Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Duel of The Reading Chairs...

Phantom Steve and I have been locked in quite the duel all year
not the normal mother and teenage daughter duel you would expect
but then again normal teenage daughters don't call themselves Phantom Steve
so that makes perfect sense I suppose
Instead we have had the duel of the reading chairs
and it is life or death stakes in a big way

We have been duelling to see who is the first to read a metre of books
about 3 and a bit feet for non metric people
we spent a crazy amount of time planning our metres and stacked them up in the study
discussing and arguing over creating balanced lists 
and scoffing at each others choices 

and as we finished one book
we place it beside the original stack to make the all important measured pile
and slowly but steadily those piles have been growing 
though alarmingly so have out original piles as we have made modifications

Phantom Steve has been modifying the rules as well
which is somewhat annoying
and has led to some rather dodgy situations
such as me having to read her set text for English
because she wouldn't be able to add it to her list as it is school owned
of course once I started reading it I realised it was all about her sharing the misery
of reading a truly crap book

and then her excuse for me finally pulling ahead
was that she didn't have a decent reading chair
I do, in fact I have a great reading chair 
and she said I should be docked a few books for that advantage
nice try sunshine
she is such an amateur at these things

So I let her whine for a while
but then we pulled out the parenting big guns
and that point is now moot
because not only did we get her a reading chair for her room
it has a footstool
mine has no such luxuries
and okay it is huge and squishy in just the right spots
but hers is quite glorious as well
so the playing ground is level again
and it is on... big time
and so I wanted to draw them up for Sunday Sketches 
so that there is a record of this battle in case it ends in tears...xx


carol l mckenna said...

Quite the story of 'dueling' ~ but love the sketches of the 'reading chairs' ~ surviving child's teen years is a major milestone ~ as I am sure you are learning ~ Wonderful illustration ! ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

earthen-magic said...

...and thou art a great bard`ess toO! ~ awesome tale ~ would make the best seller stand! ~ thankyoU for your heart warming share! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred neighbour!...

Serena Lewis said...

The Duelling Bookworms! lol

Those chairs look so comfy! I love reading books whilst sprawled out on my's the most comfy spot I can find for reading.

Lisa Richards said...

Beautiful reading chairs! I need a chair with a place to rest my head and a footstool, so the gold one would work better for me, but the white one is lovely, too! What a great challenge you have going with Phantom Steve! And a great excuse to read!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love this story. It looks like the chairs are dueling with each other.. a great illustration to this story. Good luck with the battle..May the best/fastest reader win.. :)

Lynn Cohen said...

I can't wait to see the piles of books. I love the chairs. Squish and all.

Unknown said...

oh yet again!! I am blown away and in love with your work Tracey!!! these are both amazing spots I would love to cozy up with a book ....well done!!!

Molly said...

i have two huge "squishy" reading chairs, one with an ottoman, just like the one in the foreground of your drawing, that i've had forever. my sweetie has been begging me to replace them but they're so comfortable (and actually in remarkably good shape)... i have been looking for ages to find ones i like as much but there are none as perfect! :-)

someday you'll have to post a drawing of all the books you're reading. i'm always looking for recommendations!!

as always, love your painting. makes me want to curl up with a good book right now! xoxo

Giggles said...

I think the squishiness evens out the foot stool! Just sayin! Putting your feet up is the best! So you both win, cause I said!!! lol Great sketches. Once again you blow me away with all that talent!! Happy Sunday to you!!

Hugs Giggles

Courtney said...

I agree with I want a good book and a snuggly chair! I'm also interested in what you guys are reading. :) I love the reading challenge between the two of you. So awesome!!!

Christine said...

Beautiful reading chairs! Phantom Steve, lol.

Lenora said...

these look like our favorite kind of 'lifesucking' chairs!

Tammie Lee said...

oh my, it sounds as though you all have so much fun! love your artful pieces, looks like wonderful places to read!

Neesie said...

You obviously have such a brilliant relationship with Phantom're both as bad as each other which makes so much fun to read about your antics. :D
Even when there's serious issues such as stools and stories to be sorted!
You write brilliantly Trace and as for your art...superb!
I'm in a dilemma now because I want to sit and read in my squishy chair, but I also want to go and paint! See what battles you cause! Have a super Sunday ;D

Jennifer McLean said...

what a terrific mom you are, to get your daughter a squishy reading chair. Now, go READ a book, not these comments in email, email DOESN'T COUNT! Hehehe.

