Friday, 13 April 2012

Soup Bowls and Dog Burps

Out of nowhere Autumn has arrived to kick my
lily livered sun loving butt
there are very good reasons that I live in a subtropical climate
and the chief of which is that I love the heat
and hanging out by the pool and the smell of sunscreen
in fact just over a week ago I actually got into the pool
which admittedly was rather misguided 
and ended up resulting in a whole body freeze of epic proportions
but anyone would have made that mistake 
given the glorious warmth we were still having
and then 
without any advance warning
I awoke to a shivering dog practically standing on my head 
looking to be snuggled under the covers
which is the universal sign in our house that Autumn has arrived

For those first few minutes snuggled under the duvet 
with Mushu tucked up next to me
I actually thought Autumn would be all delicious and wonderful
especially after 
 what felt, at times, like a very long, hot, wet summer
I started thinking
chocolate biscuits and mugs of hot chocolate,
autumn spice Tea
open windows and cool breezes,  
getting into the garden and cleaning it up,
well Sinus getting into the garden and getting it sorted
but the results are the same
sitting in my reading chair in the warm winter sunshine
not burning my backside every time I get into the car
or needing to slather myself in sunscreen just to get the clothes of the line,
and soup
huge bowls of all sorts of soup
preferably served in beautiful bowls like this
I saw these in a magazine
and had to paint them
and I am off to the mall on Monday 
and am going a huntin' these beauties

So for that few minutes Autumn stretched before me
glorious and delicious
until the dog belched and yawned his smelly breath on me
which drove me out of the bed
and into a horrid cold morning which had me jumping around 
like a demented person trying to find socks, and a sweater
and by the time I hit downstairs and the cold cold floors 
I was already dreaming of Spring and cursing the dog's bad breath
Now I make no pretence that I am anything but a complete wuss 
but I am thinking it might be a long winter
so I am heading over to Paint Party Friday 
and am going to relish every single Spring related post
and then I am heading to the Artist's Play Room 
to do exactly the same...xx


Lorinda.C.F said...

OMG Tracey--you rock my world!! Happy Autumn....I guess... xx

Lori said...

Loving those bowls! xoxo

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Love these bowls.. but we are IN Spring and so glad to be OUT of Fall and winter..well it would be nice if it would ever quit raining. :) Did I say I love your bowls? :)

Denise Livingston said...

Your beautiful bowls remind me to take pleasure in the simple things. :0)

Unknown said...

Love your post. Found you by way of Wrightstuff. Your bowls are gorgeous and hopefully they will be ready for some of that delicious hot soup you were thinking about. Enjoy your snuggle buddy.

Anonymous said...

wow, you made me smile, you have Autumn we have spring, make some soup, find your socks, be warm , Happy Paint Party Friday!

Jennifer McLean said...

gotta love hot soup on a cold day, and since it's STILL freezing here, I LOVE soup. Those bowls would make even luke warm broth taste heavenly. They rock, I sure hope you find them in your shopping hunt tomorrow!

(thanks for the submission, I appreciate it my friend!)

Unknown said...

Brush that poor dogs teeth...and get him a sweater and a little wheatbag... love the bowls... :)

peggy gatto said...

wonderful design and color!!!!
Must tell you it hailed last night I turned on my heating pad, put socks on, and wrapped myself in my favorite softy blankie!

Ah Spring!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha! You are such a hoot! Those bowls are beautiful. Your sketchwork and painting always amazes me. I much prefer warm weather to cold -- but do not like the heat we get here where it is mostly unbearable to do a thing. :/ Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

Anna said...

These bowls are perfect! We are in the midst of spring and I fear summer will be here too soon. That's the hard part about Florida. My dogs have been barking non stop it seems with the windows open. Why do we put up with the stinky fleabags is beyond me.

Netty said...

Loving your soup bowl. Here in the UK Spring is struggling to stay with us, hope the Summer is better. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

Anonymous said...

i love these wee glimpses into your life-i can totally relate to the dog snuggling thing although usually it's toxic bottom burps that drive me out of bed! those bowls are beautiful and i can see why you want to buy them. its always weird when i hear you're just cominginto autumn as we're trying to get spring to appear. although i'd put money on your autumn still being warmer than our spring-it's freezing and wet here today!

Valerie-Jael said...

Enjoy your autumn! Love your soup bowls; soup is one of my fave meals! Have a good day, Valerie

Sunshineshelle said...

Love the art - Love the post - such a joy to drop by :)

Nordljus said...

I would be very happy to exchange my spring for your autumn! I LOVE autumn, when it is finally getting cooler again, and all of glorious winter lying ahead. I think that Greenland would be the perfect climate for me to live in :). The only good thing about summer in my book is ice cream. But then you can also eat ice cream in winter, so there really isn't any justification for summer ;). And I love soup too. Your soup bowls are gorgeous! I hope you'll find them! Happy PPF!

Zue said...

Beautifully painted china bowls, soup would taste good in such colourful ones:)

froebelsternchen said...

beautiful painting

Ċ olanje na domu-Waldorf said...

You would probably hibernate over here. :) This winter has been especially cold this year -15°C. Not much snow but cold as hell. I'm looking forward to warm sunny days as well. :) And buy your dog some of that tooth cleaning bones to freshen up his breath. :)I'm not saying it will work but you'll feel like you at least tried. :))

Giggles said...

Those soup bowls speak to me! I just made my last pot of soup yesterday in hopes of spring popping up soon, here in Canada!! Pretty bowls!!

