Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Full Week of Drawing as it Turns Out...

I woke up this morning in a mild panic
that I had to balance the normal Sunday morning 
which is best described as haphazard
and that is on a good day
with getting a drawing complete and a post done
hosted by the courageous and always inspiring Alex.

I love Sunday Sketches and
I did have a mild freak out at my lack of finished product
which has not been helped 
by being gassed by Sinus and his deodorant
which always gives me a bit of a head spin.
His bathroom is next to my studio and that stuff is strong
and yes he has his own bathroom
which is the secret to a happy 20 years marriage
in my opinion
except for the deodorant gassing that is
everything has one down side...

Once the gas settled and my head cleared of the manly scent
I realised that I had  had a very full week of drawing
starting with drawing up six canvases last weekend
four of which are now painted and down at The Collective Store

I also got heaps of outlines done for my zine
I like to work in a frenzy once I have a clear idea of what I want it to look like
and I have drawn and discarded pages for the last few weeks
but after being inspired by some pages that the lovely Fran over at Wethree
sent to me from her upcoming zine
I started afresh and actually have a clear idea of where I am going 
and managed to get eight pages planned and outlines drawn
and I am excited to get working on them
so this week is going to be filled with lots of line drawing
which will be therapeutic 
after the painting marathon of the last week

I also managed to draw up some sunflowers on a card 
that I want to paint in for a card for a friend out in the bloggy world
as a thank you for just being her
so all in all I am thinking I have had a great week of drawing
and looking at all this it is no wonder
the floors are unwashed
the ironing pile is looking like it could bury a small child
or unsuspecting dog
the kitchen vaguely resembles a bomb zone
and the fridge is bare of all but inevitable manky lettuce,
three types of mustard and five million jars of jam
So the time has come to leave the studio
and venture back into family life
and domestic duties
or maybe I could just squeeze in a little drawing first...xx

PS here are some pages out of Phantom Steve's sketchbook
can you believe how wasted this child is on a Maths Science load
it is criminal that she doesn't do art isn't it ...


carol l mckenna said...

Wow! A very creative week you have had ~ exquisite drawings ~ Also want to compliment you on your 'butterflies' painting in 'Featuring' magazine ~ It is exquisite and your little daughter has excellent taste ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Neesie said...

You make me want to draw and paint immediately when I read your posts.
You've had such a prolific productive week. Oh how I wish I had!
I struggled to do just an hour in my studio this week. It's incredible Tracey because I could be living in your house...the floors are unwashed
the ironing pile is looking like it could bury a small child
or unsuspecting dog
the kitchen vaguely resembles a bomb zone...and I've just been nearly gased by my hubby's manly scent too!!! No seperate bathroom here unfortunately. I just wish my studio would produce art like your's.
Have a great weekend...I'm off to attack the ironing so next week I can indulge in drawing ;D

Unknown said...

What a productive week Trace! Your zine is looking great and the canvases you painted for the cs look awesome, you are on a roll. Have a great Sunday xx

Giggles said...

Keep drawing Tracey, the housework will wait! Sometimes the muse settles!! I hear you about your daughter, and agree. She is lucky to have you see her gifts!! Wonderful piece, a real joy to see!! Thanks for sharing!!

Hugs Giggles

Christine said...

I especially like your blue flower Tracey!

Unknown said...

I have been drawing a lot, too.
Those sunflowers are going to be amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

I do admire your sketchwork and illustrations. I would love to be able to work that delicately. Have a great Sunday.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i always enjoy my visit to your blog and really admire your lines and paintings!

Molly said...

you have been going to town, girl! i can't wait to see your zine!

and it looks like phantom has inherited your talent. she's really good!

WrightStuff said...

This post makes me want to draw and paint right now... (well, after I've visited all the Sunday Sketchers!). My house looks like yours but at least the fridge is full (unlike yesterday morning when we had no bread or milk, making a normal breakfast problematical). The cat keeps making a bed of the ironing pile, so now the top layer needs washing again...
When I was a young lass my Dad used to gas me with some horrid cheap hairspray he used to keep his 'scrape' in place! We finally convinced him to lose the scrape a few years ago!

Unknown said...

