Friday, 16 March 2012

A Perfect Start to a Friday

Monthly Painters Challenge - Rhapsody of Colour
This is how I want to start every Friday...
I sit here at 5.54 am
yes you read that right A freakin M...
and yet I have a smile on my face
normally this is more a grimace
more of a woe is me sort of half smile
which is the Sup nod equivalent for mothers the world over
but I digress

I am happy and smiling because it has been a great week
I have painted well
I attacked the tea cup canvases
and they actually look like they are going to be half way decent,
my Monthly painters Challenge piece
which is usually a source of mild angst
came together quickly and with ease
I actually opened the draw beside me
messed up the paint tubes a bit so they looked a bit more interesting
and painted them
woohoo easy peasy
and I really like the end result

I also got to use Buddha's Last Balls as a title for a blog post
which has been an ambition for quite some time...
and the dog got a hair cut
which is most unflattering and somehow makes him look fat
which normally would be a very bad haircut
but it is causing me to giggle every time I see him
because he sort of looks a bit like ET
with a white fluffy face
and he is clearly unhappy with it... priceless
and the greatness doesn't stop there...

I was showered with fun and kindness via the blog world
I was a Showcase winner
for a Challenge over at Inspiration Avenue
which meant I declared myself awesome 
and wore a tiara all day
even for school drop off which resulted in a level of teenage daughter angst 
that truly made my soul sing...
double woohoo
I had a few people email me about doing some little swaps 
which is great fun and all exciting 
and one involves Balls
which is a customs form I would like to fill out!!!

and I got to wake up this morning
to see that the lovely Jenn over at Just Add Water
had put up the post that showed me as a featured artist

Which featured an official seal....
so I am official and reading that interview I am very impressed with myself
seriously I sound quite mature
and thoughtful and all those good things
while in my heart of hearts I am still the same old me
it is nice to have a space in the cyber universe where I can sound so together
and it was such a pleasure going through the process with the lovely Jenn
who was so supportive and generous in making it enjoyable
and it was such a thrill to wake up to see it there
and to see my work in one place like that
no wonder I have been a bit tired
I have been quite busy
recognition is like just the biggest smile inducing thing isn't it...
especially at 5.54 am..
So I challenge you to not smile
even at 6 am, 
when your week has included
painting without angst
awards, tiaras, teenage embarrassment
your dog doing a days long impression of ET, 
an official seal, and interview which 
makes you sound much better than you are in real life
linking up with your friends at Paint Party Friday
knowing there is a new Blog Hop -
 the Artist's Play Room starting tomorrow
and balls... I dare you xx


Anonymous said...

your interview was just great, its wonderful getting to know the artist better, you are such a talent, you inspire me for sure.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "Sup nod".

Anna said...

You made me smile. Its not 5:50 am but Pm, so it counts anyhoo. I had a productive day too- which included watercolor painting. All is well with the world.

Jennifer McLean said...

it was such fun getting to know you, I consider you a friend now that I've picked your brain for all your secrets and riffled through all your awesome artwork. It was almost like sneaking into your studio. Hehehe.
I've had terrific comments on your feature, everyone loves getting to read about such a talented lady.
Thanks again!
Jenn of

P.S. The Featuring magazine that we're in can only be purchased on the Featuring magazine website, unless, because you're in Australia, maybe it'll be distributed to your part of the world. I think it's published in the Netherlands somewhere, lol. Diane and I already purchased our copies!

VonnyK said...

Wow, Tracey, I read your interview and that is amazing. Your art is fantastic and you deserve every accolade you get. Just one thing, do I have to curtsey or bow, next time we meet up for coffee?? :)

A huge congratulations.

peggy gatto said...

Hey, what fun!!!!
Love your art!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

So I had this long answer with tiaras, dog hair and blog love but Blogger refused to play along saying:
Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration

Rita said...

