Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Bookmark Stash....

You would think this would be a safe topic for the 
especially as Jen chose it in honour of Phantom Steve
which I am still winning if you were wondering...

it seems safe enough
not normally associated with angst
you don't often read about book mark trauma
or see them on a banned list somewhere
or plastering a wanted poster for various crimes
but in our house they are a slightly controversial object...

I may 
on occasion
be known to acquire stray bookmarks
now some picky souls may say that I in fact steal them
but steal is an ugly word
personally I prefer pilfer
pilfer is a cracking word isn't it

I feel that any bookmark within the confines of our home 
are actually a shared resource
and this drives Phantom crazy
usually because they are her book marks that are being shared
but it is actually her fault that I have developed this bad habit

I used to use any old scrap of paper that was handy
which inevitably led to some unfortunate accidents 
concerning school permission slips
not that they couldn't be hastily taped back together
or on one memorable occasion when the tape had gone walkabout
a somewhat punk-esque stapling back together
which I thought was quite creative and funky
but has led to Phantom holding onto all slips 
and only presenting them to me with a pen at the last minute
and then whisking them back into her school diary and safety

so now I am reduced to acquiring anything that isn't tied down
Phantom hides her stash
and I have no clue where it is
she only uses ones that she knows I don't like
like those metal ones
or ones with tassles
or pink ones
which I always think make books smell oddly like musk
and yes I know that is mad
but I was the victim of a terrible musk incident when I was a child
and I have smell flash backs at the sight of anything even musk pink coloured
ever since
or more often than not she has now taken to using a folded post it note
her current reading pile is a veritable pile of bookmark rubbish

and yes we both have piles like that on the go at any one time
and we are as bad as each other at reading 10 books at once
which leads to huge lack of bookmark issues
so now I use iTunes cards
yellow scrap paper
one rather tired old ribbon and bead one
which always gets caught up in the cover and makes my pile unsteady
it is criminal what I have to put up with
all because my beloved daughter won't share...

but in the spirit of setting an example for the little sod
I have made some bookmarks to share with my blogger friends
and if you would like one I will send it to you
of course if more than nine of you want one
then I will have to do the random draw palaver
but lets deal with that if it comes to that
just leave me a comment and let me know you would like one
and I will contact you to get addresses etc...
and show Phantom Steve how it is done
maybe she will open up her bookmark stash
not likely
but I can dream....xx

 I have made extra bookmarks 
so don't stress if you aren't in the first nine...xx

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Terrie said...

Absolutely - I'd LOVE a bookmark - you know I'm a crazy reader too and this bookmark would get put to good use. Though I don't have the sharing problems that seem to abound in your household. Hubby only reads one book at a time so only needs one. Me, not so much! Great drawing by the way. :)

Jaz Higgins said...

Yes please to a bookmark! :)

It's so funny, I used to have heaps lying around and somehow they have all disappeared. I'm thinking they are hiding somewhere along with all of my bobby pins and hair ties....? Where do they GO!?

I realised the other night I have NO bookmarks ANYWHERE. I even resorted to folding down the corner of the page. *Cringe!*

Kim Collister Studio said...

I am crazy about bookmarks, and I especially love ones that come from artists, friends and kindred spirits! I would be honored to have one of yours!

From the Artist's Playroom!

Jennifer McLean said...

COOL, I'm 4th, therefore GUARANTEED a bookmark, right?? You do LOOOOVEEE me, right, Trace?? Put one in the mail, put one in the mail, put one in the mail!!!!!!!!



Oh, did I mention, I WANT a bookmark?? Ok, just thought I'd make sure. ;o)

Kim Collister Studio said...

Congrats on being Featured in Featuring Magazine. I knew Jenn was in it and now I am even more excited to know you are too! I already ordered my copy and can't wait to get it.

I am entering the theme challenge in issue #2. Fingers crossed!


Jennifer McLean said...

Ok, I'm back again, I need TWO bookmarks. Mom wants one too. She'd comment but she can never get anything remotely bloggy to work for her on her first generation iPad. It's kinda sad, she plays sudoku and solitaire and reads email. We gotta get her a new macbook some day.

In the intrum, a new shiny bookmark from one of the most talented artists around would really cheer her up.

