Saturday, 10 March 2012

You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail
seems like an innocent sort of topic
now I haven't taken part in and IA challenge for a while now 
and it did seem to be that for a while there last year 
every week a topic came up that was in some way traumatic
and my posts started to resemble a public therapy session
but I felt enough time had passed

I wanted to have a bit of an old fashioned sort of feel to it
and a more graphic approach to reflect the whole hand written thing
but as most letters that I get these days are of the window variety
it is probably more nostalgic for the days back when good news came via the post...
when going to the post box to mail a letter was a big deal
and when it was like Christmas to get a magical envelope with your name on it
which kind of sounds like I am getting to be one of those old coots
wishing for the good old days
but I actually love email and texting
it speaks to my impatient soul...

For me good fun things come via email....
I purposely don't get any of my bills electronically so that I can preserve
the joy that is opening my inbox
to comments and messages from my blog and cyber buddies
and all the newsletters and updates that help motivate me 
and the computer mail is all about
my community of like minded people
people who understand our creative world

snail mail is all about bills and real life
now there is a trudging to the post box
and I fully support the rabid barking of our usually lazy as sin dog
at the merest hint of the drone of the motorbike 
that delivers those little bundles of pain

We actually had a brief time when I was a kid where we didn't get mail
because our cat bit the postman
and he dropped his mail down the storm water drain
and he refused to deliver the mail until the cat was suitably restrained
I always wondered what he told them back at the post office
maybe the cat took on mythic beast proportions
but how embarrassing admitting that to your mates
and in his defence the cat always scared the pillocks out of me
it really was a truly frightening presence in my childhood
and probably explains why I am so thoroughly a dog person
a rabid Alsatian had nothing on that vicious ball of furr...
and yet again I A has led me back to some mildly traumatic moment...
need a cup of tea to recover I think...xx


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh thats funny, (sorry, but it is), you do hands so well, beautiful!

Jennifer McLean said...

Oh Tracey, I totally LOVE your piece! I can't wait to add it to my end of week wrap up. You are so darn talented and you totally inspire me to get to drawing. The red mailbox, it makes me miss seeing Canadian mailboxes around. Lately, the postal people have gathered up thousands of mailboxes from across Canada for disposal so now a mailbox is hard to find!

Thanks so much for participating in my IA challenge , I truly appreciate your support, my bloggy friend.
Jenn of
(member of IA)

Anonymous said...

Great post!! Hope the tea helped with the traumatic memory.
Stay inspired!

Unknown said...

oh wow wow and wow!!! I love this piece and your style....this really blew me away!!! wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!

Terrie said...

Great mail entry - excellent sketching and a perfect capture of an era gone by .... now there's a sad thought.

Diane ~ said...

LOL! what a great story! I LOVED your wonderful post and your art work is even more wonderful!

Unknown said...

Great hand Tracey! I love your drawing style.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love your cat story being the owner of a rather ferocious cat myself; and I enjoy your artistic style as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight and leaving a comment. I hope you will return.

Anne Manda said...

Loved your cat-postman story, so funny!
Beautiful, graphic piece! <3

Unknown said...

Great story... I love getting snail mail. B over at Sweetlimes and I have been mailing little art swaps each month for over a year now...and have recently started exchanging letters with Jehanne at jehannedoodles...and I'm always sending little bits of art to my girls... My post lady always get a kick out of my decorated envelopes...I love getting instant messages too... Off for a coffee now :)

Yvonne said...

Fabulous piece, Tracey!

Maggie said...

I love your artistic style; this is another beautiful piece!

I'm so sorry Inspiration Avenue brings out your traumatic memories!! It's meant to bring out inspiration of another sort :) Your cat and the postman story made me's usually dogs that strike dread in the hearts of mailmen. We live in an older neighborhood where, in many houses, mail is pushed through a slot next to the front door, where it falls right into the house. My neighbors had a big dog who was a sweetheart except that he hated mailmen with a passion. They had to install a mailbox near the street because the the dog went insane when the mailman tried to deliver the mail. I think he had visions of this terrifying dog biting him right through the mail slot!

Mimi said...

Now THAT is a strange story. most frightened postal carriers are afraid because of dogs. In fact, our dog got us in trouble with the mailman once. I don't have any cats with the temerity to stand off any human, but clearly a few individuals (like your cat) do.
Happy PPF. I like your drawing too.

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

Anna said...

tracey, let me start by thanking you for the kind coment on my blog. I like to at the very least visit PPF friends that have left kind coments. Then with whatever time I have left I go to the list and visit. I started reading your posts and savoring the artwork- Wala! You now have a new follower. Because I LOVE your stories, humor and drawings. May I ask, do you use watercolor? Watercolor penil? Markers? Mix? You mentioned living in Fl awhile. We are in Pensacola. Cant wait to get a cuppa tea and savor some of your older posts....

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are funny beyond words, Tracey. You find angst in the smallest details, and I love how a post from you turns into a therapy session. That mailbox is incredible, and your childhood cat sounds like it was a cousin to Bleubeard!

Rita said...

I've never had an attack cat. Even Karma, my only non social cat I've ever had, is a coward who hisses and wants to run away from company. Mean cats or dogs scare me.

I disagree with you on the mailbox thing. There's nothing like handwritten letters in the mailbox!! I have about a dozen people I write to regularly and several more on occasion. Make handmade cards, too. I am definitely an old coot, I guess. I have refused to give up hand written correspondence. Send me your address and I'll guarantee you something fun in your mailbox!! ;)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It is amazing how this very innocuous topic has lead to some very emotional feelings--one way or the other! I love your painting.

Ariel said...

Tracey, I love your sketch. Your cat and the postman story reminded me of a similar incident that happened at my parents' house a long time ago. My dog was the culprit there-:)

artangel said...

Wonderful drawing, entertaining post and as always a pleasure to visit you here :)

VonnyK said...

Wow, Trace, that hand is incredible. You are so good at drawing. Love the whole thing.
I can sympathise with the cat problem, we had a burmese fighting cat when I was small and it hated me. I always had scratches on my arms and legs, hence my dislike of the things.
Hope to catch up with you this week.
Von :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congrats on walking the red carpet this week. You deserve the prize or the kudos.

Nigel said...

Wonderful drawings, and I think that your cat must have been related to mine :)

I have mixed feelings about snailmail; it does bring some bills but it also brings some amazing pieces of art from people all over the world - and various other goodies too :)


Terrie said...

Hey - congrats on the win! I just knew that was a great drawing! :)

Lou Anne Hazel said...

The cat story was great! Those vicious attack cats have a mean bite. Congratulations on your win! I admire your drawing skills and your creative talent.

peggy gatto said...

what a charming piece!
Love the red mailbox!!!
thanks for coming by!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy, Thank you so much for you rich visit on my blog.
I appreciate it.
Your art work is a m a z ing!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey - Congratulations for this weeks red carpet award, well deserved! I love the thought you put into your piece, and I howled when I read about your cat! You can just imagine the postie explaining why he wont deliver to 'that' house any more!
Kirst x

Nordljus said...

Oh my, I've never heard of a cat biting the postman! But my late cat was certainly an excellent "biter", though she prefered to bite me to the postman, unfortunately.

Absolutely love this image! The hand is fantastic, and the bright red postbox is wonderful!