Sunday, 13 May 2012

Because we deserve it....

So many of us have woken up this morning 
to a sad over boiled egg and cold slightly stewed coffee or tea
and we have smiled sweetly and thanked all involved
all the time knowing that if we dared to serve
such rubbish meals up to them
then they would think the world was ending
but we put up with it 
because there is loot involved...

would love to say that mothering alone
warms my heart and makes me feel all gooey
and that warm fuzzy feeling would be enough 
but you know what
I want presents
great big stonking presents

and we deserve them because
being a mother
is  the reason we drink
and why we have saggy boobs,
and brains that resemble scrambled eggs
not to mention a handbag the size of a small country
that always has unidentified crumbs in the bottom of it,
why we don't drive sports cars
and why our wallets mysteriously empty on their own...
we are freakin awesome when you think about it 
and they are lucky to have us
so I hope you have the mother lode of gifts 
and wonderfulness waiting for you
and that you get some spare time to pop over the Sunday Sketches
in peace maybe....xx

What you have missed this week


Hwee said...

Yup. That's why I gave up trying to a Yummy Mummy, and opted to be a Practical Mummy (with oversized bags with food crumbs at the bottom). Happy Mother's Day!

Jennifer McLean said...

Happy Mother's day sweetie. Tell Phoebe that she should know how to make toast and boil a soft boiled egg by now! If not, look it up on the freaking web! Heheheeh.
Hugs to you my friend,

VonnyK said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I have learned to get up before them, so I don't suffer the breakfast bit.
Make sure they take you out to dinner tonight and I hope you got heaps of pressies, enjoy your day.

pauline said...

LOL!! A handbag the size of a small country... LOL!!!
i almost choked at that. Oh, and yes, "being a mother is the reason we drink". oh shit, you're funny Tracey. Funny AND a wonderful artist. A great combo. That little egg and spoon thingie is just adorable. So simple, yet just adorable. xoxo

pauline said...

ps: Happy Mother's day, girl! Let's have a toast! (and i don't mean bread)... xoxo

minnemie said...

Egg-cellent egg-and-company! I can SOOOOO relate to this post. Such a fun laugh. Happy Carrier-of-the-crumbs-and-stuff Day!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, yes, the terrifying ordeal that is mother's day...... gazing lovingly at hand-made cards that look as if they may have been lying in a gutter for days, badly cooked food served by children who jump onto bed while you are eating and splash it all over kingdom come, supervised by a grumpy dad who couldn't find a damned thing in the same kitchen he's lived with for the last seven years.

this year i have taken the bull by the horns! i spent weeks wording up the busybody, micro-managing 7 yr old for the big ticket items. i spent an afternoon perusing and purchasing new perfume, then handed them over to the husband: i've told emy that i want new perfume and you'll tell her that you've already picked up something and it can be from her. then i made sure that my favourite breakfast things are in the fridge, including the ingredients for mimosas......................

by golly, it's been a good one. should have thought of this years ago. xoxo, buf

Jaz Higgins said...

So true...and now I'm off to clean the crumbs out of the bottom of my oversized handbag!

Happy Mother's Day! xo

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's day!
I've never been a mother, but I'm a happy aunt. :)
Love your painting!!!

Sabina said...

I love your sad looking egg--and your incredible wisdom. Too funny about the purse the size of a small country. Happy Mother's Day!

Lori said...

Tracey - you brought a smile to my face this lovely morning. You are so funny! Happy Mother's Day my dear - yes you deserve the big presents so I hope that they gave them to you and that you were spoiled to death on the glorious day. xoxo Lori

carol l mckenna said...

My 'inner smile' is grinning ~ ^_^ ~ Motherhood is definitely 'under appreciated' ~ birth is such a miracle ~ Today is a 'new day' ~ give birth to your Self ~ love that wonderful woman with a great sense of humor, intelligence, empathy, healthy, artistic and give her the best day you can ~ To all of you Happy Mother's Day^_^ ~

PS ~ Art work is great as usual ~ ^_^

Tam Hess said...

Eggtastic eggs! :) I agree...of course and I should be getting a kindle fire. hope hope...but now I'm up at 6am with a neck ache. boo hoo

Unknown said...

Don't forget stretch marks to go with the granny boobs.....Happy Mother's Day, my sistah!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey!!!!! thank you for the sweet laugh this deserve some amazing gifts indeed!!!! Wishing you a super happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Zue said...

Great art and a jolly good read.

Molly said...

Bwaaaahaaaahaaaa! Too funny! Im like the leaning tower of Pisa from carrying around that country sized purse!

Almost didn't recognize this as yours without any of your signature blue... But lovin' this little guy!

Happy mother's day!

Tammie Lee said...

such a wonderful fun insightful post, happy mothers day to you~
wonderful to see your art.

Sandra Busby said...

I can SO relate!! I laughed out load when I read your post and then read it out to my own family! Great post Tracey. Love your egg sketch and the narrative to go with it is just so ammusing :0)

Debbie said...

your post is hilarious today and I'm loving the cute sketch to go with it! happy mothers day!

Alicia said...

great post! nothing as refreshing as hearing it like it is... happy mothers day in any event!

Unknown said...

Great great post!!! Love reading your posts, they always make me smile!!

Alexandra MacVean said...

I'm loving all of your sketches above. I really do enjoy your style you seemed to have mastered! Thank you for always making me smile and/or laugh!! xx

Neesie said...

Every word is so true Trace...but unfortuately I'm still waiting for my pressies...guess I won't hold my breath :$

Sinderella's Studio said...

What a GREAT post, I am smiling from ear to ear!!!!!!!! Love the illustrations to go along!!!!!! I also want to know about your header, is that a piece that might be for sale...or notecards?????
Please let me know.
cheers, dana