Thursday, 17 May 2012

Just Add Gorgeous Silly ...

I haven't gone over to the dark side
and I haven't changed beverage teams
but in honour of my bloggy sister Jenn
and her week long birthday celebrations
I decided to tackle one of her favourite things
I like to think that I am a method painter
so I figured I needed to experience my subject
so I trooped off to
wait for it
a chain coffee shop
and yes I know it isn't authentic to Jenn's experience 
as I am sure they don't have this chain in Canada
but I figured it would be a case of close enough being good enough...

and quite the experience it was
I stumbled over the fifty squillion ordering possibilities 
all delivered to me by an impossibly perky young thing
who obviously had been partaking a little too much 
because it isn't natural that anyone be that energetic
I swear her pony tail was frizzling
but I survived and managed to get out in one piece 
and wasn't stoned or heckled as a fraud and tea lover

So clutching a papercup the size of a horse trough I had my first sip
of the hazelnut coffee that Jenn loves so much
and while I adore you Jenn
hazelnut coffee won't be an experience I repeat any time soon
don't get me wrong I can sort of see why people like it, 
and the lovely milky heart on the top of the cup was appealing
but give me tea any day 
and every day

and while I am having a bit of a whinge
can I just point out that
coffee machines are a pain in the proverbial to paint
seriously all those levers and bits
it is enough to drive someone to a cup of tea to calm the nerves

This painting wasn't my quickest and easiest to complete
and there is the possibility that maybe the painting was making its digust felt
because the whole time I was painting it I had tea by my side
and maybe coffee is a bit sensitive
and constantly drinking tea did make me feel a bit guilty
not eating an egg sandwich in front of chickens guilty
but guilty none the less...

So  while I can't say I am converted to either drinking of painting coffee again
any time soon
I can say huge hazelnut flavoured birthday wishes to Jenn
and it was worth every minute and bit of angst
to thank her for her friendship, support and constant care and attention
she is truly a gorgeous spirit

 Happy Birthday Jenn...xx

What you may have missed...


Tracy said...

You did an amazing job Tracey! I bet she'll adore it. Such a good friend going where no tea drinker before would dare to venture. You are a trooper!

Unknown said...

so funny - I love your stories that go along with the creative experience :)

your friend Jenn will be thrilled at this ever so thoughtful birthday wish!

kristin maynes said...

Wow! That's gorgeous! I love it!

Jennifer McLean said...

Kimmie and Tracy are totally correct, Jenn LOVES it. Firstly, that painting is gorgeous, what a good job, coming over to the dark side just for me. Second, that you actually tried hazelnut coffee is quite more than anyone could ask, you make me feel so loved. I'll make you a deal, since I actually do like tea quite a lot, I'll be converted to a tea drinker when I find my way over thousands of miles some day to Australia. I covet twinnings Earl Gray tea so it's not a sacrifice, I do understand your addiction. Talk to you soon sweetie! Thank you for the wonderful post. :o)

minnemie said...

What a friend you are:-) and your coffee machine is amazingly well done.

VonnyK said...

Fabulous picture, I would have a coffee machine, if you didn't have to clean it. What you need to do with coffee is fill it with heaps of sugar, then you would like it. I have to agree with Jenn, Earl Grey is the best in the tea stakes.
What a great person you are to suffer so much for your art and a friend :)

Creatively yours Fi said...

tee hee I'm not into those hazel nut coffees either!! Give me it to me black & straight (.....& free trade) Love it! Doesn't love me though...think my hair looks like your waitresses!!! Coffee & I (& my heart palpitations) don't get on unfortunately :( If I keep reading your blog I think I'll be converted to tea :)))You may have saved my life Tracey ;)

Cynthia Patterson said...

Great Pic.......You made coffee look great!Yukk,blist,bla....Oh did I say that out
Tea is by far much nicer to paint. You did a fabulous job, tasting and painting.....
{{{cling cling}}} I'm raising my morning tea cup to


Roxanne said...

Haha! Cute post. But you haven't convinced me to give up my hazelnut coffee. :)

Anonymous said...

Finally. It's about time you painted a real beverage!!!

Just kidding--I love both coffee and tea, but I'm with you on the hazelnuts. Blech. And I don't feel a bit "eating an egg sandwich in front of chickens guilty" for saying that.

Have a great day/evening/whatever :) :) :)

Victoria said...

Wow..awesome..what a super fabulous amaze me with all of your gorgeous pieces..beautiful works my friend!
Shine on!

bohemiannie! art said...

Awww...Everyone needs a friend like you. :) Your story and paintings brought a smile to my face...and heart.

Unknown said...

haha! This made me laugh. Gloria Jean's is good stuff! Your painting is something else, what fantastic colors!! great great job.

Terrie said...

Hmmm - great post and homage to Jenn and her addiction, but I have to say - I don't get it ... coffee OR tea. I don't drink either. Unless they have a little alcohol in them :) They both smell delish, but drinking them....nope! So, you can have your tea, Jenn can have her coffee and for me, I'll have .... diet Pepsi I guess.

Great drawing Tracey, as usual though I have to say I expected teacups and in fact mentioned that in my fave things post. Oh well, guess I can't be right all the time. I know Jenn appreciated your effort on her behalf! :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great painting! I enjoyed reading your post honoring Jenn. I am a total tea drinker, but I know she loves that hazelnut coffee!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I love your delicate and expressive drawings, Tracey. How nice for Jenn, a birthday painting. I laughed about not eating an egg sandwich in front of chickens!