Is it breaking the rules to send two bookmarks to the same address?? :o)

love you,

Art Matters said...

Your bookmarks look so yummy - I'd love one. My nice/pretty/arty bookmarks always seem to go walkabout and I don't even have anyone else in the house to blame!
I then have to resort to the first bit of paper I can lay my hands on.

Anonymous said...

My daughter would love one of your bookmarks as we have the same issue in our household! You cracked me up totally! & yes pilfer IS a cracking word!

Jo Murray said...

I must be lucky nine.... I hope. I'm a great collector, and maker, of bookmarks. Each Christmas I make them for my friends (you know, the ones not close enough for a real gift, and buy handmade ones at markets etc. all the time. I'd LOVE to add yours to my collection.

Roxanne said...

Thanks for the funniest blog I've read in a long time. I'll never look at bookmarks the same way again.

Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Tracey,

I,too, have problems with bookmarks and would love to have one of yours.

I hope you made enough extra that I can get one,


Neesie said...

I think it's only fair Tracey that you send me one because I think you've been here and pilfered mine! Ahhh ha! See you thought you'd get away with it eh?

I have some somewhere but can never find one when I need one! Your's look so bright and cheerful that I'd have no problem finding it.
I'm reduced to post-it notes at the moment...doesn't your heart bleed for me? ;D

Chris said...

Oh your art is wonderful... I'm so glad I found your blog :)
Chris x

my cup of tea said...

Awwwww your bookmarks are lovely! I would love to have one! I have post its in so many books all over my house!lol
~Donna A~

Darla said...

Never enough bookmarks. If you still have a supply I'd love to give one of yours a home. All in support of your effort to show Phantom how sharing you are of course


minnemie said...

So glad you made more, 'cause I want, no NEED, one too! And I get the pink-and-musk-thing. Totally with you on that one. So just for that shared trauma (and because I love your art and wit), I need a bookmark;-)

carol said...

I would adore a book mark!

VonnyK said...

I know what you mean with the book marks, little miss has stolen all of mine, including the ones I just made. If there are any left, I would love one of yours and I would hide it!!
Such a funny story with the school notes.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

OH! NO! I have been busy with company! I really need one of your bookmarks. I would be glad to make an exchange. I will even make one for the Phantom!

Precious Worker said...

Only just read your email, and theres 19 before me!! Do I still have a chance to get one of your yummy bookmarks with my fave cols on it? I love your aqua etc and your artwork. i too can send you a bookmark like no other. I can send you two like no others, even one which will make you larf!!
Im Anne marks at 14 Tracie court, Drouin, Vic 3818. Ta buckets.

Rita said...

I would have loved one, but that's okay. I'm so behind on my blog reading that I don't deserve one. LOL!

What a funny post! A lovely picture and awesome, bright bookmarks. :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

E-mail me and I´ll send you some local ones. :) No pink, no tassles. Promise. :D

SandeeNC said...

I have no idea how y'all can read so many different books at one time. I am a one book reader, finish it and then start on the next. very methodical I guess, I also make book marks and get quite frustrated if I lose one and have to resort to odd papers laying around and as soon as said book mark is found it is lovingly placed back into the book! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Fallingladies said...

I am so late reading this that i'm sure even the second batch of bookmarks are gone but if you make more, i'd love one, i'll even trade you so you can have one of your own, maybe even start your own stash to hoard away as well!

Lynn Holland said...

Now you see here's a thing, I didn't even know about your blog which, is as mad as my own, until you left me a comment that you had just found mine through the Artists Room.
So even if I grovel and ooze all about how wonderful your blog is and that I think your banner is the nicest one i have ever seen and that I think you are the most amazing artist on the planet I don't suppose I will get a bookmark as number one I am so far down the list you've probably forgotten about your offer and number two does the carrier pigeon get as far as England ?
My Doodly Birds are well travelled they've landed in Oz and the USA so if you are up for one landing on your roof email me your address and I will get their passports and suitcase ready.
Thank you for visiting me at One I Made Earlier Today.
Lynn x

Jo Murray said...

Yay!!! Got mine, and it's absolutely beautiful... thanks Tracey.