You have been a busy bee...wonderful work. Know what you mean about messy house...Did I mention that it's been raining I've hardly emerged from my Art Bunker...have taken a couple of hours out to de flee the dog and clean the house before Mr Hollywood went into melt down. Phantom Steve's work is fantastic..get that girl into art school, maths and science will corrupt her brain... :)

Creatively yours Fi said...

20 yrs of marriage!!! that he has his own man bathroom! What a fab idea. So funny! Sorry about the gassing though...yes Phantom should definitely be doing Art!! :) Your work is amazing too...good ol genetics eh?!

Heather said...

yes, you are one busy lady! I love to see all of your drawings - they make me happy!
have a great Sunday!

Liz Powley said...

Wow, busy, busy, busy. You are so productive :D An inspiration to aim for.

So can I claim my slowly evolving bathroom as a side effect of my artwork? :D Housework is pretty low on my priority list and gets done just before the furniture decides to evacuate for its health.

I always remember this - what do you want written on your tombstone - here lies an artist, or here lies someone who kept a spotless house?

Enjoy your art. I know that everyone who sees it will.

Best wishes,

Denise G said...

Wow, you are prolific! For someone who thought she had nothing to show, you sure had plenty! Love your drawings, just lovely! Don'y know much about the zine thing but I am goingot check it out!

Ginny said...

Your work is incredible. I love all of the bright happy colors that you use. You are so lucky to know that the chores will always be there but the special moments filled with creativity won't unless we make sure to fill our life with them. Have a great week creating. I always look forward to seeing your beautiful work.

Sinderella's Studio said...

wow - I am exhausted! love your work.
cheers, dana

Alexandra MacVean said...

I'm loving all of your sketches. You're blowing me out of the water. hahaha :D Loving your tea cups. Wish I could master a style of my own. You yourself are inspiring too, you know. Just saying...

Can't wait to see some of these wonderful sketches painted. Especially the sunflowers. Yeah!


Debbie said...

this is an amazing amount of great work! I really like the pink flowers!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work ! :)
Have a great week ahead!

Tam Hess said...

Well, you've been busy. I do the same. Drown is domestic nonsense while doing the ever important "art stuff" I mean who needs to keep stringing those domestic beads when they just keep falling off the unknotted string...I LOVE your art. it's fresh and beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :) :)

VonnyK said...

Wow, Trace, the amount you can get done is a week makes my head spin. The paintings are awesome and the zines are fabulous. Just love everything you do. Not fair that you get out of housework, I spent the whole weekend cleaning and tidying (poo poo).
Phantom is really talented, but there is nothing wrong with being a mad scientist that can draw. Just think of the things she could invent and draw (mwa ha ha).
Von :)
P.S: Sorry for the Sheldon bit at the end.

Fallingladies said...

Wonderful sketches as always! I can't wait to see the zine, i followed a few of your links and checked out some other zines there too! Thanks fr sharing!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey,
So good to come back and get caught up on your blog. I have to confess, I found asparagus in my fridge that was to the point of not knowing what it was, except that I had ignored it for so long, I really did know what it was...
Good luck on your art this week.

Lisa Richards said...

Ha! Your fridge sounds like mine! I love all of your pencil sketches and paintings. I hope you won't stress too much about finished projects for Sunday Sketches. Just show us what you have and we'll be in awe! :D

manomij said...

Gosh she is so like her mum!!! I hope she finds encouragement in you rather than education. I guess your Steve Phantom will be grown up when they may finally realise the potentials of art and the creative mind.
My desk is full of half finished stuff so I am pulling my chair up next to yours and make a start today and will leave all the housework for now!Great Eye Tea as usual!!

Hwee said...

Your sketches and drawings are wonderful! I enjoy looking at them as much as I do with your finished projects. Your daughter draws very well too. Maybe later in life she'll find more solace and joy in the arts than the sciences. It's never too late for art. My training and former career was in finance but now I'm doing something that has nothing to do with all that. :-)

Rita said...

Your canvases are gorgeous! The sunflower card will be a treasure for someone, that's for sure. Your daughter certainly inherited the art genes! She will probably always find a way to express herself. She's grown up with such a wonderful example in her life. ;)

I just posted wondering about Zines today. I am not quite sure what they are, but they fascinate me. Yours would be especially delightful! :)

Sabina said...

Excellent sketches, and the drippy teapot made my jaw drop. Keep up the great work!