Love your paint tubes. Even moreso, loved your interview--whoohoo!!! So nice to learn more about you, you talented woman, you! What a wonderful week! Not that your dog was thrilled, but the furbabies really are required to sacrifice their dignity once in a while for our entertainment. I am so happy for you!!! I hope you are reading this with your tiara on. ;)

Karen Smithey said...

Tiaras and teenage embarrassment--it truly does not get any better!

I haven't been up at 5:54 a.m. in a while, but you make it sound okay...

Diane ~ said...

Hi Tracey!
Thank you for another wonderful post that put a grin on my face & laughter in my heart! :D

Lorinda.C.F said...

"I declared myself awesome and wore a tiara all day even for school drop off which resulted in a level of teenage daughter angst that truly made my soul sing..." Best. Line. Ever! Can't wait to check out your interview--you're such a rock star! xx

Anonymous said...

I just read your interview...and you said so many things I can personally relate to. Congrats on all the super things that have occurred this week! Happy PPF! :-)

Valerie-Jael said...

Congrats on being featured! Love the paint tubes! Poor dog, must feel bad with a silly haircut! Valerie

Hybrid J said...

It is so wonderful to see other creative using the paints from my country ... Matisse from Aussieland. Good on you! :)

Nordljus said...

I'm usually up and running around before 6 to get to work, and not very happy with it at all. But if I could paint instead, I probably wouldn't mind at all :).
Wow, what a great week you had! You must be so happy about all the good things happening. And I love your paint painting. Everytime I see your wonderful drawings and paintings, I tell myself to try and sketch more what's around me. Very inspiring!

By the way, I meant to write this last week, but somehow forgot. Philip Ball's book is called "Bright Earth". I read Victoria Finlay's book before, and loved it (I think I got the Ball's books from her bibliography), but loved "Bright Earth" even more. It's less personal, he didn't travel all over the world to see where the pigments come from, but I really love how he looks at the whole history of art from the viewpoint of the paints the artists used. It's really fascinating.

Unknown said...

Well you got me smiling with this post.. And your painting looks great. Congrats on being featured.. How exciting.. Happy PPF!

Kokopelli said...

What a great painting for PPF!

Netty said...

congratulations on being featured. Love your paint tubes, so perfect for the party. Happy PPF and have a great weekend, Annette x

Lesley Edmonds said...

Wow what a week you have had so sending assorted congratulations - great to see you achieved giving angst to your daughter lol!
Love this picture - it looks like I could just pick a tube of paint right off the page.
Have a great weekend.

Carolyn Dube said...

I have a huge smile on my face just reading about your week (although it is 8 am here & not 6 am)!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Love your still-life painting of the Golden paints! So bright and bold and full of energy!!
Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Anonymous said...

what a great post! Congrats on being amazing and awesome (or awemazing* - a word I invented to save my stepson time as awesome and amazing are his two favourite words - usually about himself modesty not being a trait he inherited from his dad but I digress!) I'm off to read your interview just as soon as I tell you how much I love your paint tubes painting - it's fabulous. Also I'm dying to see a photo of your E.T dog - how can you describe him as such and yet fail to let your readers share the mirth - poor wee critter, I swear dog's get embarassed too! Funney enough I groomed my two last weekend too - could've stuffed a pillow or 5 with the amount of fur that come off them and they're only little!)

carol l mckenna said...

Bravo on your award and having fun at 6am and wearing a tiara ~ lovely creation of 'everyday item' ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

Heather said...

you know what they say
the early bird gets the worm!
I love the early hours, also congratulations on the interview...I am heading over there now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tracey, you indeed have a lot to smile and be happy about. Love your post today. I just do not have the imagination to even think about painting my paint tubes! Not only did you think of it, you succeeded in making a fine painting of them. Kudos to you, artist with an official seal even.

Anonymous said...

Tracey, you indeed have a lot to smile and be happy about. Love your post today. I just do not have the imagination to even think about painting my paint tubes! Not only did you think of it, you succeeded in making a fine painting of them. Kudos to you, artist with an official seal even.

Debbie said...

What a great week you've had! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Your paint tubes painting is great. By the way, I pend a bit of time just staring at the teapot painting at the top of your blog every time I visit here because I love it so much. Here's to another great week!