Happy ppf!
Hugs Giggles

WrightStuff said...

Autumn is it? Tee Hee... Spring here :)

Mind you we had hail stones yesterday and snow last week....

I like those bowls too :)

carlarey said...

Love the soup bowl paintings, and your picture of a fantasy Autumn is beautiful...too bad the dog breath had to go and ruin it.

Unknown said...

You're thinking soup in those bowls
I'm thinking ice cream
Different latitudes!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Beautiful, beautiful bowl painting, Tracey!
Lovely colors and patterns!
Love the way they are balancing, too!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

carol l mckenna said...

Awesome Tracey ~ love the bowls ~ and glad you have your doggie to keep you warm ~ we are headed to spring and summer ~ still a bit of chill in the air ~ Love your artwork ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I want those bowls,too! Great story of your morning and early day day-dreaming. Have a wonderful Autumn! We are just heading into an unusual Spring in Northern Illinois. We had an unusually warm and dry March, no we are covering things(plants) again to avoid frostbite. Love your artwork Tracy. Here's to a big bowl of soup and some crusty bread for dipping in!

Terrie said...

Embrace the chill. Embrace the brisk morning air. Embrace the changing color of leaves. Embrace those cold floor tiles making your toes curl. Become one with autumn and you too shall live to create another day!

Thanks for starting my day with a smile - I just found Artist PlayRoom so am visiting from there today.

Faye said...

Tracey, I loved your post. As we get into the swing of Spring, I am thinking of you down on the other side of the earth enjoying those crisp fall days. Your ability to paint bowls and cups and ordinary things with such talent continues to intrigue me. Your bowls are so beautiful. Happy PPF!

GlorV1 said...

I really love your soup bowls and all your other dishware that you paint so beautifully. Nicely done. Have a great weekend and Happy PPF! I like soup.

Rhonda said...

Fab painting! Makes me want to go have soup, cuz I love soup too! Stay warm and have a great weekend! Happy PPF.

Anne Manda said...

Love your painting again, I just find your style so fabulous! Lovely colors and textures! Happy PPF !

Christine said...

lovely soupbowls, quite inspiring. We're in our spring in North America of course.

Rita said...

LOL! Good thing I live where I do, as the heat drives me nuts! Fall is my favorite time of year and I really missed not getting our normal snow this past winter.

Dog breath is bad, I'll grant you that. But, if memory serves me well, the farts are worse--LOL!

I love those bowls!! I hope you can find them. :)

Alicia C said...

I love your fun, great stories almost as much as your awesome art. Dog burps! LOL

Teri said...

Your art and commentary always make me smile!


Unknown said...

Your bowls are beautiful and full of bright colors. Just love them! You always make amazing work!!!

Anne said...

hahahaha, love it! Isn't it funny how we do wind up embracing the changes of season every year?

Love your bowls, too. The colours and patterns are so happy!

Happy PPF!

Ginny said...

Autumn and spring are my two favorite seasons. The world seems to be dressed in its finest during both of them. I love your bowls with all of their wonderful colors.

Arlene said...

You have painted beautiful bowls, hope you find them when you go shopping. We are in springtime, but had a very mild winter.

scrapmanufaktur said... sketched them so perfectly, great job and happy PPF

kat said...

Hello Tracey, thanks for your lovely comment on Saveurs. I have so enjoyed visiting here and reading all about your first feelings towards Autumn.
A change of season is always good, just for the changes it brings! I love your bowls, you have such a style that I can't help loving! Have yourself a great week-end xx

Lesley Edmonds said...

Haha! Cats are sweeter smelling!! And as spring warms my heart and my bones over here I shall think of you (not envy you) your socks and jumpers and hot chocolate. (albeit at the moment I am still wearing socks and jumpers and drinking hot chocolate - it's not that warm in Devon lol)
Love those soup bowls.

Lindsay said...

I like how those bowls just cross the border. Very lovely to see some close-ups too!

pauline said...

Chocolate biscuits & autumn spice tea... mmmmmmm.
You kill me. LOL. Thanks for the laughs. Oh, and yes, the beautiful painting. xoxo

Unknown said...

holy smokes Tracey!!!! I am addicted to your paintings!!! gorgeous work as always my blog friend!!!

Cynthia Patterson said...

Great a lover of all tea's, your watercolour paintings of tea cups and such~ delight my heart!


Ayala Art said...

Can't believe how beautiful these bowls are! Amazing work!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

love the bowls. you do this kind of painting really well. so charming. so it's autumn there? funny how when you go blog hopping the seasons are all different!

Victoria said...

Pure gorgeousness....stellar beauties!!

Unknown said...

happy autumn to you darlin' your art work is fabulous . Today here in Ohio USA it is a hot day for April should be cooler but it has been blustery and rainy then sunny and hot such a mixed up mess of a Spring for us

Love your designs

- KAT -

Annabelle said...

lol, I'm having chicken soup and wearing rag socks and a housecoat over my clothes;my arthritis is killing me slowly...haha and hubby managed to bring home the flu ;(
Love your funny post and it certainly reminds me of how much I fair the cold mornings much like you described in this post;even in early Spring!
But I can't complain too much, I rather have a normal Spring climate than a sudden summer in spring and miss the season : )
Luv the soup bowls with their brightly painted colours and designs.
p.s. our dog Grace does the same but since buying a princess and the pea bed the poor thing is limited to the kid's beds until we make some stairs ; )