Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Little Pony in a Cup

Sometimes I am so taken in with great packaging
that I end up with some slightly dodgy tea
The colour and design of the package is wonderful
the colour of the tea is just stunning
and I was so excited to have that first sip 
when I saw its glowing pinky orange wonderfulness
but that sip induced a pursing of the lips 
and a squinting of the eyes of epic proportions

This tea is sweet
and not just that pleasant tinge of strawberry and cream sweet
that the beautiful beautiful packet suggests
this is more than a touch like drinking a blended my little pony
it actually tastes pink and oddly plastic
not at all like the usually lovely T2 teas that I am accustomed to
I am sad to say that this is not my cup of tea at all
or at least not today
actually not quite sure when it will be 
but thinking the packaging alone 
will probably sucker me in again at some stage...

So with a palate cleansing cup of Lady Grey at my side
I am attacking the first pages of my zine
the planning stages are done
initial sketches are planned and sorted

My favourite Micron pens are itching to come out
and create pages of tea themed drawings and illustrations
I am so excited about this 
though there is one page that will be redrawn in part
because that package 
no matter how pretty is just
not making the grade into the zine...

So I am settling in for a lovely afternoon of drawing
and tea drinking
and in my breaks I am going to head over to Kimmie
and see what tea her and her tea buddies 
are drinking this fine Tuesday...xx


Lorinda.C.F said...

I absolutely love your sense of humor Tracey!! And can't wait to see what you do with those pens....!! xx

Rita said...

Personally I don't care for any kind of fruit teas except lemon. Other herbs are often okay, but I like my tea pretty plain, I guess. Strawberry tea doesn't even sound good to me, but I can see where that darn box sucked you in--LOL! ;)

Neesie said...

You don't have to go all fancy if I ever visit Tracey...just Earl Grey or bog standard English Breakfast is fine by me ;D
Your new project looks very exciting. I've not heard of those pens but then I've been in a cave for the last 12 years!
Enjoy your cuppa and creating :D

Nordljus said...

A whole afternoon of drawing sounds just divine, and so much better than sitting in the office. Ah well. But at least I can have tea. A cup of lovely Earl Grey will do perfectly for me. As to strawberry flavour - I'll have that as ice cream :). Your zine projects sounds wonderful. Have a lovely afternoon!

Alexandra MacVean said...

hahaha You totally crack me up. Oh my gosh...love how you write as well - TOTALLY can picture your facial expressions. lol :D

Looks like you've been very busy with your zine....so, get busy some more so we can SEE more! tee hee

Hugs! xo

Unknown said...

maybe your tea would make a good fabric or paper dye? .... a plastic taste? that's a little scary!

your microns look very happy - I imagine them saying, "pick me! pick me! I'm the pen for you!"

have fun today .... it looks like you're off to a good start :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm not usually a fruit tea person either, but I have had a strawberry one recently that was so light and lovely. Hibiscus teas are supposed to be good for you but I keep trying different ones and haven't found one yet that isn't too strong or bitter for my taste. Your drawings are always fabulous so I know your zine is gonna be great. Best wishes, Tammy

Halle said...

It was at least a pretty color to go with the pretty packaging. :)

Unknown said...

Tracey, you have been super productive! The Zine is looking amazing, congrats on getting to this stage. I'm taken by the packaging too, it's disappointing that it taste like plastic. I recently got some berry pie tea from KT at Handmade Highstreet, it's really nice. Next time you are over, you will have to try it.