Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Welcome Distraction

Can't believe I'm saying this 
but think I need a break from Chocolate
pacing myself might be a prudent move
as Chocolate Day is still two weeks away
and I want to be able to enjoy the chocolate season
in its full and magnificent sugar haze inducing glory

plus I managed to demolish a bunny
and several small eggs
after painting them the other day
and as I have a major allergy to exercise
it may be best if I limit my intake
I tried the whole park the car a bit further away
at the grocery shop this morning
thinking I could sneak up on some activity
but even I can't maintain the delusion that that is enough to warrant
an egg fest
so I plan to be strong, or at the very least strong ... ish

So no more eating of eggs prior to egg Sunday
and I will virtuously turn my head away from temptation
and return from the grocery shop with no rabbits, eggs or chocolates
and more than anything I will not paint any more chocolate products

This is the most important because to paint them
they must sit on my desk
and then they start their siren call
and everyone knows that once the call starts it must be heeded
I don't want them to think I don't love them after all...
no chocolate themed drawing here today
no way 
I am turning over a new leaf...
or maybe petal might be more accurate
as I seem to have edited out the leaves
I have drawn and painted some flowers onto a card
from a photo 
taken by Sophia over at 
and as it has provided me with the distraction
needed to get back on the chocolate wagon
 it only seems fitting that I link it up with Sunday Sketches..xx

update two hours later... one small egg gone
 distraction failed miserably
I curse you shiny pretty eggs glittering 
so sweetly in the light of the fridge....



That's Beautiful.
Poetry + Art = Amazing Combo ;)
Here's mine after a long time ..
Cheers !!

Tammie Lee said...

so very lovely are your flowers

wishing you the best with no chocolate, it is a siren indeed!

Valerie-Jael said...

Oh I know that temptation; flowers have less calories than choccie! Valerie

Unknown said...

Your posts are always a pleasure to read.
Amazing painting!

Neesie said...

You're not alone...but I've mastered a plan which may be able to help you on both the temptations and your allergy ;)
I've been burning a track from the sofa to the fridge, which equates to at least a 10k run in my book by the number of visits and then the eggs are the mini egg kind, so cutting down on the calorie ratio to burning excess! How's that?
You just have to be strong and only have one on each visit...
Yeah well no-one said it would be easy! :D

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful post and love your flowers ~ the colors, the textured look ~ divine!~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

Christine said...

your coneflowers are so beautiful! Good luck with the chocolates, I can never have just one.

Crystal said...

These are so pretty and cheerful. I love these flowers. :-)

Victoria said...

Your flowers are totally blissful...beautiful colors and inpsiring...lovely!!

Victoria said...

Your flowers are totally blissful...beautiful colors and inpsiring...lovely!!

Rita said...

The chocolate siren always wins with me so I have to keep her out of the house or I'm her patsy.
Lovely, lovely flowers!! :)

WrightStuff said...

Look, if you keep up this chocolate monologue then I just can't visit you anymore... or at least until after Easter.... Lucky for me that the house is currently chocolate free. I feel like Damon & Co after they've been locked up in a vervain filled room with a view of the local blood bank!

I'm trying to concentrate on the beautiful painting of a flower... trying really hard....

Alexandra MacVean said...

I think I need a break from the daily (and sometimes multiple) Starbucks lattes!!! hahahaha :) Seriously, though.

Your sketch/painting of the photo - your interpretation is absolutely amazing! How inspiring and a lovely blessing. Thanks, lady!! :D

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely daisies...I never thought of chcolate as having a season. I thought every day was chocolate day? Oh dear...I think I'll keep to my own beliefs! ;-))

kat said...

Spring is here in your blog, beautiful flowers, chocolates...let's just enjoy!

Unknown said...

Love the flowers. As for chocolate temptations...imagine that a great big fat snail is sitting on top licking said chocolate.... that should put you off... :) until you flick the snail off and crush it to death... am I helping?

Sabina said...

Aw don't beat yourself up. I don't know anyone who resist Easter chocolates when they're just... sitting there looking tempting. And great job on the flower--nice to see you playing with color though I love your b/w stuff as well.

Fanypap said...


Joni Nickrent said...

Beautiful your work! Always amazing!

Lenora said...

chocolate day!!! is there a chocolate day?? I love that! bright and cheerful page!

Teri said...

Be careful, maybe those beautiful flowers are made of chocolate. Lol. Lovely composition.

Joanne Osband said...

Thanks for the laugh! I can totally relate :)

Love the colors and grace of your flowers.

GalleryJuana said...

I doubt I could get by the day without something sweet with my coffee or tea. So I would be absolutely zero help with your will power at the grocery store:)

These flowers are pretty and I am loving the color combination.

sandra de said...

You are not meant to fight the chocolate call..... otherwise it becomes a siren. Love the flowers.

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Enjoyed reading your writing as much as I enjoyed seeing your artwork. The flowers are gorgeous and the background is so beautiful with a blend of colors!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the bunny demolition...and now, with a bit of misspelling added (kinda) at your request: Whye o whye ar yuor koneflowrs soe muche pretier then myne?

AM Zafaran said...

I love the humorous way you write and, also, your beautiful painting. Lovely colors.
Thank you for visiting.

pauline said...

oh dearest Tracey... GOOD LUCK with the no chocolate thingie. Glad it's not my idea... :-)
Your story reminded me of a cousin of mine (in the US) who had kept her Easter chocolate bunny by her bedside for over 2 years, because it was just "too pretty to eat". We were about 12 at the time. At the time, i decided she was surely insane. LOL.

Your flower paintings are so gorgeous - as always. :-)

minnemie said...

OK, you are totally hilarious! Thanks for both the chuckle and the eye candy - they are such happy flowers to meet on an overwhelming Monday morning:-)

Renee! said...

Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog! These flowers are absolutely fabulous and I can so relate to eating too much chocolate! I'm on my second carton of Trader Joe's milk chocolate covered malted milk balls!!! I can't seem to help myself... the entire carton disappears three milk balls at a time! haha
I look forward to reading your posts in the future!

Lorinda.C.F said...

All shiny bunnies and eggs have been banned from my house until at least the day before Easter. It's the only way to deal with those colorful, tasty temptations--tough love!

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey!!! I love these!!!! they are amazing....your work always makes me so happy!!!!

Alicia C said...

oh my Tracey LOL - am feeling your pain - I see the glistening chocolatey bunnies and eggs everywhere and am seized with great longing!! gorgeous flowers and fun fun bunnies below - they definitely have a mischievous air about them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy -- You left a message on my blog several days ago and I'm just now getting around to that blog hop thing. Your story about the chocalate is funny, rather tempting and no I'd better not use chocolate in any form of prop or items to make, create, or paint as the piece would not be complete. Happy Day! Terri

Unknown said...

Ooh, I really love your flowers. The color choice is perfect. Alas, I have no willpower where Chocolate is concerned. None.

Anonymous said...

The color is beautiful! very nice!