Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Inopportune Sneeze

Week 2 of being messy
and I have to say I am starting to get into it
I finished off the page of random thoughts
from last week

which only confirmed all my worst suspicions
that I am prone to off with the pixie moments
at very regular intervals...
no huge surprise there I must admit
so after the ease of that little page

I turned to another page and it fell open to one
where you have to put a line of glue along the top
and let it drip down and dry
and then paint over and generally make a mess of it
it also suggested sanding it
but couldn't find sandpaper
and didn't want to enter Sinus' secret man lair to snaffle some of his
because that is the equivalent of a man going through your handbag
and I am not opening that can of worms 
or else he will be stealing pens, raiding my coins purse 
and generally stealing anything that isn't nailed down in there

So I attacked it with graphite powder instead
which is finely ground graphite that comes in a little bottle
and locksmiths use it to loosen locks
and it is incredibly finely ground and spreads like no bodies business
but when it is rubbed over dried glue
it makes it look like molten metal
which is very fun and shimmery
but ridiculously messy
not just messy on the page messy
but all over the desk, floor and shirt messy
especially when you sneeze
and the grounds go everywhere
and then it takes 15 minutes of whining, bitching and moaning
to get it all cleaned up
lucky it looks so cool
much cooler and more shimmery than the photos actually

The only down side to all this fun
other than the bloody graphite powder going everywhere
is that I am a touch suspicious 
that the messy mind set
has infected other areas of my art
and my spring like piece 
based on the wrapper of my favourite soap
was progressing quite well until I realised that I had
in fact coloured one of the rockmelon wedges with background
and I don't think it is salvageable as a whole...
maybe I will just chop it off and save that bit
for another messy project
and try to recycle the top bit
or maybe I will just have a cup of tea and a chocolate
and contemplate it for a while longer
as I blow my nose for the twentieth time 
to try to get the inhaled graphite powder out of my nasal passages
ahhh the joys of being messy....xx


VonnyK said...

Is the world going topsy turvy???
You finally get me to be tidy (okay tidyish) and now you are going messy!!
Something is just not right about this, can I go back to being messy now?
Love the snot (glue) pic.

Rita said...

OMGoodness! The graphite stuff does sound very, very messy. And sneezing! Whoohoo! A flying, dusty mess! I'm not sure I could handle that much messy. I think I would have asked for sandpaper--LOL!

I do so admire your journey into messy and loose, though. Inspiring to this OCD girl. Sorry it is effecting your non-messy work. I hope you can salvage it...or let that one just go crazy and messy and start over.

Have a super Thursday!! :):)

Jennifer McLean said...

aaw, it sucks when art goes wrong, I hate that. it was such a good drawing too, and if you cut it off you lose that pretty peach beside the mis-colored slice. it just can't be scrubbed out, huh? what if you painted over it with white then winged it, see what you get?

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you are having messy fun! Hugs, Valerie

Nordljus said...

Oh I love your glue page!! So cool, and that graphite powder sounds great too. I'll definitely have to try to get some! I'm still waiting for the book to arrive in the post. Hopefully, it'll arrive before the weekend. Spending a rainy weekend making a complete mess just sounds like the right thing at the moment.
Hope you can fix your peach painting in some way. So annoying when something goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

messy is good when you do it, I think the rock melon looks fine, the color adds interest, ( spoken from a person who very obviously messes up a lot)!!!! I enjoy your posts so much, messy is good sometimes ,I 've never used graphite powder, sounds tricky!

Karen Isaacson said...

love the comparison between the man lair and your purse, LOL. improvising with the graphite powder was a great idea - completely in the spirit of messiness, and you came away with a cool new technique!

Unknown said...

Graphite sounds like fun... :)

WrightStuff said...

Wahey!! I'm sorry about the mess... well not really.... it's good for you!

Know what you mean about the sandpaper. I didn't want to go into my shed because it was dark and there are spiders in there (and monsters)

Anonymous said...

I'm singing the blue melon blues because VonnyK beat me to what I really wanted to say, with her final sentence :-p

Kristin said...

;) Love it all - especially the sneeze! xo

Kristin Dudish said...

Hooray for mess! (Well, Hooray for your mess - I'm still adjusting to throwing a perfectly good book into a mud puddle! Ha!)

I have found, however, that your suggestion of chocolate afterward really works wonders :)

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your messes...


p.s. This has to be one of my most favorite titles to a blog post ever (and I think it suits your glue painting perfectly)!

Jez said...

Tracey, your work is fantastic, and even your messes are fantastic. I've just finished the glue page, and was rather disappointed with the wishy-washy result. Now that Ive seen yours I see I was just not brave enough with the glue and needed much more on the page. Actually the sandpaper doesn't work, so you didn't miss anything, and the graphite effect is fantastic. I'm going to get back on to mine again now (but no loose graphite after your experience). Once again, you are an inspiration. XXX