Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Passionfruit Tea and Easter Ice Bergs

It would appear that summer just doesn't want to let go this year
so I find myself still drinking summery teas 
I love this tea with its hit of passionfruit 
which is my favourite fruit and smell in the whole world
and this tea is heavily perfumed with it
not that it plays a big role in the taste
but the smell more than makes up for it
and the packaging is quite inviting to draw as well
which is just another reason to love it

So we spent last week on holiday 
and it was gloriously and unseasonably hot
mind you it was that mean sort of late summer heat
that fools you into thinking that it is warm enough
to maybe go for a swim
and the top layer of the pool actually feels refreshing and silky warm
but just under that layer
just as you commit to the plunge
you remember that the rest of the pool is hiding ice bergs
of titanic sinking proportions
and you spend the next two hours 
trying to get your teeth to stop chattering
and checking that your toes haven't fallen off
while glaring at the offending pool
and declaring that you won't fall 
for the Easter Swimming Trap ever ever again
Wishful thinking in my case because I seem to suffer 
from some rare form of seasonal amnesia

This is a shot from the offending pool
at the holiday house we just spent a week at
and it is a miracle that it isn't blurry because my hands
 were shaking like nobodies business
and even a cup of tea wasn't warming it up
in fact just holding the mug for about two minutes 
rendered it into instant iced tea
but I do love this view of the house
and I wanted to post a sky shot for 
because she always posts these beautiful sky shots
with her tea posts on a Tuesday...xx


Unknown said...

I love your tea portraits. :)

earthen-magic said...

...i did the big giggle into cupped hands with reading your post!...
...(pixie giggles even!)...
...yes the sunshiny days at the mo' ~ are quite a glorious set of foibles! ~ blessed be dear neighbor!...

Zue said...

Such an interesting post. The tea sounds delicious and icebergs...sound like something we learned about on an ecology course.....enexpected temperatures at depth:)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I know what that feels like and it is so unpleasant, you describe it perfectly. Your tea sounds amazing! I bet it smells sooo good, too.
Happy T on T to you!

Unknown said...

the very first time I ever had passion fruit (the actual fruit) was in Australia! I love it too! and have only seen it once in the grocery store here in Washington State. So delicious!

I love your drawing of the tea packet too .... it looks like you must use a gray color for sketching - or maybe it's just my monitor - but I love the softness of the outlining - so much less stark than an india black ink color

Your holiday spot looks beautiful! Where I live, the only pool I would dare dip into (no matter the season) would be an indoor pool .... that's why we go to Hawaii every couple of years :)

Happy tuesday!!!

carol l mckenna said...

Your illustration is excellent as usual ~ love your teapots and tea related illustrations ~ glad you had a good holiday ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

*jean* said...

looks great! i forget that your seasons (and days) are so different than ours...but we have trickster water everywhere...i live in the 'land of 10,000 lakes' and i remember just hating that we always had to wait until the days were above 80 degrees for a week before my dad would let us get into any water...glad you had a nice break, your tea bag is very cheery...wonder if i can find a passionfruit tea here? i'll have to look...hope you have a great week, tracey!

VonnyK said...

Love your tea pics. My little miss is bullet proof as she was swimming on sunday, can't believe you even got in, in the first place. Water temp has to be 30 deg before I get in!
I have a surprise on my post today, so if you look, you had better be sitting down.
Von :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was here this morning EARLY, yet for some reason, didn't read your post or leave a comment. What beautiful tales you tell. I always enjoy reading about your fun, quirky posts that usually admit some kind of problem or act. Love the "titanic sinking proportion" of the icebergs in the pool (grin). You tell a super good tale, dear Tracey.

~*~Patty S said...

what a very fine view it is along with the crystal blue sky...I could almost hear your teeth chattering from here in Virginia, USA ;)

great fun to connect with you across the globe...

enjoyed this delightful tea post very much

Yvonne said...

Loving your blog. Passionfruit tea...sounds wonderful! Your tea art is great. Look forward to more tea on Tuesday posts with you.
Happy tea day.

pauline said...

Wonderful illustration, Tracey. MMmmmmmm.... passionfruit.... Sounds like you had a great vacation - well, other than freezing your ass off in the pool. LOL. Thanks for the laughs. xoxo

m7 said...

aw, m sorry about the pool mishap, tho ur narration of it is funny :)
love the sketch!

Molly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, despite swimming in the penguin pool! :-)

I, too, suffer from seasonal amnesia (love the term). I long for summer all year long but then sometimes forget how muggy and humid it can get at it's height! No matter, I'll take humid over snow drifts any day!

Your passionfruit tea sounds delicious-- even if it is mostly in the smell! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you missed your calling and should be doing art for some fancy-schmancy advertising firm somewhere but then you probably wouldn't be around here as much to entertain us so never mind.

Fallingladies said...

I can't wait for swimming season, evenif it is bitter cold , ....lovely tea sketch, always makes me want to run out and get some tea or candy to sketch.....,i tend to eat them too fast to sketch!

Faye said...

While I am on your blog I am just jumping around looking at stuff. Love this passionfruit tea art.

Anonymous said...


xoxo, buf