Oh, what books are on your list and what books are on Phantom Steve's list? Just wondering what kind of books you both like. Do you have a favorite book?? Author??

Nicola said...

heheheh love this!!! What a fantastic duel!!! And those sketches are brilliant I so love your style it really is unique!!! Great work enjoy your reading! xoxo

Unknown said...

Teenagers are such tricky creatures...maybe it's because schools still insist on making them read crappy books... good luck with the duel... :)

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the look of your chairs, they look so comfy for reading! I have a recliner, and it is my fave place, and spend hours there with my Kindle. Hope you get through your yards or metres or whatever, reading is good however you measure it! Valerie

Unknown said...

If I could do this challenge with my husbad, I'd be very happy. I can read up to 50 books in a year. He DOESN'T read!!!!!! Awwwww!!!
your reading chair is awesome!
You're invited to join my Surprise Giveaway!

Susan said...

Love this post! The reading challenge is such a great idea and it appears both of you will be quite comfy. We will want to hear who the winner is (or perhaps "see" the winner in one of your fabulous sketches).

hime s said...

love the sketches. is it watercolor or markers?

kat said...

Tracey your arm chairs are divine, perfect for cuddling into with a good book! I'm reading an excellent book by Diane Chamberlain, "The Lost Daughter" and can just see myself in these big sofas with my feet up, bliss!

tutto a posto said...

Really like the drawing of the chair that I presume is yours (front). Also, love the story--it sounds like you two have a great relationship!

Liz Powley said...

That is just a fantab blog post :D You give us a nice little story with lots of humour and a fantastic piece of artwork to top it off. Great stuff!

I listen enamoured to all tales about teenage daughters :D I have two daughters, but they are only 4 and 2 and I look upon the coming teen years with daunt. I'm gathering info early in the vain hope of parental preparation.

Thanks for a great blog post to go along with your as always fanatstic sketch. I thoroughly enjoyed reading/viewing this.

Best wishes,

Debbie said...

squishy chairs are the best! fun post today, and the sketch is wonderful too!

Sandra Busby said...

Well firstly, congratulations on having a teenage who actually likes to read, lol! I LOVE your sketches! I love the way you use you pen in such a lively way :0)

Fallingladies said...

Glad i found time to stop by before heading out to plant some flowers, .... I so wish I could stop over and take over one of these chairs and snoop into what you're both reading! Sounds a bit stalkerish but i'd be fun!

Alexandra MacVean said...

What a great piece. I love both of the chairs, although the larger my favourite. Would love to curl up in it with that light green throw! :)

I was chuckling at your statement about Phantom Steve changing up the best friend does that here when we play our favourite word game. Grrr. hahaha :)

Nora MacPhail said...

Awesome sketches Tracey!
Happy sketching and happy reading!

AM Zafaran said...

Wow!! Your mother daughter stories are just so great. I absolutely enjoy reading them and I love your paintings even more!! Lovely chairs.

Terrie said...

I'm confused - do you each pick your own reading or pick for each other? Why do you have to read her boring English book? Don't you have some sort of parental veto?

Share the titles in your stacks!

Terrie said...

I'm confused - do you each pick your own reading or pick for each other? Why do you have to read her boring English book? Don't you have some sort of parental veto?

Share the titles in your stacks!

Hwee said...

Hilarious! LOL! I like the way you use hatching for shadows. I struggle with that.

Jo | Crafting the Sacred said...

What a lovely and constructive way to handle the usual mom-teen tension by transforming it into a fun challenge. And your Sunday sketches are so lovely.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

I don't think I would ever want to leave the comfort of those reading chairs. Both look so comfortable and inviting.

pauline said...

oh Tracey, these chairs look so comfy... and your story, as always, killed me. You are the queen of cross hatching and scratching with micron pens. Fabulous work...

can i move in with you guys? Sounds like so much fun there... xoxo

minnemie said...

What a fun thing to do with your daughter! Love these chairs. You have obviously captured them every well, for I looong to bring my book and uh... claim a seat myself!