Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Paint, Tea, Paint ...

This cup of tea
it is like the twentieth I have had in the last day or so
which means that I am a touch hopped up on the stuff
but I have had a very very busy few days
 gloriously, wonderfully busy
but being someone who can be a touch distracted
even when I have bugger all on my plate
add a squillion different things
into my mildly chaotic existence
and everything goes into complete meltdown
and the only thing that stops my brain from hyperventilating
is tea
well also chocolate
but I have been almost mainlining the stuff for weeks
so tea seems like a more sensible choice

So busy has been the name of the game
and in amongst all the boring busy
and boy was there a bit of that
there was some fun busy
like getting these two canvases done
to be delivered down to The Collective Store
to replace two that sold last week.

I also  have five more started 
and they are in various stages of progress 
ranging from
not looking too bad, I know where this one is going
oh my giddy aunt how do I save this sucker

Which is always a bit frustrating
because they all look very promising at the pencil drawing stage
and I am so excited when I first sit down to get stuck into them
and then they all go through the ugly stage
but I am plowing on regardless 
and just pouring more and more tea into my system
and crossing everything that I get them to where I want them

So the rest of the day will be spent
painting, drinking tea, painting, trying to avoid eating chocolate
painting, drinking tea, 
cursing the diuretic effects of drinking fifty million cups of tea, 
painting, and quite possibly drinking more tea...

and Mushu will keep me company
now he has taken to sitting on my desk
and I kind of think he is licking his lips at the thought
of getting his snout into my Lady Grey
which is his favourite
The minute I find one white hair in my cup 
he is back on the floor in disgrace
I don't care how cute he is 
there are limits...xx


Alice said...

mushu is adorable! and he is licking his lips - :)
i like your art a lot! i was looking at these paintings on facebook a few minutes ago. i like the colors - and the touch of yellow is perfect

Anonymous said...

Dropping by to say "hi!" and congrats on two more sales :).
Stay inspired!

Jaime Haney said...

Mushu is too cute. I love to peek into other artists studios and yours looks great from what I can see. Congratulations on your sales, that is awesome! I love your work. I'm a tea drinker, too. But I like iced tea and drink half a gallon a day!

Lynn Cohen said...

Your paintings are all so wonderful to see!

Jennifer McLean said...

wow Trace, Love the new paintings and can't wait to see the three others you've got going.
Inquiring minds (read: ME) want to know, are you working in acrylic with those completed and half completed canvases? if so, WHAT BRAND?? If not, WHAT prey tell medium ARE you using?
Do you use canvases for watercolor? what kind specifically?

You convinced me, I'm gonna get some hot pressed arches 140 lb paper, too bad they don't make hot pressed n 300 lb. Who knows why.

Belinda Basson said...

On closer inspection of your prepped canvasses I see books on your shelf behind them...I have many of those too. Well done on 2 sales, always such a great feeling

Belinda Basson said...

PS: Just out of interest how much does one of your canvases sell for? Approximately?

Jaz Higgins said...

Aww! Hello Mushu!

My paintings often reach the "oh my giddy aunt how do I save this sucker" level...but something clicks eventually! :)

Valerie-Jael said...

The floral paintings are gorgeous! Perhaps you could make a second cup of tea for the dog? Valerie

Heather said...

this post makes me smile...you sound like me, but I am on coffee not tea! and I love Mushu....my 90 lb chocolate lab is a tad too big for my desk, though! hee!
loved reading this post this morning!
your flowers are lovely. congrats on the sale i am sure these will sell quickly too!

Yvonne said...

Love your paintings and the 'oh my giddy aunt' quote. I laughed when I read that. Your companion is really cute. I often think of getting a pet again. Enjoyed your post.

Unknown said...

You're on roll! This was a fun post to read. The finished pieces are lovely and once the others are through their ugly stages I'm sure they will also be just as pretty.

Lesley Edmonds said...

You are awash with tea! Well done on getting your canvases finished for the store and these new ones are looking good!!!
Mushu is adorable!!!
AND I loved yesterdays post about the sticky foot :)

Nordljus said...

Mushu is adorable! And I can't blame him for liking Lady Grey :). Your paintings in progress are beautiful. I especially like the last one, the blue one, it has such great movement and energy.

Cynthia Patterson said...

I was wondering the same as Jenn....are you using watercolour or arcylic? I totally agree with the nuisance (diuretic) of Tea...up and down, up and down....LOL
Your little Mushu looks so sweet sitting there, happy little face :0)

p.s. love the (what looks like flower pots) with coloured pencils hanging on the wall, great idea.


Unknown said...

I love your canvases! and your agapanthus is gorgeous - such a pretty blue!

Cutie Patootie Mushu ... he'd better be careful or he may get wrapped up in a wonton wrapper and dipped in some plum sauce :)

Rita said...

What fun! And congrats on selling the other two paintings! Please show us more! Mushu does look adorable, but there are limits--LOL! I can see why having Mushu up on the table could help prevent chocolate eating if Mushu is a chocolate hound. ;)

Carolyn Dube said...

He's the most adorable tea buddy ever! I love seeing your work in progress- it is so amazing to see the stages!

VonnyK said...

Your paintings are so bright and coloured absolutely stunning and that Moshu is adorable. Mind you, he isn't a dog really is he :)
Von :)

Creatively yours Fi said...

ha,ha! Your blog is SO entertaining! I LOVE it! So glad I found it :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I stopped by even though Tea Tuesday is over. I knew I would be late getting here, but didn't realize I'd be this late. I sure like your latest paintings, and I suspect you have had way, way too much tea (grin). Of course, that would happen to me if I'd had too much coffee, but never tea.

Hope your tea Tuesday was perfect and your meltdown was only slight!

Serena Lewis said...

Tracey, I drink a ton of tea a day too. Love it! A little bit of chocolate now and then doesn't hurt either.

Just look at your Mushu's face...butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. lol I'm sure he doesn't mean to drop the stray hair or two. ;)

Btw, your artwork is gorgeous!!! It's making me itch to get back to canvas painting.

Unknown said...

your two canvases came out wonderful!! I am sure they'll sell too:) I especially like the purple one. Its great to see your canvases prior to your painting them also. They are going to turn out fantastic. Keep up the good stuff! Fran xo

Anonymous said...

I had a week of "oh my giddy aunt" projects last week, so I feel your pain on those--but must say the finished canvases sure do look pretty!

Hey, Mushu! *waving*

A doggie aside...the other day I was out for a walk and saw three different doggies that looked SO much like Mushu! Well, not nearly as cute, but they could've been his (ugly) brothers or something :)

Lorinda.C.F said...

Congrats on your two latest sales! Don't float away on us now... xx

~*~Patty S said...

great fun stopping by for a visit...your boney feet are brilliant...not yours ahem...well you know!

such a great read and your artwork is brilliant too

you've made me thirsty and hungry for chocie too! ;)

Alexandra MacVean said...

"...So the rest of the day will be spent painting, drinking tea, painting, trying to avoid eating chocolate painting, drinking tea...cursing...."

hahaha What a good chuckle here on my sofa tonight as the sun begins to set. Rain clouds hanging over the magnificent mountains, too.

I love your two paintings and I wish you the best at the local store in selling them. You do a wonderful job!! :)


AM Zafaran said...

Heehee...loved reading your post. As you can see it has made me so happy. My whole family loves Mushu! And, your paintings are soooo good!