Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Creative Quandary...

I love it how your friends know just what you love
and send you through perfect photos of their new tea pot and cup
like my friend Von did last week
She knows I can't resist the gorgeous shapes and colours
and I had every intention of painting it up to post this week
I even started drawing it up and getting the first layer of paint down yesterday
but it is just too pretty and my painting is just not coming together
so rather than ruin it I thought I would put it aside and save it for another day
when the painting gods are being a bit kinder

I thought that instead I would get in and do a bit of drawing
on a page for my tea themed zine
that is progressing oh so slowly
and seeing as I had already painted in some colours
the painting gods weren't needed
and my trusty microns would be there to start to give it some structure

Of course I then got distracted by
the accidental composition of the microns 
against the paper and tea cup
and I have drawn that instead of what I had planned on working on
which also explains the extra slow going on the zine
and to make it all worse
now I am torn because I did a bit of painting on my drawing
and it seems the paint gods are smiling again
so now do I work on the page
or go back and try to finish off the tea pot???
Quite the creative quandary
of course if I give it ten minutes 
I am sure something else will distract me 
so maybe the best course of action is to pop the kettle on
and go heck out some other tea blogs ...


Jennifer McLean said...

my gosh, you and I are SO much alike! You get wholly distracted by shiny objects and pretty colors too! Here, we call it "squirreling". It's from the movie UP where the dog would be talking then a squirrel would pass and he'd be totally distracted! Here, go to this link, I actually made a link explaining my "affliction" lol.


Much Love,

PS. I friended you in the forums for Luminarte, lol. I ordered Silks today, can't wait to try, Twinks are next, I'm hoping to get some for my birthday on the 16th. crossing fingers.
Hugs from Canada.

Yvonne said...

You do such wonderful work. I love those pens too. I was first introduced to them when I was quilting. We used those to create and write our quilt labels on fabric. After ironing it is permanent. Happy tea day.

Sandra Busby said...

Well I think a cup of tea is absolutely the right thing to do! There is little that can't be solved by a cuppa, right? I am also easily distracted, lol! I love your colourful musings! They are really inspiring :0)

Unknown said...

I love the way you think! I'm the same way- I spend so much time trying to decide WHAT to focus on, that I lose my focus and end up in a completely different direction! Of course, in this case, when it results in such a charming painting, I say you should GO with it! This wonderful, I love the colors and composition!!!

Cynthia Patterson said...

LOL....that is too cute.....I totally agree with Jenn.... "Squirrel"


~*~Patty S said...

it is quite magical how you see something and draw/paint it...I am in awe

always colorful and so delightful dear Tracey!

Happy Day to you

Alexiev said...

Good art...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...


Proyectos - Illustrations

Alexiev Store - venta de originales

@alexievg en twitter

Unknown said...

I love micron pens!!! I use these for all of my sketches!!! I love your artwork today Tracey!!!! always a pleasure to pop in here!!!!

Unknown said...

You are so good at just sketching what you see! Micron pens are fantastic - I love them too! I always seem to ruin them because I can't stand waiting for paint or gesso or glue to dry. Pen tips + wet glue = ruined pen

Happy Tuesday!

gma said...


carol l mckenna said...

Another great drawing ~ loving your art style ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Fallingladies said...

Oh my gosh, isn't it hard to get anything done when you are so easily distracted? I agree, as i am too, but you still seem to get a lot done! There 's just so much to paint and so little time, I still am waiting patiently to see that zine though. You don't do etsy do you, so where will you be selling your zine?