Abela said...

What great work!. Saludos

wednesday said...

Any one of those things would put a grin on my face that it would take a bullet to remove, but all of them in one week?

Maybe you should buy a couple of lottery tickets and see if the roll continues.

Alicia C said...

5:54 AM - if I am up at that hour, it's because I've stayed up till then :D congratulations on all the cool great things (inclyuding fabulous piece!) sounds like some good star conjunctions came your way

Helen Campbell said...

Wow! Great painting, giggles, a Showcase Winner with ensuing tiara wearing and an official seal... you HAVE has a good week. Happy PPF!

Christine said...

your work is beautiful, so realistic! It's lovely when the day works out just like you planned, doing what you want to do!

Anne Manda said...

Stunnigly realistic, but in a fun creative way! :))

Unknown said...

LOL, I'm smiling oh yes I am... I'm also a little jealous, I want to wear a tiara to school and I haven't managed to embarrass my teenage daughter in ages... not fair...I love early mornings when I'm feeling wide awake otherwise just leave me under the duvet... :)

Unknown said...

great job!
And congrats for the featuring!

Nicole Foshee said...

When I saw you won over at Inspiration Avenue I smiled! I was like....yeah, I know her...well, not really, but I feel like I do. Anyway, had me laughing, yet again! Love the painting.

bohemiannie! art said... had me (smiling) at Balls!

Sadee Schilling said...

Sounds like an amazing day. I'm smiling too now after hearing you tell about it! :)

Jennibellie said...

Wow so much going on with you! I love this work & your teacups. I'm giggling at my pup too - he's just had his back legs done and somehow looks lobsided lol tfs, Jennibellie xx

Terrie said...

Yep I read the interview and was impressed at how grown up you sounded! :) I guess we can all pretend when we need to, right? I do agree with Jenn's assessment - you're a fab artist and I love seeing what you create next!

Blogging buddies are the best!

GlorV1 said...

Love your Golden paints. Great painting. Congrats on being featured. Glad your week was great. Sorry about the dogs haircut, tee hee.:) Have a great weekend.

Lynn Cohen said...

YOu are one busy artist lady. Many kudos for all the latest accomplishments! I do love how you drew and then painted your paints! I'd think Golden would use them as paid advertizement.

Unknown said...

You are one mucho well deserve-ed lady! All honors are so perfect for you! Wear that tiara and wear it with PRIDE- you DESERVE it, my friend! CONGRATS on all the honors- and the extra boost of adding a little teen angst is a well deserved extra bonus! You ROCK my friend, and I am so proud to call you friend!

Alexandra MacVean said...

yes you read that right A freakin M... -- hahaha totally crack me up, girl. :)

Congrats to you and all the wonderful LOVELINESS today. You're so deserving of it and a great inspiration to us all. Hugs

Jenn said...

Congratulations on having a week full of wonderful goodies!!! Wow - you are on fire!!!

Can't wait to see your teacups! Oh and how I would love to see a pic of your ET look alike dog! :)

EVA said...

Great interview! So nice to get to know you better, Tracey.
What a fun painting of paints!

deeplyrootedinbeing said...

Absolutely love it!! <3

*jean* said...

it always makes me giggle to stop by and visit...besides your gorgeous work (can't wait to see more teacups!) your posts are always so fun...tiara to pick up's on my list! such a great idea...hope you have a good painterly week, tracey!

Becca said...

Hi Tracey, first of all, I really enjoyed reading your interview! Your sketches are the best! Love the Golden tubes of paint. Happy PPF!

Unknown said...

What a fun week, and I enjoyed reading your interview! I always enjoy seeing what you will come up with for PPF. Have a great week and cheers!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh my make me smile every time! You are such a wonderful artist AND writer. :) Nothing better than art, giggles, and tiaras! Happy PPF!

pauline said...

So happy you're being recognized Tracey!! Your work is FABULOUS and you crack me up every time. :-) xoxo