Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Breakfast Ratio...

You may not see it just yet
but this is how I see the theme light and dark

you see I had been thinking about it for a few days 
and considering all sorts of images and thoughts
and then while getting my toast this morning it hit me
it is all about the ratio of butter to Vegemite
and if you get the right amount of light against dark on that toast
then your day is off to a cracking start...
I realise that for anyone outside of Australia
the whole Vegemite thing is a bit of a mystery
and quite frankly why it is consumed 
is a mystery to most Australians
 It is black and has a texture not unlike smooth tar 
and it is salty to an eye squinting, mouth puckering degree
but when you get the proportions just right 
and that salty black goodness
meets the cool creaminess of butter
then something magical happens

of course if you get the proportions wrong
it is a whole different story
too much dark
and you won't be able to taste anything else for at least ten minutes
and too much light and all you get is creaminess

Now let me tell you this balance is a very personal thing
and there is much debate as to what the ratio should be
though quite frankly those lily livered people who just put a mere scrape
of the black stuff over their toast
are just whimps and should stick with peanut butter, or jam
I mean unless you are going to put a good amount on 
why bother
of course on the flip side is the complete whackos
 who put it on like a thick layer of impasto paint
to those brave mad souls 
I tip my hat
they are fearless breakfast champions
with a strength I can only marvel at 
One final note is a pre-emptive strike
to those sods who are going to sprout that Marmite
or heaven forbid
have the same qualities
they are poor cousins to the main man
who is
the dark to Butter's light
the salty to the creamy
the greatest disgusting breakfast spread ever!!!


Yvonne said...

You have such interesting posts. :)

Anonymous said...

my son just did a school presentation on cyril p. callister, who invented vegemite... didja know he was asked to create a marmite substitute because marmite had become in short supply after WWI??

i took me five years to come around to vegemite; but one morning i woke up with a hangover and a serious craving.

and yeah, anything that looks like axle grease and smells like a cross between fish and soy sauces, yet served on toast for breakfast is indeed a hard sell...........

xoxo, buf

Nordljus said...

I've heard of Marmite, but never tasted it (one sniff was more than enough for me), and definitely never of Vegemite. It sounds, hmm, interesting, and funny, especially when you don't get it right, I'd image. Sounds like quite a challenge to start one's day. I'd rather stick with honey though, I think :). Great interpretation of the theme, though!

Unknown said...

Don't you be dissing Marmite! I love Marmite, I also love Vegemite the Ozzy cousin. :p (yes I poked my tongue out you girlie):)

My daughter went to stay at her friends house (this is years ago) and took with her, a pot of Vegemite. (Here in France "ITE's" don't exist. Her and her friend told the Dad that it was like chocolate spread and gave him a heaped spoon. The Dad is a massive burly French Gendarme (Military Policeman). The kind not to mess with. He got to work and was violently sick...which of course had the girls in hysterics for weeks. You either love the stuff or it has you chucking up....:)xx

VonnyK said...

You had me in stitches. I am one of the lily livered whimps, I'm afraid. I don't like salt but I do like to get a little of the taste with lots of butter. Hubby is an impasto man, sends a shiver up my spine everytime I see him eating it like that.
Such a great idea for darkness and light, long live the Vegemite.
Von :)

Neesie said...

Okay but let me throw something else into the mix...what about Bovril!
YAY! Now that IS the biz ;D
I rest my case!

Carin said...

Oh you crack me up. It took my brother and siter in law to stop raving and craving vegemite after moving back to Ireland. Personally, I tried it once and couldn't stand it.

Victoria said...

You always make me smile..fab art and so much I am singing the down under, men at work..ha ha..vegimite sandwich

Unknown said...

Thanks for your (amusing as always ;)) definition of Vegemite- when I saw the art, I was like, what the heck IS this? Anyway, FUN art and great take on light vs dark!
Hugs to you, my sistah!
P.S. I got my cards to attach prints on- what do you use for adhesive?

Tracy said...

That was "crackin'" brilliant! Warmly, Tracy

Terrie said...

Hmmm - now that's one...interesting interpretation of dark and light! :) Nasty stuff that, but I'm a firm believer in "to each his own", so you go for it lady!

Jennifer McLean said...

Hehehe, Trace, you're hilarious. Fantastic interpretation! THAT's what I hope all artists who participate will do, find their OWN interpretation. I've heard of Vegemite, it sounds so unusual and I always love trying unusual, as long as it doesn;t have eyes looking at me!! hehehe.
Hugs, my friend.

Dion Dior said...

All I can say is....yum xx

Dion Dior said...

All I can say is....yum xx

minnemie said...

I'm with Catherine and Neesie: Marmite and Bovril is the real deal (or at least in South Africa it is), but do remember to add grated cheese to the toast. OH yes, I can feel my saliva glands working!

RosA said...

I am totally with you re. Vegemite. The proportions must be right. It must be used with butter. And it must be on toast. Oh, and it really helps to be born true-blue Australian!

Your illustrations are great, as usual.

Cynthia Patterson said...

Love love your post.....
Being a "former" teenager of the 80's I listened to my fill of "Men at Work"....I have always wondered what a "Vegemite" Sandwich was....thanks for solving the age old mystery...
Have a great weekend