've shadowed and the colors! :)

Unknown said...

Fantastic Trace!

minnemie said...

Your drawing skills are just amazing! Love the symbolism you express with this one.

Jennifer McLean said...

gorgeous sweetie, I love your submission! But then I always love your work, it inspires me. Thanks for taking the time out of busy schedule to join, always appreciated, love and hugs to P. and you. Oh, and a handshake to sinus, hugging a lady he's never met may be just wierd. lololol.

SandeeNC said...

I love both the drawing and your thought process behind it. I also am one that has a pair of glasses everywhere, and have different glasses for different jobs! I understand! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Nordljus said...

This reminds me of when I used to put on my dad's glasses when I was a child, and walk around the flat like an idiot as the floor began to look like it was vertical. I loved that game. But if I tried on his glasses today, I'd probably see perfectly clear... Love your painting, with those wonderfully colourful faces in the background!

Unknown said...

So funny! The minute I started reading your post- before I even saw the art, I thought of tweezing and what I have to do to get it accomplished! I have to pair my reading glasses with a magnified mirror- peering over and through the glasses to get the job done- argh...but it works ;)

Tracy said...

Oooh my such a pain in the ARSE that must be! The Hubs has taken to using a ginormous magnifier with a light to do his scroll work. I have a hard time focusing when I use it. He can't see things up close very well and I can't see things far away. What a pair. I LOVE this painting! The faces in the background really pulled it all together. It is truly magnifying. ;) And who knew.... we are the same age you and I. That confirms our theory... we were separated at birth.

Terrie said...

Ah, tweezing....Wait til you're almost 60 and have to tweeze more than your eyebrows! I have little dark hairs sprouting all over my face and they MUST go! Seriously, it seems that many of us suffer from the multiple magnifier glasses syndrome though I only need the extra pair for computer work. So, a pair for the home computer and a pair for the work computer. And the pair on my face. Great drawing BTW - I like the faces pushed back and faded...great touch. Thanks for the smiles.

Sandra Busby said...

Oh I can so relate! I've just turned 41 and recently I find myself doing that thing where you have to stretch out you arm as far from your face as possible just to able to focus on what your reading! And worse still, when I went to the bathroom at Mums house the other day, I made the mistake of looking into her 'magnifying' mirror!!! Ugh!! Never again!!! I had no idea that my face resembles a road map up close! Anyway, I love your drawing! It is just gorgeous!!

Darla said...

Wonderful art and what a great story you told us to go with it.


Unknown said...

Great the story... I hate having to wear glasses, it sucks for all the reasons you said. The only good thing is I can't see my wrinkles, so that means I don't have any. My friend bought me a small scary mirror that magnifies your pores and hairy eyebrows...I'm always horrid by the caterpillers that lurk above my eyelids... :o

Victoria said...

Wow..absolutely beautiful..also has a mysterious and enchanting vibe..I totally love this piece!Stunning! Yay..I just turned 40 and love it..44 sounds more magical!

VonnyK said...

I can just picture you plucking your eyebrows and missing!!! I share your problem with all the glasses and being blind, getting older sucks.
At least you are only 44, I'm forty- ten. Glad you weren't one of those horrible kids who burnt the poor little ants.
Love your picture and those faces are fantastic, as always.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

You know, the ordinary things like
directions on packets
reading recipes, school notes, newspaper, junk mail etc etc ... that´s what kids are for. Better than glasses. ;) Add me to the mid forties and lovin´ít list. :)

Fallingladies said...

Now that i'm older i can't see far away or up close, bifocals suck, i take my glasses off to paint and read then can't focus to see people standing near me! Yuk

sandra de said...

Love, love,love, your sketches. I am out sourcing all jobs and that includes the eyebrow plucking, gardening, ironing and cleaning.

carol l mckenna said...

lovely creations as usual ~ Wonderful! ~ thanks, ^_^

PS. I came late to the party ~ thought it was for today June 2nd ~ does this blog hop happen every Sat? and when does she Post later in the day? thanks ^_^

Neesie said...

Is there nothing you can't do Trace? This piece is amazing.
Not only do you draw teacups exquisitely (which in my book are so difficult) you're faces are incredible!
I'm a little ahead of you on the age front, but I've just had to start using glasses over the last year or so, but I'm hating having to give in to the fact that I need them.
Two inches from the mirror for eyebrow tweezering to me means you're eyes are fine...I however have my nose touching the mirror and it's still a fight! Normally with me giving in ;D
My hubby is threatening to get me those strings to have my glasses attached to me at all times. There's no way I'm going there just yet. I warned him if you get the string, it will end up round YOUR neck! (love him really)
Hope your Sunday is going well...I'm so late visiting sorry but I'm trying to catch up ;D

Anonymous said...

Always love stopping by here. just had a read and a look through all your recent sketches. As always..fantastic! Had a laugh here as I have been fighting with my self re. my new glasses. Need to wear them, but starting to feel my age..heck even this looks blurry. Time to admit that its...time.Off to check out all these challenges you are part of...Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Juliex