Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Butch Tea Tuesday

My dear Sinus
light of my life 
for the past twenty something years
sat through an epic mall visit yesterday
and I say sat, because I suddenly realised 
that we have reached that point in our marriage
where we go to the mall on his day off so he can get a decent breakfast
and then for the rest of the morning I cruise in and out of shops 
while he sits outside each store with all the other men folk 
all of whom are staring at their phones
no doubt checking footy scores and other such manly type pursuits

He briefly ventured into the tea shop
lured in by the black butch looking fittings
and the free tea tasting didn't hurt
but he soon retreated again
when it was obvious that I was buying girly items 
like Chrysanthemum blossoms, green rose tea
and the all important green tea rose chocolates
which are beyond amazing if you were wondering...

after a disappointing tasting of said girly teas 
he returned happily to all the testosterone zone
where I am sure
 they quietly grunt, burp, scratch, scratch, sniff and adjust
to their hearts content, safe in their little fog of manhood
but I don't want him to think he is unappreciated
after all 
without him there
I would have made several trips to the car
carried large and cumbersome items
and had no one to remind me to buy the sushi for dinner on our way out
so in honour of his contribution 
and to reassure him that I am not casting aspersions
 on his mighty masculinity
I am butching up my tea post this week

If tea were designed to represent my dear husband 
it would be manly, strong and robust
and would have to be served in a teapot like this one
which I found and painted in his honour
it would be straight forward,organised and make no bones about what it was
that's my Sinus...

So butched up tribute complete
while listening to Butch Walker  I might add
I can now get back to my fruity and floral painting
which only seems appropriate to balance it all out again

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Tea and coffee
so there will be lots of tea and coffee work going up there
if you want to join in the fun...xx


Joy said...

What an awesome tea shop, I am so jealous. We have nothing like that down this way - I might just have to move north !!!
What a wonderful man you have. I am blessed to have a man like that in my life too. Here's to them - I'll drink to that, make mine peppermint (tea, of course !!)

Unknown said...

oh this is some amazing tea!!! and your tea pot with Mr. T!!! brilliant!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by--I'm playing a little blog catch-up, too. I love your Mr Tea! And your description of the fog of manhood... *snortlaugh*

Kim Collister Studio said...

LOL! Love your post! That is such a perfect picture. My hubby does the same thing, for this I give him a little halo over his head as he is completely engrossed in his phone waiting for me!

Coffee in the morning and in the afternoon it's Organic Honey and Mint Tea for me Please!

Carmen said...

This made me laugh. Love the butch tea.

Unknown said...

LOVE your Mr. T Tea- what an amazing idea! Also, fab tribute o your hubby!

Cynthia Patterson said...

That is so kewl....I love it...very clever.....
p.s....as a die-hard tea totter, I too wrote the challenge with the coffee scratched out...LOL


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You are so crazy! Who knew Mr. T could look great on a tea pot. Green tea rose chocolate sounds good to me. My husband actually likes to shop more than I do. :/ Have a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

Yvonne said...

Too funny! I don't even like to shop that much, so my husband and I are about even on that. That tea sounds good. I love trying new teas and was wondering if a sprig of my herb chocalate mint would taste good in a cup. Happy tea day.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lovely Mr. T on your Tea Pot. I worry about Butch, though. It is a derogatory word in the US. I hope everyone from Tea Tuesday proves me wrong and finds it simply lots of fun.

Rita said...

LOL! Love the Mr. T teapot!!
Your Sinus is quite the man. A keeper if ever there was one. ;)
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Great post Trace, sounds to me that Sinus wouldn't do anything he didn't want to do...he obviously likes hanging out at the manhood cafe and catching up on the local burp, scratch and sniff gossip... :)... hope you still have a hold of your card...I'll have to send one to your daughter so she doesn't keep knicking yours... :)

Alexandra MacVean said...

"I am butching up my tea post this week"

hahahaha You really are a great/fun writer!! Again, wonderful sketching/art! :)

Hugs xx

Neesie said...

What a giggle Tracey,
I think you just described our trip to the Mall ~ that is if I can get my hubby to go in the first place.
Love the Mr Tea pot.
Have a great week :D

Unknown said...

That's all so very yin and yang isn't it?
I dragged my dear one into a tea tasting we strolled past in downtown Seattle. Poor guy didn't know he'd be buying rosebuds and lychee tea sweetnesses .... We headed out for a beer after that :)
It's all good ....

VonnyK said...

Love your Mr T, tea. That is so clever, wonder if they will make one for all our butch men out there.
Don't you just love a man that will come along as your baggage handler and sit and wait outside. My Mr used to come in with me but I have noticed that he also sits outside nowadays. Must be love.

Anna said...

Rally, I love your "t" pot.

Nigel said...

I feel his suffering, borne with such stoicism as he gives up yet another day to the mundanity of shopping. (Secretly, we sit there being thankful that you're not asking our opinions on what colour dress/shoes/tea).

Love the T pot


Nicola said...

hahaha Love your MR T-pot!!!! heheheh I think all men are the same!!! ;0) I have to say that I just had a look at your previous posts and I LOVE your pendants they are gorgeous!!! I think my favourite is the paint tubes, what a funky fantastic idea!! I love making pendants too it's very addictive isn't it? :0)

Jennifer McLean said...

Ha, this is so cool, does your teapot grunt when it's ready for tea and does it like to wear waaay too much gold? Hehehe.
Love him, i mean it. Very cute. ;o)

(vonny makes me laugh!)

~*~Patty S said...

great fun
your macho tea post

you had me at tea rose chocolates ;)

great read!

minnemie said...

You are really funny! Love your post and Mr. T-pot!